99ers Supporters of HR 589 How will History Judge Americans of Today?

In observing the mainstream propaganda machine I heard a commentator on FOX News put forth the notion that if the labor unions could be broken it would drive down wages and allow more people to go to work at a reduced rate, and this was portrayed as a good thing. 

Let’s take it step further.  Let’s get rid of the unions and the minimum wage and even more people could return to the work place.  Hell let’s go all the way, let’s get rid of child labor laws.  We could put everybody to work but of course they would only be getting room and board, which in reality equates to slavery. 

What the hey, the important thing is that every available laborer gets up with the sun and works until dark so that a handful of elites can enjoy the precious time they have upon this earth. 

99ers, they are coming right out in our faces and showing that their intent is to enslave us.  And all we can do is keep saying when the time comes we are going to settle their hash.  What we have to realize is that every day that passes allows them to take more of what little resources we still retain.  In short, we are growing weaker as they are growing stronger.  Time is not on our side.

The resentment against the corporate elite is however growing exponentially, day by day, in its scope and intensity, but they have our people so entranced with pursuing the debt currency in an effort to just survive to the next day, that taking on more in the form of protest or revolution seems to be just too much.  Their plan is working perfectly.

We cannot wait until our children are lying in the streets with their stomachs swollen and flies lighting on their open eyes, like the German people did in the Weimar Republic.  Our enemies are using the same techniques to destroy us as they did on the German people in the 1930s.  Once they have starved us down to apathy and desperation they believe we will gladly accept their one world government and our slavery as compensation for a little nutrition. 

I have personally lost pretty much everything I own but I tell you there is still one thing I have and that is my guns and ammunition.  I will continue to work toward a uniting of my people for a peaceful resolution.  But when it comes down to it, in reference to my weapons, if it’s use them or lose them, I will use them as it is far better for a free man to die on his feet than to live on his knees.

For those of you who do not believe in the complete essentiality of our 2nd Amendment protection, I ask you this question.  Keeping in mind the elite’s insatiable greed and total disregard for human suffering, how do you think they would be treating with us today if our population was not so heavily armed?

99ers we have to stop chasing butterflies and start getting down to brass tacks.  This means we have to start arming and training for a revolution that is becoming more inevitable with each passing day.  We must steel ourselves to the idea of giving our lives if necessary for the restitution of our beloved Constitution and Republic. 

In the end analysis it may be that the only possible peaceful solution is through the threat of violence so unspeakable that the corporate elite would rather stop their empire building than face its wrath.  If the elite have become so determined to conquer and rule the world that they have completely divorced themselves from logic and even their own self-preservation, then we must take them to task.

 If they refuse peace and insist upon war let us get to it so that it may be over and done with and we can begin building anew a peaceful and prosperous country for our children and grandchildren.  If we do not shirk this task that has been thrust upon us, our oppressors will be damned by history and our children and grandchildren, for many generations to come, will look back upon us with the same awe and respect that we now look upon our founding fathers with.  As they fought and gave their lives so that we might know freedom and liberty and that these things are more important than life, especially a live spent toiling through the drudgery of slavery.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

Call the Capitol switchboard at 1-866-220-0044 and ask for the members of the Sub-Committee on Human Services.

  • Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
  • Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
  • Jim McDermott, WA
  • John Lewis, GA
  • Joseph Crowley, NY
  • Adrian Smith, NE
  • Erik Paulsen, MN
  • Rick Berg, ND
  • Tom Price, GA
  • Diane Black, TN
  • Charles Boustany, LA 






0 thoughts on “99ers Supporters of HR 589 How will History Judge Americans of Today?

  1. 99ers are not dead beats! We WERE working Americans! We WERE not on G. R. or food stamps, and don’t desire to be! However, we will be headed in that direction if we don’t get help soon! We want to work for our living! But lets face the facts. It is impossible to apply for jobs that are not their. Creat jobs for us soon or we will be doomed. Bail “US” out!!!!

  2. We have to find a way get out of the corner we have been put in. We are the forgotten, and it has to change. My husband worked for over 25 years and never missed a day. Now, he has to go out everyday and be subjected to the idiots out there that think we are freeloaders. We are Americans too!!

