A 6th Day of Rioting in Egypt

Today marks the 6th day of protest in Egypt and once again the protesters have defied the government imposed curfew.  It is presently being reported that 100 are dead and 6,000 have been injured in the riots. 

Egyptian dictator Mubarak met Egypt’s Defense Minister today as American made tanks filled the streets and American made fighter jets and helicopters filled the sky.  Mubarak is still refusing to step down and the people are still demanding that he do so.  

Those involved in the protests are today showing calm as the Egyptian military has taken over the streets and cleared them of the pro-government police who were treating the people brutally. 

There have been numerous prison escapes.  Some are saying the government is behind the prison breaks and are intentionally trying to cause anarchy in the streets.  It is apparent that some of those broken out of the prisons are among the ranks of the Islamic Brotherhood.  Just exactly what effect this organization is going to have on the restructuring of the Egyptian government is yet to be seen.

Several neighborhood militia organizations have popped up in the last few days as the citizens take the matter of protecting their property unto themselves.  It is reported that they are mostly armed only with knives.  You’ve got to love gun control, especially during a revolution.  I’m sure the prison escapees are thinking the same thing as there is nothing more appetizing to a criminal than an unarmed victim.

In the United States officials are keeping their original stance which is no stance.  When asked who the United States supports, the protesters or President Mubarak, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered, “We support the Egyptian people,” a typical non-answer. 

I believe the government of the United States loves this situation in Egypt as all eyes have been averted from the 1001 issues making up our own crisis.  I guess American politicians can refrain from addressing America’s problems for at least another week now.  And whatever else goes wrong in that week can of course be blamed on the crisis in the Middle East.

What a county.  God guide us through these troubled waters.

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  1. The Egyptian people were also holding up spent tear gas canisters that were clearly labeled, “Made in America”. Our illustrious leaders are probably proud of that.

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