Japan’s Radiation Deemed No Health Threat

As we grow older we tend to get set in our ways, which is not always a good thing.  I try to keep an open mind in a never ending quest for more complete knowledge.  And just to show that I do not know everything, I will confess that I learned something new today.  Nuclear radiation really isn’t bad for your health.  So all this worrying we have been doing has been for nothing.

Do they really think we are that stupid?  Who could hope to retain an ounce of credibility by coming on national television and trying to downplay the horrific effects radiation has on the human body?  These so called experts have to be getting a lot of money for putting forth these lies. 

Not that it surprises me in that as recently as one year ago a small group of so called experts brought forth the assertion that mercury in inoculations is actually good for human beings.  I think these perpetrators of falsehoods think that people will believe anything they say just because they have a degree.

There were a couple of them in the mainstream propaganda who were actually scolding those on the west coast of the United States who are buying up potassium iodide as fast it becomes available.  I had to laugh when they started angrily listing the side effects these terrible pills are associated with; gastric intestinal complications (a fart) and allergic reaction, whatever that means. 

I absolutely am not a chemist or a doctor and hold no college degrees of any kind, however just looking at potassium iodide it is my understanding that it consists of potassium and iodine. 

So what else has potassium in it?  Bananas are high in potassium and I must admit that I have had episodes of gastric intestinal episodes (farts) after eating them. 

I also will say that I eat iodized salt exclusively.  So every time I have to scratch an itch I will assume that it was brought on through a negative reaction to the iodine. 

I do believe that potassium iodide pills should only be taken if necessary and for as short a time as possible.  The bottle I am holding in my hand says they can be taken for as long as 85 days if necessary. 

Now either the people who put out this product are deliberately trying to cause harm, or the experts on the television, who are saying the product cannot be used for more than 48 hours without causing harm, are lying.  I have to believe the latter to be the case.

At any rate, who do they think they are in telling us that the precautions we are taking are wholly unnecessary?  In truth all that we know at this point is that we are being deliberately lied to, I think by our own government and most assuredly that of Japan.

The other matter I would like to bring up in today’s article is the evacuation zones in Japan.  The Japanese have declared that a 19 mile circumference around the plant is so radiated that human beings should not be there.  The United States government is putting the circumference at 50 miles. 

What is not being talked about is the half of the circumference that extends out into the Pacific Ocean.  Does not logic dictate that millions of gallons of sea water are being radiated every minute off the coast from that reactor?  And will not the Pacific currents carry that radiated sea water to points all around the world?  Remember, this is going on 24/7.  What if it continues for a year?  Will the entire oceans be polluted, and if so, to what extent?

There can be no doubt that those in power are covering up the true extent of this disaster.  Remember these are all old rich farts and their reasoning could very well be that they will have died of old age by the time the full impact of their lies is realized by the rest of the world.

I think if there was ever a time for individual environmentalists, not loyal to the international corporate structure, to take up a cause it is now.  We need to know the truth about what is going on.  And the people of this planet need to say, “Nuclear energy was a very bad idea and we need to stop it.” 

Do you realize that if we did shut down every reactor right now it would be 35,000 years before the waste products that have already been created would be safe for human beings to go near?

God help us to find reason in the midst of the insanity.

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  1. Accept death. It is the only road to peace in life. Enjoy every moment remaining. There is no fighting this. It is the definition of futility. I’m out of here.

    Good luck all.

    1. Brian,
      We must never accept defeat in any form, especially death. How will the future judge a man who doesn’t even put his enemy to the trouble of killing him? I will never just die for them, they will have to cut my head off and hide it from me. We all must stay strong in spite of heaven and hell. Don’t give up, brother, before this is over we are going to need every one of us.

    2. Brian,
      Don’t you dare give up like that! We all have our moments of weekness, but you’re far too intellengent and way too much of a fighter to take the coward’s way out. We need you.

      1. Henry and Angel,

        Thanks for the responses which are much appreciated. Sorry…I’m just sick and tired of battling prevailing idiocy. It started 60 years ago for me and I’m done with it.

        ‘Let’s build four reactors in the same zone all susceptible to the same existing reality just to maximize profit by reducing production facility creation costs.’

        F****ng morons!

        This world is in the hands of imbeciles. It always has been and always will be. I have to turn my gaze higher than this.

          1. Thanks allot, Mark.

            Here’s to the web, Henry for putting up this site, and to the unique way these provide us with a community otherwise unavailable. I have truly benefited from these exchanges starting way back on “world report” when I saw quickly that something good was going on.

            I’m hanging in there nut, man, this is all just getting really overwhelming…even for me and I’ve been through some serious crap and come out the other side many times as have all of us here. This apparent pinnacle of global madness leaves me sometimes just wanting to be done with it.

            Re the GE story link: How hard is it to immediately realize that it was a failed backup cooling system.which led to current conditions?

