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gnb-itToday I was out of coffee and went down to my local grocer to get the good stuff. As it turned out, they no longer carry the brand I normally buy from them. As I perused the selection of seemingly endless blends of organic, yummy, wake the hell up, what does my eyes land on but this (see pic attached). Grin & Bear It coffee.

Of course it made me smile and think of my wonderful trenches family and none other than Susan of the GrinNBarret sort(I know it is different spelling). I tossed it into my basket and off to the check out I went.

I should add that it is actually pretty good. Even without Jameson Irish Whiskey.

I thought I’d share the pic.



2 thoughts on “A picture to share

  1. you found me LOL Thanks for the complement I try. I no longer get the emails though can not figure why. I have to go to the site. Anyone have any clues?????

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