99ers, the Less Unity, the More Violence

The United States has a $1.4 trillion budget deficit and economists are saying we simply cannot afford to spend anymore.  If that is true why are we paying to quarter troops in Japan, Germany, South Korea, and in all reality 150 countries around the world?  It has recently been brought front and center that Egypt is the second largest recipient of US foreign aid at $1.55 billion per year.  And of course the chosen people of Israel are number one at $3.175 billion per year.  That is $2.775 billion in military aid coupled with; get this, $400 million in economic aid.  People, our economy is worse than Israel’s so why is this treasonous government borrowing money in our grandchildren’s name to give to the Israelis?  Evidently because they are entitled to it.

According to the government’s user-friendly Web site, Uncle Sam doles out “more than $58 billion a year in foreign assistance through more than 20 agencies.”  This amount is adjusted yearly for inflation and doled out like clockwork.  These are by definition entitlements for citizens of other countries. 

We have all heard the unemployment insurance that we paid into being described as an unnecessary entitlement.  I guess the unemployed in America do not have the clout that foreign nationals do when it comes to the United States government’s priorities.  If I, as a 99er, own a dog and do not feed and shelter it properly I can be jailed.  But when our government treats us like we are not allowed to treat a dog it seems to be completely acceptable. 

While you are mulling that one over consider the fact that the rich in this country have private groomers for their dogs, psychiatrists, rehabilitation therapy specialists, even gourmet cooks.  Not only are we being put lower than a foreigner in another country, but we in fact have been reduced to a standard beneath the rich man’s dog.  Think about it long and hard, people in other countries are entitled to the benefits of our natural resources and we are not. 

At what point will this diabolical government declare the 99ers as not worth the water it takes to keep us alive?  And if they did so would the 99ers just acquiesce, lie down, and die of thirst rather than defy the dictates of traitors?  I am not going to curse the 99ers today, but I will tell you all, we need to do some soul searching and decide just how far we are going to allow ourselves to be driven into the ground. 

If united we could very easily and peaceably take this country back.  The degree of violence that is going to be involved in this process is going to correlate directly with the degree of unity among us; the less unity, the more violence.





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  1. Henry, what a comparison and as usual, you are right on the money. If only we could have the air time and a decent politician to bring all of this out in the open, what a day we would have. If the other 99ers read this they certainly would have to agree. Over 58 billion dollars a year in foreign assistance and the fact that some animals are treated better than humans. I would love for you to have the chance to face these politicians. I can see the picture right before my eyes. They would be like a deer caught in the headlights. In the meantime, while 99ers are sitting around doing nothing to help our cause, people continue losing their homes and the ability to feed their families and I continue to ask myself why. What is it going to take for us to stand up for our country?

    1. I’m pissed! I just spent a half an hour on my blog to find out it wasn;t good cause I didn’t answer the “SECURITY QUESTION” THATS BS

      1. Doug,
        Sorry about that, we were getting hit with 750 robot spams per day. We had to take measures to stop it and this seems to be working.
        I did the same thing and had to type it all over again.

  2. I am now considered a 99er and I know that without help from the government I and many will not make it through this. I have looked everyday for a job since I lost mine and running out of options I have no family except for my son. We need a safety net to get us through while these jobs are being created because with out that it is over for a million people and more to come.

    I do appreciate that the government has helped us all out until this point because with out that we won’t make it can the government really let millions of people be without anything? I have worked my whole life and I am scared and sad but I am trying to keep up a good front for my son.

    My son has ADHD and is hard of hearing and sometimes it is all overwhelming for people and to have the government not behind us for immediate help I just don’t know It will take time to create jobs and we need something to hold onto.

    This morning I took my son to school and I only had change for about $9.50 so I could put gas in the car because we are about to get a blizzard and you know what the clerk told me the lady who owns the gas station in Wilmot, WI (BP) the only one in that area does not want to take change anymore but she would do me this one favor. What is that how can you say that to someone so I said I am doing what I can with the storm coming in I needed to get some gas in my car and with times the way they are we are all trying to do our best and she said I know I can do it this time. Then while I was counting it out, on the side she precedes to tell the next customer out load that there are so many people that are paying with change that they can’t do it anymore while I am counting right there on the side nothing like making someone feel like crap and telling the other people in the line that in front of me.

    I told her don’t worry I won’t be back after the way I was treated and how she made me feel worthless at least it wasn’t pennies things like this kill people inside and I almost hope that her and the owner end up in my place to see what it is really like and how it feels to have something done like that to them.

    We need help and I’m sorry if people keep thinking we aren’t trying to find a job THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! But we are all running out of options while the Government can pay there bills and rent and eat with no problem like I said I appreciate what they have done so far but I also worked my whole life until now and WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes job creation is what we need but until then we need to have income in order to make it while this is happening, not the Government saying there is basically no help for us and they don’t want to add to unemployment even though when we were in a recession at 7.2% they gave out 134 weeks now we are at 9.4% and they don’t want to help 99ers are growing and growing fast we need to be noticed and helped while all this transition is going on!!!

    Thank you!!

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