A warning to gun grabbers and collectivist media: By calling for gun control, you are unleashing your own worst nightmare

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Natural News – by Mike Adams

By screaming about how they wish to destroy the Second Amendment and disarm the American people, collectivist media gun grabbers and “school shooting doomsday” fear mongers have managed to do exactly what they hoped NOT to do: They have pushed millions of AR-15s and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition into the private hands of Americans.

Over the Christmas holiday, I spoke with a friend who owns the largest retail gun shop (and advanced tactical shooting range) in one of the largest U.S. cities. He told me, “Our store sales have been $100,000 a day since the Newtown shooting.” On a normal business day, his sales hover around the $10,000 mark, so what we’re witnessing here is a 1000% increase in gun sales.

“Our shelves have been stripped bare. People are buying everything in sight, AR-15s, handguns, shotguns, ammo, scopes, magazines, uppers… you name it, it’s gone. When a new shipment comes in each day, it’s gone in 10 minutes. People are waiting here for hours just to buy a rifle.”

Much the same is true across the nation. Every gun shop in America has sold out of virtually everything. Check out the ammunition available an online retailers like www.AmmoToGo.com and www.LuckyGunner.com — almost everything is sold out or backordered.

Ammo magazines are now virtually impossible to come by, too. Firearms gear sellers like www.MidwayUSA.com and www.SportsmansGuide.com are completely sold out and deep into backorders that won’t be filled until February, March or April.

And one retailer, www.Brownells.com said that in one 72-hour period last week, they sold more ammo magazines than they usually sell in three and a half YEARS.

On ebay, aluminum AR-15 30-round magazines that used to sell for $10 are now going for $60. That’s a 600% increase in value in just one week. (Note to those who are buying gold: If you had bought cases of ammo magazines instead, you could right now be experiencing a 600% return on your investment!)

Ten million more guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding Americans

The FBI instant background check system (NICS), which performs background checks on all commercial gun buyers across America, has been stressed to the breaking point. It has already experienced outages over the past 10 days, and even when it’s online, it’s registering the most intense period of firearm purchases in the history of America.

Official numbers are not yet available, but by my estimates, in the last ten days alone over 10 million firearms were purchased in America, and over a billion rounds of ammunition were taken home and put away by U.S. gun owners.

This was, of course, all a reaction to the screaming gun grabbers who are hyperventilating about guns and ignorantly calling for the abolishment of the Second Amendment and the complete disarmament of the American people. This utterly insane screaming fest by whiny, pathetic gun grabbers and collectivist control freaks has only accomplished one thing: the massive ARMAMENT of American citizens, most of whom absolutely will NOT surrender their firearms under any circumstances.

Support for the Second Amendment remains strong and resilient across real America. While the gun-grabbing, lying collectivist media is trying to create the illusion that Americans don’t like guns, the truth is that America was founded on the right to keep and bear arms, and Americans innately understand that throughout history, liberty must be defended by force. This defense of liberty depends entirely on the People owning, possessing and using firearms.

Americans fully realize that disarmament is the path to enslavement and tyranny. That’s why they rushed out to buy millions of guns and over a billion rounds of ammunition. And no amount of distorted media lies, Obama fake crying on TV or even a thousand more government-staged mass shootings will convince people to turn over their guns to the most distrusted organization on the planet… the government!

The reaction is quietly surging

Gun-owning Americans are growing increasingly sick and tired of being called bad people simply because they choose to protect their homes, families and communities with firearms. White gun owners are sick of being irrationally called “racist” for choosing to own guns. (Historical fact: Martin Luther King owned “an arsenal” of guns and often carried a concealed handgun.)

Southerners are sick and tired of being depicted as idiotic rednecks by the uppity liberal media and its distorted, race-baiting TV shows. And the gun owners of America have just about had enough of being blamed for the violence of one crazy, medicated young man who committed murder in Connecticut.

If you go to any gun show right now and talk to people, as I have, you’ll overhear talk like:

“They’re gonna have to pry this gun out of my cold, dead hands.”

“If Obama orders guns to be turned in, it will set off a civil war.”

