Egyptian Style Rioting in America?

President Obama, in a speech on Friday, said that the people have rights, the right to be heard and have their issues addressed.  He went on to say that to ignore these rights is to invite the people to legitimately rise up against their government.  He further indicated that he supported such uprisings by the people when their adverse conditions are being ignored.  Of course Obama was not talking about the 99ers, or even the people of United States, but rather the people of Egypt.

President Soetoro is not only a two bit liar but a hypocrite to boot.  He talks about his solidarity and support for the people of Egypt who have been ignored by their totalitarian government to the point that they are rioting and being shot down in the streets.  But when it comes to the people of the United States he is projecting a double standard. 

The people of Egypt have grown tired of high unemployment, increasing food prices, lack of economic opportunity, and suppression of their right to speak freely.  Here in the United States we have record unemployment which is being ignored and elevated food prices, which are getting ready to go higher as a result of higher fuel prices, which are a result of the unrest in the Middle East. 

I think all 99ers will agree that economic opportunity only exists in the United States for those among the haves, which indeed is the case in Egypt.  In fact the have nots of Egypt have begun looting the gated communities of the haves.

As for political speech, it is currently under attack in the United States.  There is in fact a bill that has been introduced that will allow for the same kind of information shutdown in the United States as that which occurred in Egypt. 

I heard it announced that the people of Egypt would probably be put under martial law as a result of the rioting.  And indeed, this is what the criminals in the United States government want here.  They want the 99ers to riot so bad they can taste it.  They have pushed the envelope so far that the very fact that we have not rioted has them in panic mode.  I guess that is what you get when you bring Russians in to plan a revolution in America. 

The fact is we are not like other peoples around the world.  We are not so ignorant as to riot and further destroy our country which it is our intent to fix.  And we do not want martial law and tanks in the streets of America.  If we are pushed into revolution it will be a calculated process wherein we will use our liberty teeth to enforce our law, right the wrongs, and see those responsible for putting us through the turmoil punished and deported.

We do need mass peaceful protests.  But when the provocateurs come on the scene, be they government, paid anarchists, or police dressed as civilians as were used in Russia, we will deal with them on our own.  The moment any violence breaks out we will remove ourselves from the streets and take our cause to the country-side. 

Does anyone out there believe our CIA did not know what was going to occur in Egypt months ahead of time?  The fact is our CIA probably helped to arrange the whole affair.  When in the history of our country have we backed any regime that we promptly turned against after a couple of days of rioting? 

This so called Egyptian uprising is being pushed in our mainstream propaganda to the extreme.  Why?  Because this is exactly what they want us to do.  Why?  So they can put troops in the street and declare martial law.  Why?  Because the American people continue to arm themselves to the teeth in preparation to reinstate our Constitution and Republic. 

If we, as Constitutional patriots, are to be pushed into a violent situation we must make sure that we are unquestionably in the right and hold the moral high ground.  We must never allow our enemies to turn us against one another.  The international corporate mafia wants us to riot against the corrupt corporate government that they are putting in our face, so that they can replace that corporate government with a Fabian social communistic government under martial law, which will still be under the control of the same international power structure. 

Our Constitution has never been as important in the history of our country as it is now.  Through our Constitution and Declaration of Independence we can effectively replace our government through the law and by the law, and not only not lose any freedoms or liberties in the process, but gain back those that are currently being repressed.  The greatest fear of the international corporate mafia is that we will keep our heads and literally deal with them by the book.

So 99ers and all other Americans reading this article do not give in to the sensationalist propaganda being put forth.  We will take our country back, me must.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.





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  1. An exert from “THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND FROM THE ACCESSION OF JAMES II”, by Thomas Babington Macaulay. – 1848

    “Our forefathers might indeed safely tolerate a king in a few excesses; for they had in reserve a check which soon brought the fiercest and proudest king to reason, the check of physical force. It is difficult for an Englishman of the nineteenth century to imagine to himself the facility and rapidity with which, four hundred years ago, this check was applied. The people have long unlearned the use of arms. The art of war has been carried to a perfection unknown to former ages; and the knowledge of that art is confined to a particular class. A hundred thousand soldiers, well disciplined and commanded, will keep down ten millions of ploughmen and artisans. A few regiments of household troops are sufficient to overawe all the discontented spirits of a large capital………
    As our ancestors had against tyranny a most important security which we want, they might safely dispense with some securities to which we justly attach the highest importance. As we cannot, without the risk of evils from which the imagination recoils, employ physical force as a check on misgovernment, it is evidently our wisdom to keep all the constitutional checks on misgovernment in the highest state of efficiency, to watch with jealousy the first beginnings of encroachment, and never to suffer irregularities, even when harmless in themselves, to pass unchallenged, lest they acquire the force of precedents. Four hundred years ago such minute vigilance might well seem unnecessary. A nation of hardy archers and spearmen might, with small risk to its liberties, connive at some illegal acts on the part of a prince whose general administration was good, and whose throne was not defended by a single company of regular soldiers.”

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