99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – 428,000 New Unemployed

Another week another 428,000 out of work and the propagandists were belittling the situation from the moment the words came out of their mouths, saying, “The stock market’s rallying.  The Chicago PMI is up from 56.6 to 61.1.”  In talking about the stock market they are saying they don’t know why the market is going up in the face of such high jobless numbers, maybe it is because of Greece.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  This is how it goes.

The more we lose, they more they get.  When a person loses their job and then their home, there is a real effect.  Let’s say that home was originally purchased at $80,000 and by the time the compound, compound interest was added, the mortgage came out to $160,000.  The person who lost their job and was foreclosed on had paid $80,000 before going into foreclosure.  That $80,000 represents real wealth as does the original property.

The person who lost their job loses the equity of $80,000 and the property worth $80,000.  In reality the bank got the full amount of the loan through the seizure of the equity and repossession of the property.  That $160,000 worth of wealth is then pumped into the stock market where it is moved to another country and placed into a bank account tax free.  That is what is going on here and it will continue to go on until we stop it.

They plaster the television with their bullshit numbers and the Casey Anthony drama that the feeble minded among us seem to gravitate to.  It is 428,000 more jobs gone.  That is 400,000 plus for the past 12 weeks.  It actually averages out at 426,000 times 12 is 5,112,000 more people in the unemployment lines and 5,112,000 desperate to work the remaining jobs , and this is just since April 14th.

There are now a minimum of 30 million unemployed in this country and all these bastards want to do is reduce us to an issue they can use to push their political agendas which in every instance are designed to further rape our resources and move what is left of our industry overseas.

Last week I told you that it was Friday and another 90,000 jobs were gone.  Well it is Friday again and since yesterday there is another 90,000.  And the sons of bitches responsible are still stealing with both hands and counting on us to just stand by and let them get away with it for another week.

Goddamn it we have to stop this now.  At 426,000 jobs a week, by Christmas there will be another 10,650,000 more people unemployed.  And these corrupt bastards know it.  Right now they are trying to do away with unemployment compensation all together as they are seeing literally billions being paid to these new unemployed that quite frankly they do not want to give up.  They have dismissed the people of this country as insignificant in reference to their world ambitions.

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly every private employer in the U.S. will get a tax cut on Friday.

It won’t affect workers’ paychecks. But the expiration of a 35-year-old “temporary” unemployment tax — about $14 a year per worker — will mean real money for some big companies at a time when President Barack Obama is pushing Congress to raise taxes on businesses by closing some loopholes.”  Source

“After this week, workers laid off through no fault of their own will not be eligible for any of the generous extended unemployment benefits layoff victims have received from the federal government since 2008.”  Source

We must act and we must act now.  They are going for our throats and even those who still have a job know it.  Every day we wait is another day they are getting away with it.  I say we call them out.  It is going to be ugly business, but we best be done with it before it gets uglier.

And I don’t want to hear anybody talking about rioting like the Greeks.  It seems people like to hype the Greeks for their willingness to protest and throw rocks.  But you know what?  They are accomplishing nothing as their government is flipping them the bird by pounding them with flash bang grenades and tear gas.  In the end they will stop protesting and submit to their slavery.

This is the difference between us and them.  No rioting.  War, and when we are forced to it we will not stop until the traitors are driven out and our Republic is reestablished under our Constitution.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. At this point, I have decided I’m not going to bother Googling “HR589″..I just don’t see it happening. What I am going to do is sell everything I own, put the little bit of personal things in a storage and live in a car with my 15 year old daughter. Thank God I get $450 a month child support.
    I went to the welfare and was told point blank..”your better off just getting the child support because aid will only pay $500 for one child”. I’d like to know how everyone always knows “a girl whos on welfare making $1000’s a month, driving nice cars, and cell phones”. $500 won’t even pay my rent.
    I’m 48, have worked since I was 16. NEVER thought I’d be in the shape I’m in now. Homeless as of August 1. I go on Facebook and say stuff like “I need a job”..or “I’m selling this” and they are..”why you selling everything off for?”I’m “because rent alone is $750 and I’m bringing in $450..do the math”. I honestly don’t know where they think my money’s coming from. My money tree I’ve got hidden somewhere.
    I feel our countries on the brink. I love America, but I hate the people who are running it. Rich, old, white men who probably never had to work a real job a day in their damn lives. And for these same rich a**es to now say I’m not working because I’m lazy or on drugs really need a good slap. How dare you call me lazy or a drug user!! I’ve worked 2 jobs, took care of an elderly mother and a child all at the same time. And now? Being unemployed has been the hardest job I’ve ever worked. I’m going to school full time, sending out apps, going to churches to get free food, selling stuff to pay bills, ..it just goes on and on everyday. I “work” from about 8 to 11 just searching, looking, praying for a job. Any job,