“Dammit, I should have bought another AR-15 when I had the chance…”

Meanwhile, truly anti-America, seditious TV journalists and social media trolls are screaming things like, “Kill the NRA President” and “all gun owners should be shot” — confirming that the gun-grabbing liberals are, themselves, the promoters of gun violence in America. It’s the lawful gun owners who are so far remaining calm and keeping their firearms muzzled. But if it really comes to a shooting war — and I pray it doesn’t — it’s the gun grabbing zealots who are going to find out what it means to be “downrange.”

And if these gun-grabbing, anti-American collectivists do actually manage to pick up a firearm during a shooting war and try to do something with it, they won’t have any idea how to clear a jam, how to use the forward assist, or how to turn on the mysterious, magical red dot inside the sight. Their college PhD classes never taught them anything practical, you see. They live in the world of “theory” while people like you and I live in something called “reality.”

With rifles clumsily clasped in their hands, these anti-American collectivists will have no clue how to compensate for bullet drop (“What are all these funny lines inside the scope for?”) or how to estimate and compensate for a crosswind. (“Wind affects bullets? I thought they were too fast!”) Nor do they know the difference between a “bullet” and a piece of “brass.” (“You want to SAVE brass? Why?”) They think a “primer” is a pre-calc Cliff Notes booklet, and they think “reloaded” means something to do with The Matrix.

In other words, if it actually comes down to a shooting war between gun grabbers and gun owners, the gun owners will absolutely dominate the battlefield.

Gun owners already have the real power in America, as they should

In truth, gun owners already possess the real power in America. “All political power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” Mao Tse-tung famously said. And that’s why Obama wants to take away all our guns… because they are tools of real power.

The only way gun owners across America can be disarmed right now is if they can be guilt-tripped, cajoled or otherwise tricked into disarming themselves. They cannot be disarmed by force. Any attempt to do so will only result in them shooting back.

If gun owners simply put their foot down, take a stand, and announce, “We will NOT give up our Second Amendment birthright!” then not even the entire federal government can force them to do otherwise.

Stand together, lawful gun owners!

Now is the time for all lawful gun owners across America to stand together, with strength and righteousness, against the unlawful tyrants, oppressors, liars and anti-American traitors who are right now attempting to crush America’s liberty and destroy her Bill of Rights. This is the time for all true patriots who believe in America to SAY NO to Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein and all the other communist-leaning collectivists who are desperately trying to disarm the American public even while their own children, families and homes are guarded by men with guns.

It is time to say “Enough is enough!” to the lying, fear-mongering media and its laughably pathetic talking heads like Piers Morgan who has the emotional maturity of a five-year-old and the cognitive prowess of an advanced-stage Alzheimer’s patient. Already wanted for questioning in Britain, Piers Morgan has denounced all Americans and said he represents “British superiority” that demands Americans be stripped of all their firearms — just like they were during the British occupation of the colonies in 1775. (Right before our forefathers started shooting large pieces of lead through the thick skulls of British officers… see the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson for a graphic depiction of how men with rifles saved America.)

Pray that Obama and Biden do not attempt to overplay their hand

In all, I can only pray that Obama and Biden do not attempt to arrogantly overplay their hand when it comes time for them to lay out their anticipated gun control “plan.”

If their plan calls for any sort of gun confiscation whatsoever — especially so-called “assault rifles” — it will very likely cause America to erupt into a shooting war.

On the other hand, if Obama and Biden limit their actions to things most gun owners would consider “reasonable,” then they can prevent any further escalation. What will gun owners consider to be “reasonable?” NOT gun registration, I can assure you. Everybody knows gun registration was Hitler’s first step preceding confiscation and then genocide.

NOT another “assault weapons” ban, either. The Clinton ban didn’t keep assault rifles out of the hands of psychopathic killers. Why would an Obama ban work any better?

NOT a ban on semi-automatic firearms. This would be seen as total disarmament of gun owners, as most firearms owned today are semi-autos. (Very few are full-auto. They are extremely rare and ridiculously expensive.)

NOT an artificial limit on standard magazine capacity. Restricting 30-round magazines would also be seen as the disarmament of gun owners. As the purpose of the Second Amendment was to allow the People to be their own standing army against enemies of the nation — including domestic tyrants — any such restriction would be blatantly unconstitutional and wholly ineffective.