  3. I saw on TV last,nite that our piece of shit Govt. is getting ready to send millions and millions of dollars to the refugees and rebels of Libya. So what does that tell you ? Are they an example for the 99ers to follow, to get help ? We are refugees in our own country, and we get no assistance, but Libya can implode and this pathetic excuse for a government is foaming at the mouth to pump money, that OUR citizens need, into a FOREIGN country ! People, I’m in total agreement with the above article, as all our other efforts have been in vain. I can just hear these elitist assholes laughing their asses off at all the emails you good American people have been sending . The time for emailing is over, brothers and sisters !

      1. You’re right, Henry. Oil is a lot more important to the Govt. than us 99ers. I keep forgetting that we are invisible and don’t exist.

  4. Unfortunately Americans of today are a product of spoiled, greedy and selfishness. These Americans are looking out for #1, meaning themselves and no one else. I come from another time and place where people over 40 years of age were respected and looked up to. Not to change the subject of your editorial, discrimination is a very big part of what’s happening to the 99ers. The majority of the 99ers are 40’s to 60’s. these are all hard working Americans that have been put out to pasture.
    Unfortunately we are being ignored! We are the very people that kept this country alive for so many years and now are being pushed aside like waste. We are the Americans that actually were born in America and love America with all our hearts. Perfect example is myself and 8 unemployed friends of mine 50 years of age and over went down south to help clean up beaches from that terrible BP oil spill. We jumped in two cars and scurried down south to help our country.
    There was no news report “99ers help clean up oil spilled beaches!” Do you know why?
    It’s because the people of today are rude, selfish and self serving. These Americans are Corporate and Wall Street, Republican jackasses that are so narrowed minded that all they know is that their God IS THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR BILL! We know their wrong!
    YES, THIS IS WAR! These losers have screwed up America, LET’S TAKE BACK AMERICA NOW!

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  6. Illegal immigrants are desperate and use less as good neighbors in the U.S. They break laws entering our country then are to scared to report criminal activity of which is a deep concern to U.S communities and citizens. Most illegal immigrants are lazy drunks, illegal drug users, not smart and business owners are to blame too for hiring / harboring them which makes them worse than the illegal immigrant. Also we should push congress to have all business owners / hiring managers in the U.S jailed & fined if they knowingly hire an illegal alien. Our U.S government corporations and business owners have figured out how to enslave, rob us, and kill us without even using a gun. These Guys R Evil Geniuses! Watch Out U.S Citizens & The International Poor! Every time a U.S business hires and illegal alien before a legal citizen is an assault or act of indirect violence to cause death to legal U.S citizens by financial impairing us. Please help us stop this pelage that is destroying our young growing nation and support the American Dream at http://usmoa.org/

  7. How about a tax surcharge on income over 1M….heard 5% would raise 50+B which could fund payment to the 99er’s….now that would be legitimate trickle down economics!

  8. I am now facing the thought of losing my house. 62 and can’t even find a part time job. because taxes went up, my house payment went up$160 a month. 99 ers are not dead beats, if I knew what I know now. I would have never paided any taxes in, when I need them back, we are told that we are deadbeats because we can’t find a job. To all Americans quit paying taxes. You won’t get social security when you retire. This world is going under.

  9. That unemployment bill late last year did not add or do anything for the people that have lost there jobs and unemployed over 99 weeks.
    The Government has been allowing outsourcing of industrial jobs and all kinds of jobs For quite some time.
    This all started during the Clinton administration and then started to take effect toward the end of the Clinton administration and continued through the Bush administration and now has continued into the Obama administration.
    “What did they think was going to happen”.
    Taking jobs away from the American people was never a good thing.
    And then some of the latest comment’s from this administration like “Just Hang In There”
    As Americans and as a Nation I hope and pray that we can all pick and choose and vote for people that will look out for the best interest of the American people for the future.
    A extension that includes people unemployed longer than 99 weeks is the right thing to do,
    “outsourcing jobs was not”.

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