99ers Say, "Yes, I’m a 99er, And..?!!!"

It is March 12th and spring is creeping up on us.  Right now we have about six months of good weather ahead of us and we should not waste one second of it.  There is already a call for a Nationwide Protest on April 2nd and this is good.  And of course there is the Easter Project coming up on April 24th.  From the activity I see from website to website I think we might be finally communicating without trying to push any single agenda, hence, as individuals. 

As individuals we can win this thing, but if we want to win we cannot keep being nice about it.  We must start turning to ourselves as individuals and saying if nothing else, what can I do as an individual to strike a blow for the cause of the 99er? 

If there is a political event of any kind in your area, you might want to consider going in as one of the crowd and at the opportune moment, just start screaming, “You have betrayed the 99ers!  You have betrayed our country, you son of a bitch!” 

As individual 99ers we need to start looking at the corporate elite establishment that is omnipresent in every one of our communities and asking how can I make them regret mistreating me, and just do it.  If we have something to lose, I would like someone to tell me what it is.

By now the 99ers should have become so visible and obtuse that the elitists should be hiding in their houses and not wanting to go out in public, out of fear of encountering one of us; who might in front of a whole crowd tell them what a low down, arrogant, piece of self serving dung they are.  It cannot be considered violence to simply identify a spade as a spade.

If you think about it there are millions of us and we could become a real pain in the ass very easily.  And I think that is what we had better do, as the alternative is trading lead.  Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely believe it is going to come down to a full blown, violent revolution for the restitution of our Constitution and Republic.

I’m just saying I think that as they have ruined my life and are indeed going to try to take it, I think I’m going to be a total asshole about it, starting today.  Like I said earlier, what exactly do we have to lose?  If they are going to treat us as if we have no place in this society, maybe we ought to just start acting like we don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks about us, except our fellow 99ers and those that support us.

I tell you right now, I would not like to be the next person that Henry Shivley hears insult the 99ers in the smallest manner.  My grandfather came from the hills of West Virginia where cussing is considered an art.  And I do not care if it is in the middle of a store, a government building, or a church, I am going to vent.  And when I’m done, if anybody wants to call me rude, crude, or socially unacceptable, I shall proudly proclaim, “Yes I am.  I am a 99er.”

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  1. Great article ! I’m already starting to act that way myself. By the way, I’m originally from Morgantown, W.V. Small world.

  2. 99ers Know The Truth All Too Well but still many others have not been paying attention or reading (or caring) about what is really happening in America.

    FIRST – unemployment is not 9 or 10% as reported by the department it is really over 23% because over 27 million Americans are simply no longer being counted. Nice way to “lower” the rate. Another 40 million are considered underemployed: desiring full time work but can only find part time with little or no benefits.

    SECOND – these jobs that are being created are part time at $7-$10 an hour. Many 99ers have lost jobs at 40-70K+ a year.Those are not the majority of jobs that are being created. So get two or three jobs you say? Although the govenment says that there are 4.9 applicants for each job (which of course isn’t enough) every HR person I have talked to will tell you that they receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications for each position.

    THIRD – everytime you see an (obviously) propagandized headline about hundreds or thousands being hired, actually take the time to do some research. Many of the jobs are being filled “worldwide”, so although some of them may be open to American workers a good many are not being filled here.

    FOURTH – there is widespread discrimination nationwide against workers who are older, and many of those who have been out of work for 6 months or more are simply being told not to apply.

    So, because our government is lying about the real unemployment rate; and because the new jobs being created are in no way comparable to the jobs that have been lost; and because many of the jobs being created are not even in America; and because there is widespread discrimination that is preventing older experienced workers from getting hired,


    We are mobilizing for ACTION on this date. We are being asked to do what we can in our LOCAL HOMETOWNS on April 2nd. As we all have different gifts and talents it is up to YOU to do what you can to make this happen!

    Important Note: Unless someone knows something different, this has not started as a March TO WASHINGTON. It is an effort for all of the unemployed, 99ers, supporters of HR 589 and other supporters to March IN THEIR LOCAL AREA on the same date. Of course, if people want to go to DC that is great. We are hoping that local DC people will be able to march in their own area.

    Important Note2: This effort has not been started by one group – it is many people organizing ourselves on a national, state and local level. So, YOU ARE IT. Get the word out in any way possible to as many as possible so we can bring attention to our situation as a unit on this date.

    Important Note3: Do not wait for the national media to show up. It is up to us to create the buzz, record the event and upload pictures and video to sites online.

    Spread the word! There are forces at work to slow us down but we can not be stopped!


    Join or Start a Group Here:



    NEEDED – Statewide groups which can then be mobilized into local groups. So first find out if there is already a group in your area that is mobilizing. If you can not find one maybe it is up to you to start it. Then meet with your group members however you all communicate to plan a course of action for that day. And remember, there can not be too many groups. If we have different groups in a particular city on that day THAT IS A GOOD THING! Just DO SOMETHING!


    Thank God for you, you care and you have our attention, let’s band and take our country back!!