Gun control restrictions that might fly

Here are some things that might be considered reasonable among gun owners and therefore not result in a huge national backlash (or even a shooting war).

I’m not saying I agree or disagree with all these; they’re just things that are more likely to succeed and not meet huge resistance if proposed by the Obama administration (which is widely hated by nearly all gun owners, including the police and military):

• Mandatory waiting periods for all firearms purchases, nationwide. A 3-day waiting period would not be considered particularly restrictive or unconstitutional.

• Increased restrictions on firearms purchases by those who are on psychiatric medications. (This is not likely to even be suggested, as the Obama administration is totally in bed with Big Pharma.)

• Strict federal laws requiring firearms to be secured (locked) in any home where teenagers or children have frequent access. (There is already a federal law on this regarding children under 18, but this could be tightened to cover young adults up to age 20, for example.)

• Banning of very large 100-round capacity magazines. These drum magazines all suck anyway, as they frequently jam. This is what happened in Aurora. We should only HOPE that all psychopathic killers have 100-round drum magazines… they would kill no one!

• Mandatory federal background checks for guns sold at gun shows. (This is already required for all commercial dealers. But private transactions are currently exempted from this requirement. This is very likely to be targeted by Obama and Biden, so expect gun shows to be severely restricted in some way.)

In addition, the Obama administration is very likely to attempt to limit importations on certain types of firearms manufactured outside the United States. This might include bottom-feeding shotguns such as the Saiga-12, which the ATF attempted to restrict two years ago. Kiss your AK supply line goodbye…

Stand still… I’m reloading!

If these restrictions are not enough for the hysterically irrational gun grabbers who want to completely disarm law-abiding citizens across the country, then as one gun owner told me recently, “Sure, I’ll give ’em all my ammo and guns, bullets first.”

That attitude pretty much sums up the topic in real America; not the fabricated delusional America portrayed and distorted by the mainstream media. The media is to real events as GMOs are to real food: It’s all engineered, and every bite delivers a little bit of poison.

In real America, people everywhere demand to keep their handguns, rifles, shotguns and 30-round magazines. They inherently know that a disarmed population has historically been enslaved by a corrupt, criminal government. They do not trust Obama — and nobody trusts the mentally unstable Biden! — and they absolutely will not give up their guns to a lying liberal gun-grabbing President.

If someone like Clint Eastwood called for everybody to give up their guns, that would be different. But not a lying, birth-certificate-fabricating, lawbreaking President whose greatest achievement has been expanding the number of Americans on welfare and food stamps.

Obama will have no real success trying to grab guns. If he’s smart, he’ll push for some marginal restrictions and declare it a success to his own screaming liberal supporters, most of whom are too uneducated to understand the details of any gun control restrictions in the first place. (Half of ’em can’t even READ!)

Gun control IS racism

By the way, the very first gun control laws in America were put in place by the KKKGun control is racism. Gun freedom is equality. A gun in the hands of a free black man makes him an equal to a free white man, according to the laws of physics. This is why the Second Amendment first benefits African-Americans, and secondly everyone else.

If more African-Americans truly understood history, they would be screaming to defend the Second Amendment and make sure guns remain legal in the hands of citizens. History has shown, after all, that any concentration of firepower in the hands of the few ALWAYS gets turned against the innocent.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038459_gun_grabbers_control_Second_Amendment.html#ixzz2GAT3hDvG

28 thoughts on “A warning to gun grabbers and collectivist media: By calling for gun control, you are unleashing your own worst nightmare

  1. Taking names and numbers yet?! Remember who the traitors are.

    “PICK 7” is going around the internet. I found out what it means. Those who are determined to stand up for the truth and liberty must “PICK 7” trusted men/women and develop a plan to stop any gun confiscation attempts.

    The Pick 7 team is made up of capable and committed men/women that will fight back and defend their neighborhoods and their families. Eventually they will communicate with other 7 man teams to co-ordinate their efforts.

    There is no central command any more then there was in 1776 when a loosely knitted American Militia stood against the tyrants of the Monarch, King George lll. The Red Coats hated these guys and I am quite sure the modern day Feds are not going have any warm and fuzzy feelings for the 1,000,000 Pick 7 Teams.

