Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Reporting Getting Even More Bizarre

The severity level for the nuclear disaster in Japan rose from 4 to 5 on a scale of 1 to 7.  WHAT?!  Am I crazy, or did I see on every mainstream news channel just a few days ago that the level had gone from 6 to 7?  It has come to the point that not one word coming from the mainstream media can be believed as those reporting either do not know the facts or do not care what they are.  This can be considered as nothing short of pure propaganda.

Now let’s look at the threat to our own country.  If you at least have the memory span of one week, you know that it was originally reported that radiation from Japan could not and would not reach the United States.  And then it was reported that traces that might or might not be detectable might, could, reach our shores.  And now yesterday we were awaiting the arrival of a “radiation plume” that has arrived in our country but is not believed to contain “dangerous” levels. 

If this radical change in what is being reported as reality does not scare you you are being naïve.  I guess the facts at the end of the day are the nuclear meltdown is still out of control and Americans are going to be radiated to one extent or another.  Instead of reporting the facts during this crisis the propagandists masquerading as our news service are running a public relations campaign designed to maintain the status quo for the nuclear industry in the United States.

When I think back to Chernobyl and the way our mainstream media attacked the Russians for their deliberate lies designed to downplay that situation, the media’s reactions in reference to Japan’s crisis can only be considered hypocrisy.  And I do seem to remember satellite images of the radiation at Chernobyl that were shown on American television in support of our media’s claim that Russia was covering up.

I saw a parade of so called independent experts in the mainstream yesterday that seemed to be making every effort to say as little as possible.  I will say this, if you are an expert that has been scheduled to appear on any mainstream news broadcast, then I cannot believe you are neutral in any way. 

Again the problem the mainstream propagandists are having downplaying this issue is that we have an entire generation that is well educated in the short term and long term effects of radiation on the human body, beginning when we were little children diving under our desks.  I have to say to those who are in charge, cut the crap and tell the truth as lying is going to do you no good. 

I have to believe that a majority of the people on this planet, considering the unbelievable catastrophe in Japan, would vote to end all production of energy through nuclear reactions. 

I swear the shear desperation I am seeing in the reporting leaves me to believe the situation is still completely out of control and that nobody knows where exactly things are going to end up at this point.

God bless our people with the calm intelligence we need to deal with this situation.

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  1. Fukushima uses MOX . Millions of times more deadly than enriched uranium. The implications of a meltdown are unimaginable. And were all sure that has happened. Silence is to prevent panic.

  2. No, you are correct ……a couple of days ago I heard the media announce it went from a 6 to 7. I have gotten so I dont believe our gov or media about anything. A sad state of affairs!

  3. What does one expect when the governments of Japan and the US allow some 40 years ago for two multi-billion dollar for profit corporations in Tokyo Electric and General Electric to design and build a cluster of nuclear reactors near a major fault zone which has them storing spent fuel rods in the rooms above the main reactor vessel?

    That these entities are now going to come clean and tell the truth?

    History will show the situation in Japan was an accident waiting to happen for decades.

    As long as we embrace a value system which puts money in front of people then the result will continue to be the blood of some is worth more than the blood of others.

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