            Backup and contingency plans are invariably viewed as a secondary issue and a nuisance to corporate management. What does that tell us about the caliber of human being that rises to the top of this cesspool called the corporate world not to mention “politics”! Damn them all to hell!

            Thanks again.

          2. What? Where did “nut” come from? Oh…it was supposed to be “but”. OOPS. Gotta get more light on this keyboard….at least for as long as I have access to it.

        1. Remember the phrase, “History Repeats Itself”? This idiocy has been going on, in one form or another, for centuries. Yes, it’s necessary to take time to gaze on something higher. That is when you garner strength.
          However, Do NOT “check out” on us. Do NOT let the imbeciles win.

          1. Thanks, Angel.

            Ok…think I’ll probably just try to write something today. Seems to help sometimes.

            How about this for a title?

            “Ode to Endless Greed and Stupidity”?

          2. How about this for case in point?

            “The nuclear safety agency said that preliminary data suggests that last week’s magnitude-9.0 earthquake was below the limit of what the plant was designed to withstand. But the agency said that such a large tsunami in the aftermath of the quake hadn’t been factored in.”

            Uh…excuse me? A tsunami after a 9.0 or larger quake “hadn’t been factored in”?

            Good God!

            This is from an article by By JURO OSAWA And MITSURU OBE in the “wall street Journal”.

          3. Rick,

            Seems your article is a little close to bone….so to speak.

            Yep…here’s the mess.

            Great folks at GE…really great folks.

            “Folks” is current Oflamma PC for people….in case y’all “folks” haven’t noticed.

  2. Ok kids…here it is.

    “Ode to Endless Greed and Stupidity”

    Burn down the forests
    Burn the flowers and the trees
    Burn down the villages
    Force out the habitees

    Put ‘em all in chains
    Enslave them to your will
    Rape the women and the children
    All resisters simply kill

    You are the Victor
    The world now belongs to you
    Enjoy the spoils of your pillage
    For God’s wrath will fall on you.

    You will find your treasure worthless
    As your dreams become nightmares
    And find you have no people left
    To buy your worthless wares

    1. If anybody has anything to add go for it. Otherwise I will. Anybody got the next verse? I suggest this is a collective work for the Easter Project. It needs an anthem. The deal is: I accept or reject contributions.

      Who’s in?

          1. OK…no contributions. That’s OK. Didn’t expect any.

            Here’s the final version for what it’s worth.

            Ode to Endless Greed and Stupidity

            Burn down the forests
            Burn the flowers and the trees
            Burn down the villages
            Force out the habitees (This is spelled correctly)

            Put ‘em all in chains
            Enslave them to your will
            Rape the women and the children
            All resisters simply kill

            You are the Victor
            The world now is yours to chew.
            Enjoy the spoils of your pillage
            For God’s wrath will fall on you.

            You will find your treasure worthless
            As your dreams become nightmares
            And find you have no people left
            To buy your worthless wares

            The wealth that you have stolen
            Will wither in your hands
            And poison your starving souls
            As you drown in shifting sands

            The Righteous of Humanity
            Will one day rise again
            Hope they show to you the mercy
            Which you did not show to them

            Either way you will fin’ly learn
            How unreachable your star
            And on that day
            Will be seen on Earth
            Just who we really are

          2. Mark,

            Thanks. I suppose in the end it’s only “Words, words, words” but, then, so is the Constitution. I have never understood the mental process of this genetic strain that seeks power over justice. It has never slept….only regrouped quietly and built its offensive while the rest of us slept in delusion intoxicated by synthetic comfort and controlled safety.

            Now they really have us where they want us and it ain’t gonna be easy digging out of this.

            Really appreciated your former responses. Want you all to know you helped snap me out of a real slump.

  3. You guys are a trip. You blame everybody but yourselves. Check out a semiconductor fab that makes your computer and your chips. Hf3 (hydrofluoric acid) peroxide, arsenic,ph3, boron. Hydrogen tank 25′ tall. What do you think would happen in that kind of place. Wake up all your cell phones, mp3 players are made with nasty chemicals. Blame yourself for wanting and using an ever growing internet. You could not make it one day without electricity and your cell phone or your computer. Check yourself out first doomsayers.

    1. Mike,
      You are right, we are poisoning the hell out of ourselves with play toys, but you cannot act like the majority of people had any say what so ever on the issue of the spread of technology. Personally I hate it as it has not only poisoned me but has cost me my job and what was a more enjoyable life.

  4. Henry,
    You are correct and I have a home in Oregon in a National Forest. I have found people are more willing to think about our environment up there. I also have a house in Texas and you go to Houston or New Orleans for a visit. You will see the American addiction for oil for cars and electricity. Why would anyone in their right mind located 35% of the American oil refineries in these areas. We just never notice these things when were busy.

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