    Talk to your local sheriffs and ask them to be on the people’s side and when you come across a sheriff that supports gun control fire him by “Recall” and appoint one that will.

    Set up poster people along the entrances of military bases with signs saying, “Whose side will you be on?” “You took an oath.” “We The People Are Not Domestic Enemies!” “Liberty and Justice For All.” Etc….

    Talk to your local police officers and ask them to protect the people from federal attacks on the people who will not submit to gun control.

    Contact you governor and lt. governor and so on. Tell them the people are the good guys.

    There will be more false flags. There will be provocateurs to make gun owners look bad. Try to arrest such cowards and traitors and bullwhip them for about 20 minutes they’ll refrain from such treasonous behaviors.

    If you are really concerned about your children then stand up for your children and grand children and all Americans. The history of police states is that the first thing they do is kidnap your children and brainwash them and even kill them.

    The citizen body count by murderous police states in the 20th Century:Lenin 10m murdered, Stalin 20m murdered, Hitler 15m murdered, Mao 80m murdered, Pol Pot 5m murdered, Ho Chi Minh 3m murdered, and Castro a bunch murdered… Did you notice that they are all communist/socialist. Don’t get me wrong democracies did their fair share of murderous activities, but not like the communist.

    Don’t think for a minute that our government doesn’t have plans to eliminate the resistors and those who will speak out. This sitting president is the Manchurian Candidate.

    You Truly want to “Protect the Children” then stop the “Gun Grabbers” dead in their tracks.

    “BE THERE JULY 4, 2013”


      1. Chris spread the “Pick 7”. Private Tactical Gun Training Schools would be happy to train a “PICK 7”
        team. “360” is great tactical training school. Gunsight in Arizona is outstanding.

        Read the words of the “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” Read all of the stanzas.

        Good day

      1. Not my children. They were brainwashed by Jesus at a private school and then I sent them to a public school to see if their faith was solid. I am proud of their courage, strength and love. They do not apologize for their faith in Jesus. Good day

  2. Good Article.

    All pending of course on what the Totalitarians want.

    If they want to achieve that totalitarian Joseph Stalin Welfare state, then the only thing they have to do, is install unreasonable gun laws, results shooting war starts, Constitution suspended, Martial Law. The Dice are up in the sky whether the population gets to reinstall the Constitution.

    We are writing history at this very moment.

    1. Obama/Biden are rolling the dice and the House always wins. The American people have had it with these impostors masquerading as leaders. Both of them are liars, thieves and murderers just like the Bush Boys and Clinton.

      I see the rats are running for their holes which means the ship is about to go down.

      (Barry Soetero) I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

  3. And if these gun-grabbing, anti-American collectivists do actually manage to pick up a firearm during a shooting war and try to do something with it, they won’t have any idea how to clear a jam, how to use the forward assist, or how to turn on the mysterious, magical red dot inside the sight. Their college PhD classes never taught them anything practical, you see. They live in the world of “theory” while people like you and I live in something called “reality.”

    With rifles clumsily clasped in their hands, these anti-American collectivists will have no clue how to compensate for bullet drop (“What are all these funny lines inside the scope for?”) or how to estimate and compensate for a crosswind. (“Wind affects bullets? I thought they were too fast!”) Nor do they know the difference between a “bullet” and a piece of “brass.” (“You want to SAVE brass? Why?”) They think a “primer” is a pre-calc Cliff Notes booklet, and they think “reloaded” means something to do with The Matrix.

    In other words, if it actually comes down to a shooting war between gun grabbers and gun owners, the gun owners will absolutely dominate the battlefield.

    Let these smug little shits keep talking and spouting out crap like, “har har we won the last civil war” or ” good luck shooting down a drone!”
    Bunch of fools

  4. That was a hell of a non-sensical rant. Can you show me evidence where anyone in US govt. has recently suggested that all legally owned guns should be taken away from law abiding citizens? Not some talking head – an authorized US govt rep? No? Ok…..

    Who exactly do you imagine is coming for your guns? Don’t say “the gun grabbers.” Exactly who? Who do you imagine yourself fighting in a gun battle in order to hold onto your rifle? And why do you think they would not know how to handle a gun? Because they went to college?