    1. Becky – It’s an outrage that this is happening to people such as yourself. Before long I will also be facing a dire situation that I would have never imagined possible in my wildest of dreams. I can only wish that it will somehow get better for you and hope that you and yours will be safe. I know it’s of little comfort, but know that you are not alone and that there is someone out there in this great landscape who can relate and who does care. I wish you well.

  2. Becky,
    I wish I could say something that would comfort you but I can not. A once great nation is falling apart, we all see it and we can’t seem to find a way to stop it. By now I thought there would be tent cities already set-up around the country where we could at least comfort one another and have compassion for each other but that’s not what’s happening, instead, people are living with friends or family or in vacant buildings or the woods or like you soon, in their cars-It keeps us divided and that horrible feeling of being alone in this battle is the worst part.

  3. Becky I am not too far behind you and I have been vocally in this fight since the beginning! Looks like my last Jobless Talk radio show will be next Friday as my internet/phone is due to get shut off a few days after that. This is my semi-farewell examiner article as well Jobless Talk to return July 8, 2011 http://shar.es/HZoyw

  4. Henry,
    I am finding that I cannot simply type in 99er News and pull up Your Atricles that I read Faithfully every day. I am not surprised that this is happening, seems any sense of reason and Intelligence in regard to what is happening to this once Great Country is smashed down, these are scary times we are living in.

    I am a 99er and have looked, gone on Interviews and never get a call back. I worked in Television and my whole Life has changed and not for the better! I am almost out of my apartment and have virtually lost everything. I look forward to reading your post every day, please keep on keeping on!!! Patricia

    1. Patricia LaMorte,
      Google must have decided that you did not want to read the articles on From the Trenches. I talked to different people who have different experiences as Google is now profiling each user and as a result, each person can get a different result using the same search term. Just another light handed attempt at censorship.
      If you ever see us not there, it will be because we have been removed.
      Thank you for reading From the Trenches, may luck find its way to you.

  5. Can’t go to a beach in Minnesota, or a national park this weekend, or the zoo, ( the animals will be fed) they failed to raise the debt ceiling !

    1. Please read the readers write in July 2nd morning Star Tribune. Minnesota is shutdown.The parks are locked, but up north the people parked on the road side and walked in. Authority’s are turning their head the other way. No arrests.

      Dayton wants to tax people who make over 1 million. Republicans have it held hostage.Dayton should have held a special session, keeping them working over the 4th. We now have 23,000 more state employees unemployed, and they have been told not to all call in at the same time for benefits next week. 90% of Workforce Centers are closed, no computers to use either for the unemployed.

      While I was out kicking the produce yesterday at the grocery store. The consensus is: “Why is the Legislature continuing to collect their salary”?

      Minnesota use to be a great state. But it sucks! We the working class unemployed were so busy making a living, and taking care of our family’s. We didn’t pay attention to the damn TRAIN! They shoved corrupt crap lies down our throat, and shoved sand up our a—-s.

      I have made my opinion very clear to people. I would rather vote for a unemployed homeless person, sleeping under the bridge then anyone of these corrupt politicians.
      That person will work for us unemployed!

      Some people didn’t appreciate Jesse Ventura. The media was his down fall. They heckled him every time they got the chance.I know some things were to his advantage, but the state of Minnesota was humming, and we were working. The media if you don’t already know it are REPUBLICANS! That’s how they make there $400,000 a year for getting the weather wrong, and a tornado hits you, no sirens.