    Im proud to have you in our corner!


  4. I spoke to a headhunter who asked me what I have been doing the last four years. I tried to explain about the hundreds of jobs I had applied to and been rejected primarily because of age discrimination. Having spent over 30 years in my previous insurance job I am more than qualified, however, when you approach the age of 60 you are politely rejected, even by GEICO which is owned by that great humanitarian, Warren Buffet…..I agree with the above poster, increase unemployment or reduce the age to collect social security, with medical, now!

  5. US gov knows how to take care of displaced workers when it wants to:

    US Embassy offers 6,000 jobs for displaced workers, other job seekers
    03/09/2011 | 04:43 PM

    Over 6,000 jobs are up for grabs in a three-day job fair organized by the United States (US) Embassy for displaced migrant workers from Libya and other job seekers, Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz on Wednesday said.

    The job fair, also open to fresh graduates, will be from March 18 to 20 at SM North Edsa in Quezon City.

    Baldoz said the US Embassy enlisted the help of 33 American companies for the activity, dubbed the “America in 3-D Job Fair.”

    She added that the US Embassy and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) worked closely organizing the event for displaced overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from Libya.

    Over 9,000 Filipinos have returned to the Philippines from the strife-torn North African country.

    Available jobs

    The participating American companies include business processing outsourcing (BPO) firms that offer 3,000 jobs and banking-retail firms with 818 vacancies.

    The other companies taking part in the job fair are engaged in information technology (IT), engineering, hotels, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor industries.

    Local industries, including mining firms in the Caraga region in Mindanao, will also participate in the event.

    Job hunters can apply for employment as card and bank sales officers, customer service representatives, BPO agents and non-agents, engineers, machinists, electricians, marketing staff, human resource generalists, accountants, technical officers, IT specialists, and analysts. – with Paterno Esmaquel II, VVP, GMA News


  6. hey henry it”s been a while since i spoke to you im been unemployed for almost three years now it”s never going to get better i just had a good friend die lost his job three years ago and just willed himself to death left his wife and beautiful daughter in a fucked up way im starting to say fuck it all i want now is a pistol and one bullet for myself this country is a fuckin nightmare when i can look at this piece of shit goverment spending 2 billion and more on lybya but cant extend the benifits for thirty million unemployed americans and keeping these fuckin illegals in the country and the fact that we have an oil reserve that could last two hundred years but instead they hit the americans pockets using lybya as an excuse im going on forty two days from going homeless the last thing i own is my phone which is getting turned off in two days the last thing thats being taking away from me im throwing in the towel i think im going to see my friend soon well henry keep fighting i think your wasting your time there is no hope or future in the usa if you were smart you and all the people get your money out of the banks and your possessions and leave for another place theres another crash coming martial law is coming the concentration camps are going to start rounding people up when the banks close so do we goodluck my friend sincerly tired and fed up

    1. Brian S.,
      The only way to insure our enemies’ victory is to stop fighting. I have no money in any bank, hell I can’t even afford gas to go across town. So like it or not I’m here to stay. And if it is my life they are to have I’m going to make them take it and I will not die easy.
      These traitors have put us in a situation of force majeure. Brother, you have the right to live and the right to enforce that right by whatever means becomes necessary to your situation. It is time to get dirty, it is time to get mean, so whatever you do, don’t eliminate yourself for your enemies.
      Every one of us has been pushed to the edge, let’s go forward with a determination to sell our lives dearly and make our enemies wish they had not pushed us to the snapping point. I know it’s got to be tough living on the streets, but don’t give up. God bless and keep you.

      1. henry thanks for getting back to me just have to share this with you ive been so desperate for work i had to lower myself a week ago my brother has a friend who’s is a very sucessful landscaper i needed work gets me a job with this piece of shit and im working with illegal aliens who cant speak english work 9 hours get paid for 8 but the best thing working at this piece of shits house low and behold is american flags all over his property this america now greedy parasites like this needless to say told him to go fuck himself today there is a song by frank zappa its called the torture never stops everyday is hunger pain and anger ive just told my brother you cant help me anymore my brother has an electrical buisness he has no work but he still wories abought me he tries to throw me a day here and there get me places to stay im on the mercy of others this has brought to the brink of rock bottom so im going to disappear into the sunset in a couple of days you say keep on fighting when you have nothing you are nothing i feel completley helpless never committed a crime in my life lived by the rules and this what i get for working and playing by the rules appologise for my rambling im lost in hell at the moment

  7. have one more comment in my three years of trying to find work they have takin my truck all my jewery for have the cost that it was worth my furniture girlfried left me i live in greenwich connecticut one of the biggest cuttroat towns where all the rich bankers wallstreet tycoons bernie madoffs live and how do you find a job when your credit is bad even though it’s against the law they still check theres probably child molesters and murders getting the jobs i cant well thats america land of the criminals they have rights what happened to mine do i have to go to prison to get a college degree and get fed thats whats racing in my mind for three years in this great big melting pot of shit now i understand why some americans go join alqueda i hate this country thanks henry goodluck with the fight

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