    I am one of those Ph.D people you mentioned. I am from Texas. I am a multi-gun owner. But it’s that crazy B.S. extremism in the above article that gives us a bad name. Please learn to curtail your stereotypes of those who don’t ascribe to neo-con philosophy. Learn to separate your emotions from the facts (answer the first question I posed). Figure out who you really think you are fighting.

    1. http://www.bizpacreview.com/2012/12/22/ny-governor-cuomo-on-guns-confiscation-could-be-an-option-12029

      A sitting Governor of a state saying to the media that confiscation could be an option.

      The writer doesn’t stereotype all of the PH.D holder as being gun grabbers, read the article again and you’ll see he’s referring to the gun grabbers in general:
      Michael Moore, Joe Scarborough, Piers Morgan…
      Talking heads who have the means to spew forth their opinion on a mass scale despite being in minority.
      people like this guy in the video below who are high on their own perceived social influence

    2. Their are currently 400,000 UN troops in the US. I don’t think they are here for their health or for a vacation. I agree that one brother will not try to take another brother’s guns, but a UN troop doesn’t care about family, friends or neighbors. They for the most part they hate Americans and will follow orders when given.

      1. If you see blue dont even worry about questions, just start shooting. If they stack on your door just start shooting through the drywall next to the door, if you have enough time to do so.

      2. You are correct, but as a Retired Army SFC, there is
        the other side of the coin….Americans will have no pity for UN troops. They would hesitate to shoot their own but not someone from another country. People are waking up at warp speed. People are beginning to understand the false flag crap that is going on and are quietly but quickly getting ready. The TPTB started this staged take down in the wrong order and it’s growing out of their control by the day. I have lived around the world and Americans are like no other people on the face of the earth, it’s in our genetics, that’s why we came here. The more they kill the more people want to be armed.

    3. HEY G,mister educated,I run across all you smart edcuated types all the time,IT really is a shame you spent all that money going to school and never learned a dam thing,EDUCATED FOOLS I think they call it,MOST book stores sell a book called ,THE GUN GRABBERS,In this book is listed every agency,group,business ,government agency,and all peoples names who have tried to pass anti-american gun grabbing laws,theres a lot of traitors in america……..YOU sound like one,maybe your just really stupid,considering how many good americans have died for america,including some dam good guys in my own family,YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS,before you start shooting your mouth off…………………….

  5. First of all, I do not think there is any chance that a shooting war would start over the government passing a gun registration requirement. Through various databases the government probably already has an “idea” of which legal gun purchasers own some type of weapon. They just may not know exactly what you currently own, and/or how many of them you currently have. They probably also have holes in their databases regarding ammunition ownership.

    I also agree that guns in the hands of African Americans has in the past put them on a more equal footing and prevented many violent racial attacks. Violent racist attacks on peaceful Black marches in the south stopped happening when Black veterans started marching with their weapons to protect themselves.

    Guns are a great equalizer. A small woman with a gun can protect herself from rape and violence from one or a group of men twice her size and strength.

  6. This means that they will first try take control over us another way, they will not disarm you by force first. They will come at us through the gut. They will purposefully destroy the crops. They have all kinds of goodies in store for that. From bugs and viruses that kill off crops, and poison from the sky. They will cause more havoc and grief and discord and hatred and division. This is what they do best. They will start false wars and carry away your sons and daughters to kill some poor brown people all around the world. Then they will say it was in the interest of the American people. Then you will cry and bemoan your circumstances. Then you will place yellow ribbon bumper stickers on the back of your pick up or suv. Then you will say “God Bless America” and have a sense of self worth as if everything that has happened to you was ordained from a place of divinity. B.S. it was placed on you by an intelligent force that has weaseled it’s way into every government around the world. These same people have been expelled hundreds of times from hundreds of nations. Open your eyeballs, look at history(real history) not the kind tainted by the same people that run every mass media outlet in the world along with the education system and just about everything.

