A ‘radical’ UN climate style ‘pandemic treaty’ for viruses!? World Health Organization agrees to negotiate a ‘pandemic treaty’ to prevent next outbreak

Climate Depot – by Marc Morano

WaPo: Less than a week after the new omicron variant of the coronavirus was reported to the World Health Organization, global leaders on Wednesday agreed to start negotiations to create an international agreement to prevent and deal with future pandemics — which some have dubbed a “pandemic treaty.” The special session of the World Health Assembly, only the second ever held by the WHO’s governing body, pledged by consensus to begin work on an agreement, amid a round of applause, after three days of talks. “I welcome the decision you have adopted today, to establish an intergovernmental negotiating body to draft and negotiate a WHO convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response,” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. The commitment by countries to negotiate a “global accord” would “help to keep future generations safer from the impacts of pandemics,” he added.

The assembly’s decision will see the creation of an “intergovernmental negotiating body” to draft and negotiate the final convention, which would then need to be adopted by member states. … Tedros said omicron “demonstrates just why the world needs a new accord on pandemics,” and called for a “legally binding” agreement.


Marc Morano’s comment: “This will be a virus version of the UN IPCC & Paris climate style pacts. The pandemic ‘crisis’ will become permanent just like the ‘climate crisis.’ Attempts to impose lockdowns for future COVID variants or new viruses may be internationally imposed instead of national, state or local. If you don’t like your governor, mayor or school board, you can vote them out, but if a ‘radical’ WHO ‘pandemic treaty’ that is ‘legally binding’ becomes reality, global mandates may be coming your way and local elections will cease to matter as unelected bureaucrats will be yielding the real power over your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. This must be stopped now. Even the Washington Post is calling a ‘pandemic treaty’ a ‘radical’ idea.

Once a ‘pandemic treaty’ is set in place, COVID mandates will become permanent as elite officials fly around the world to discuss how to further crush freedom to wage war on viruses. Just like the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the architects of a ‘pandemic treaty’ will seek more and more power and control and become a self-interested lobbying organization all while doing squat to prevent or mitigate future viruses. A ‘radical’ WHO ‘pandemic treaty’ may be just the ticket for the administrative state to reign in rogue anti-lockdown governors like Ron DeSantis.”

Climate Depot

4 thoughts on “A ‘radical’ UN climate style ‘pandemic treaty’ for viruses!? World Health Organization agrees to negotiate a ‘pandemic treaty’ to prevent next outbreak

  1. How sweet of them to look after us. NOT!!

    So, Global is overriding Local, and so very BLATANTLY!! They’re pushin’ hard. What’s been happening in Australia is now moving into Western Europe: Greece, Austria, Germany, and a few other smaller countries. Strict lock-downs for the refusers, and with exorbitant monthly fines. Canada also following along. Communism having a heyday. But another heyday is overtaking.

    It’s us. We are it. Right here in River City. The dam won’t hold much longer. It’s us.


  2. Related: Strange tidbit:

    Makow posted this comment:

    “Now over 22 books on Amazon about the Omicron variant, how is that possible? This woman discovered the variant. Her book was on Amazon the same day Omicron was named, 26 of Nov.”

    And when I clicked on the Amazon link he provided, I couldn’t help but notice the last name of the author:



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