  6. Iam said to say this is the first time in my life I do not feel proud to be American because we do not take care of our own. What is going to happen to our service men and women when they come back from fighting for our country (are they going to have jobs) or are they going to be unemployed with the rest of us wondering how to support our family’s. Why are we sending money and food to help other countries? why not help our country first others second. why do we out souce our jobs to other countries instead of putting our people to work? I now know what they mean when they say we shuld only buy American made. I am a 99er and lately all I think about is money every minute of the day and that puts a strain on your mind and body, it is taking a toll on me. I hope and pray congress will help us without cutting unemployment and put thru an extension for us 99ers.I truely want to feel proud to be an AMERICAN again and I thing we should make September 11th a legal holiday. “May God Bless Us All”

  7. Incase you haven’t figured it out by now the Republican’ don’t care about the homeless, unemployed, or underpaid people. They only care about the rich. Cantor walked out on budget talks this week when they mentioned taxing the people and companies that made millions and billions of money. That right there proves to the American person that we mean nothing to them. We voted them in office on their lies and now we have to deal with it. Now it’s time we find a way to get rid of them and replace them with someone that will do the job and stand up for the lower and middle class. Screw the upper class. They are paying less taxes then they did in 1950. They deserve to be taxes just like you and me. I’m sorry, but when the oil companies are making trillions of dollars in 3 months they can afford to pay higher taxes. My idea is to get Trump, Gates, Ed, and others that support us to help fund buses throughout the country to get the 99er’s to Washington. We set up a tent community and camp out on the White House lawn until the 99er’s are noticed. I’m sure it will only take about 2 days before they realize that we want them to resign from their seats.

    1. You need to add Jesse Ventura to that list. Along with all the co sponsors of H.R. 589.If the co sponsors of hr.589 are so supportive maybe they will let loose of their purse strings. The Exhaustee Unemployed 99er’s are a NON-PROFIT. They can take as a charitible contribution.

      1. WE NEED TO GET TO WASHINGTON AS YOU SUGGESTED! I don’t care if I have to sleep in a pup tent. Let’s just find a way to get there.

  8. Well, thanks so much for the words of support. Right now, I am attempting to rent out a bedroom so that I only have to pay 1/2 the rent. We will see.
    I was thinking also of my father, and how if it wasn’t AMERICAN MADE he wanted nothing to do with it (1970’s), and I wonder if American’s shouldn’t go back to that way of thought. I remember when I was little, if I saw something made in China I was like “Wow”..now how often do we see made in “America”? I’m afraid that’s going to decrease more and more.
    I too noticed that when I typed in “Hr589” at Google, this site wasn’t on there and I thought it was a little strange too.
    I read that all extensions will be stopped in 2012. My feelings? I think the truth will be exposed then. When we have millions of people with no income, it’s going to be hard to lie about the true unemployment rate. It’s not even just the unemployment rate, but the “under employment” rate as well. More and more “temp” jobs with no benefits, part-time with no benefits..hmmm starting to see a trend here. Get the work done cheap, and no benefits for the employee. Sounds like a win win situation for employeers.

  9. Mr. President & congress, and all the states leaders (Gov, Senators) The US. is in this mess because of are so-called leaders, not doing their jobs. Did they not see this problem (economy) coming in 2007-2008-2009-2010-2011 No jobs no extended benefits- once hard working Americans, are losing there homes and the deterioration of low-middle class Americans, well the media, Obama and congress ignore the problem, hoping it will just go away! I guess they don’t care, cause no one’s taking money out of their pockets, But their telling Americans: WE HAVE TO QUIT SPENDING: Hell most of the unemployed have done without 3-4 yrs.-jobs-vacations-holidays-loss of homes- low & middle class poverty (and their children) Yet Obama and congress would rather help other countries with American tax dollars, then help our own Americans in the US. (While Obama and his staff, JET-AROUND in air-force one, while all of Americans suffer. They better give unemployment extensions to those who can’t find work, until more jobs are created. I really don’t see how ANY Americans would give Obama a 2nd term, when our leaders and the media clearly, don’t care about the well- being of our-LOW & MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS and the JOBLESS AMERICANS…………….In short, Barack Obama and congress and state leaders have grossly failed the American People

    1. Gene, Barry the Rat isn’t counting on the American people to vote for him in 2012. He’s counting on all the illegal aliens he’s going to give amnesty to before the election, to vote him back in office.

  10. everyone…start writing to your congress and senators now! Obama is trying to get an extension for the 99rs in the debt ceiling deal so go for it now is the moment. write or wither. it is up to you!

  11. guys get with the program start writing now@ online addresses to the pres and all others you can find

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