      1. Shtoopid schmuck! when you’ve got a gun you can take the food!

    1. LUCILLE,it will proabily go something like this- the phoney government leaders will violate their oath of office by voting to take a rifles,then ORDER a turn in date,after which they will start kicking in doors and killing everyone in the house,then they vote to take all guns and go door to door searching and taking anything they want after killing everyone in the house,kids and all,SO those of you who plan to give up your weapons will more then likely wind up in a FEMA DEATH CAMP and be killed,those FEMA camps are being readied for your friends and neighbors,and DEATH is whats on the dinner menue,OH,the marines are all ready bragging their going to feed your little ones to the guard dogs,so much for the military protecting americans, huh………………

  7. Our real danger lies in the apparent willingness of the government to enlist the aid of foreign countries to achieve its objective of disarming us. We are not just up against a tyrannical government, we are up against an enemy government that would turn us over to enemy legions.

    1. The only aid this government can & may get, is from latino gangs.
      & I wouldn’t put a rass brazoo that they wouldn’t.
      Fast & Furious in USA

  8. Response to. G
    Have you been living under a rock? “THEY” is the government, the mainstream media, Bloomberg, a handful of ignorant ass celebrities ( demand a plan bullshit) ban those celebrities, politicians all over. How can you say w/a straight face that has anyone came to grab your guns, It is certainly being suggested, implied, and media messaged to us over, and over. Did u not watch Obama right after the false flag in Newtown, he immediately suggested exactly that, banning guns. So you really do fall in that class w/your big PHD, your still a DUMBASS, if you don’t see the writing on the wall. So will you please keep your DUMBASS, uneducated comment to your stupid self. I think you are a special kind of stupid. This article was 100% accurate and factual.

  9. Since the Obama misadministration and the United Nations won’t pay attention to the 90 million gun owners in this country, let’s give them a dose of their own medicine… I am calling for a national strike of all gun owners when the Small Arms Treaty is supposed to be voted on. Since the conference is from March 18 – 28 , it will be a 10 day event if the Obama administration continues to support it. It is clearly not constitutional, and cedes our governance to a government without any consent of the governed.

    Shadow Patriots are everywhere and every place at any given time. We work in the cafeterias where you eat lunch every day. We work in the office down the hall that you pass by every day. We repair your homes, and fly the aircraft that you travel in. We are your Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Nephews and Fathers. You don’t know us for who we really are, just by our names and what we do and who we are to you. We love God and Jesus with all our heart. We love our country and family and will provide every means available known to a man to protect them. We are not outspoken because we fear the government or are cowards, we choose to keep our thoughts quiet and to ourselves. We share our prayers of Patience as we hold out for hope that sanity returns to our world before it is too late. We are observers and doers. We have the uncanny ability to teach ourselves skills, not only to learn from others but to learn from others mistakes. We have a God given gift to read between the lines and to hear the truth regardless of the spin. We save more citizens from the scum of this world everyday than all Law Enforcement combined. We give more than any charity because we want to, and most often anonymously. We don’t complain or ask for handouts.
    Most of us do not even know that we are Shadow Patriots until the occasion arises that we step forward and do what is necessary. The future is almost upon us and we remember like Elephants the ones who chose to steal our country and constitution. We know that all weeds will never be eradicated until the seeds are gone as well. We are shadows that move Independent of reality. We will be the greatest of fears in the hearts and minds of all who wish to destroy this country. We pray that God forgives us of what the future holds and we pray that God destroys the plague on this earth that is trying to destroy freedom.

    A Shadow Patriot

  11. The Bill of Rights is not negotiable – SHARE this urgent declaration


    Thursday, December 27, 2012
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Editor of NaturalNews.com

    Verbatim Copied:

    There is a destructive, delusional meme spreading like a virus among many misguided Americans. It pushes the idea that government can pick and choose which rights codified in the Bill of Rights it wishes to recognize or discard on any given day.

    This delusion is predicated on the concept that if a popular majority can be emotionally whipped into a frenzy over one particular right, then that right can simply be discarded and stricken from the Bill of Rights.

    But no such power exists to discard any portion of the Bill of Rights, at least not without proper ratification by three-fourths of the fifty states. There is no such power found solely in the federal government. There is no such power placed solely in the executive branch, nor in Congress, nor in the White House.

    The Bill of Rights describes a set of individual rights and liberties which are not granted by government, but recognized as DIVINE rights given to use by our Creator. Because government never granted the rights in the first place, it has no authority to take them away.

    “The Framers of the Bill of Rights did not purport to “create” rights. Rather, they designed the Bill of Rights to prohibit our Government from infringing rights and liberties presumed to be preexisting.” – William J Brennan Jr.

    The individual liberties described in the Bill of Rights cannot be infringed, nor deleted, nor overridden by popular opinion… not even loudly screamed opinion. America is not a nation ruled by the tyranny of the mob. It isn’t even a democracy — it’s a republic, where certain inalienable rights describe the protection of each individual, even if that individual is the lone voice of sanity in a majority gone mad. The Bill of Rights protects individuals from the tyranny of mob rule — a phenomenon that routinely rears its head in any society where historical illiteracy is rampant and the masses are lulled into a state of complacency by charismatic but dishonest leaders.

    It was the extended amendments attached to the Bill of Rights that outlawed slavery, guaranteeing individual freedom to those of African descent even in a time and place when the majority of voting citizens believed slavery was socially acceptable. And it was the Second Amendment that put firearms into the hands of those recently-freed slaves, ensuring that they could defend themselves against attackers of any color through the powerful expression of armed defense (aided by the laws of physics and certain materials from the table of elements, notably lead).

    Another amendment beyond the Bill of Rights granted women equal voting rights in an age when the majority believed women should not be allowed to vote. It was the Bill of Rights that decriminalized prohibition, ending a dark era of mass criminalization of everyday citizens who suffered under the oppression of government law enforcement gone bad.

    Yet today, incredibly, many African-Americans and women are actively assaulting the very document that first secured their own freedoms. They now wish to take their freedom and power and use it to enslave someone else by revoking other people’s rights under the Bill of Rights. This is the ultimate social betrayal, and it is a powerful demonstration of the principle that those who do not respect freedom for others do not deserve it for themselves.

    The Second Amendment is not negotiable
    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms — much like the Right of Free Speech — is not negotiable. Its protections are not subject to the whims of majority opinion, nor the screaming demands of hyperventilating media personalities. All the social media trolls and opinion writers in the world can comment all they want on the Second Amendment, yet the individual right to keep and bear arms remains immutable.

    Just like the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment is not negotiable. No Governor, Senator or President has any power whatsoever to banish the Second Amendment, and any who attempt to oppose it only brand themselves as criminal traitors to the United States of America. Any active effort to eradicate the Second Amendment outside of law — without going through the proper process of state ratification for Constitutional amendments — is, by definition, an act of sedition against the United States of America and its people.

    Ironically, many who viciously attack the Second Amendment do so by invoking their free speech protections under the First Amendment. Yet they seem blind to the realization that the First Amendment itself is only made possible by the Second Amendment which balances power between the People and the government, ensuring that the individual right to bear arms serves as a check and balance against the monopoly of violence every government inherently seeks.

    Disarmament of the populace is always the first step to depriving them of their civil rights and human rights. Without the right to bear arms, there is no right to free speech, no right to due process, no right to trial by jury and certainly no right to be secured against unreasonable search and seizure. A government with a monopoly of force is a government that respects no boundaries and honors no limits.

    Grasping this point requires competent thinking, which is why so many who now flourish in America on the popularity of pop culture idiocy fail to understand it. It is intellectually lazy to blame gun rights for violence, requiring no depth of thought or reason. Only someone of higher awareness and possessing the aptitude for multi-layered thinking can realize the critical importance of distributed firepower in stopping government violence against the People. As Ron Paul recently said, “Government security is just another kind of violence.”

    Ron Paul gets it. He understands that an imbalance of power in the hands of government inevitably leads to mass violence waged against the People. Those who are currently screaming for the population to be disarmed do not realize that in seeking to prevent one kind of violence (school shootings), they are unleashing a far more disastrous and horrifying violence by allowing the government to monopolize physical power over the citizens. This is a mistake that has been repeated throughout history, often at the cost of tens of millions of destroyed lives. Click here to watch my short video documentary that lays out these facts in more detail.

    The Second Amendment was put in place precisely for the purpose of making sure that future Americans would not fall for the same mistake yet again. That’s why it is the second highest amendment, right after the right of free speech, indicating its crucial priority in the enumeration of sacred rights that must be protected at all costs.

    The Bill of Rights does not require your endorsement
    The validity of the Bill of Rights does not require your endorsement. In fact, it encourages tolerance of those with whom you disagree.

    If you do not believe in the freedom of speech for those with whom you disagree, then you do not believe in it at all (a derivation of a quote from Noam Chomsky). If you do not believe in freedom of speech, then you do not believe in the Bill of Rights. And if you do not believe in the Bill of Rights, then you are not, at heart, an American. You are something else, something less evolved. Something archaic and outmoded. The Bill of Rights is the single most important milestone in the history of civilized society because it lays out, with near perfection, the divine principle of INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties that come directly from the Creator rather than from a “King” — also known as a dictator.

    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” – Theodore Roosevelt

    Ratified in 1791, the Bill of Rights lifted human civilization out of the tar sands of tyranny and into the enlightenment of liberty. It was divinely inspired and stands eternal as the key milestone of human compassion, justice and equality. To oppose the Bill of Rights is to oppose human progress. That’s why the Bill of Rights is the single most progressive document that has ever been recognized by any nation.

    “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington

    Why the Bill of Rights extends through all time and innovation

    Importantly, the rights described in the Bill of Rights extend through all time and cover all innovations and technological advances. It was not written to cover only those things that existed in 1791, but rather to serve as a template of liberty encompassing innovation, advancement and all future expressions of those rights, regardless of what devices or technologies may come into existence.

    The Right to Free Speech, for example, does not merely protect speech written on scrolls or rolled out of a Gutenberg press. It covers all expressions of free speech, including speech expressed through devices that did not exist in the late 1700’s: e-books, websites, blogs, television programs, bumper stickers and more. This very website, Natural News is a pure expression of the First Amendment. It would seem foolish and wrongheaded to argue that the First Amendment only applied to the printing press of the day and not to modern-day websites or e-books, yet that is exactly what many misguided people argue today when they say the Second Amendment only applies to “Muskets and bayonets.”

    The Second Amendment guarantees your right to keep and bear the firearms of your time. What are the firearms of our time? AR-15 rifles. 308 sniper rifles. 50 caliber Barretts. 12-gauge shotguns. Handguns with night sights and high-capacity magazines. Your right to own, carry, buy, sell and transfer these items is as solidly safeguarded as your right to free speech. The Bill of Rights is not negotiable.

    Those who oppose the Bill of Rights are enemies of America
    Some misguided, if not treasonous, U.S. Senators, lawmakers and public servants in the executive branch of government currently suffer under the dangerous misconception that the Bill of Rights only exists because they allow it to. They foolishly believe that they can selectively pick and choose which rights to nullify via new legislation or by the stroke of an executive pen. This delusion is not merely wrong-headed and arrogant, it poses a grave threat to the Republic and all its future generations.

    Enemies of the Bill of Rights are enemies of America. Whether those enemies be found in the media, in Congress, in the Oval Office or on the streets of America, they are unworthy of being called “Americans” at all. Those who despise liberty do not deserve liberty. Those who deliberately and maliciously attack the Bill of Rights do not deserve the protections of the Bill of Rights. Those who despise the Constitution and its Bill of Rights are publicly indicating they would prefer to live as subjects, not Citizens.

    I propose that any who attempt to denounce Bill of Rights protections for others must first surrender their own rights and freedoms. Do not speak of taking away my Second Amendment rights while you enjoy the protections of the First Amendment. Surrender all your rights and freedoms first, because only then have you achieved the necessary moral consistency from which you can demand others be deprived of their rights.

    Relocate to North Korea, in other words, and become a subject of Kim Jong-un and then continue your assaults of the Bill of Rights as a Korean gulag blogger. Because only then will you know how much you have lost, and how much you should have valued the liberties you so carelessly abandoned.

    The Bill of Rights is not negotiable. If you oppose it, you betray not only yourself, but all Americans.

    Please SHARE this urgent declaration. You have permission to re-post, with proper attribution.

    P.S. I will be hosting the Alex Jones Show this coming Friday, December 28th, during which I will discuss this topic in more detail. Tune in at http://www.Infowars.com

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