5 thoughts on “Sandy Hook- No “Assault Weapons” Used- What Now Gun-Grabbers?!?

  1. Time to arrest the chief medical examiner for spreading lies and disinformation. 4 handguns, leads us to believe that either Lanza was a world class juggler or those other two shooters the police arrested on the scene were professional assassins. 2 pros, using pro tactics would account for Mrs Lanza getting double tapped twice in the face.

  2. Miguel is quite correct! Tell me, how is this a “complex investigation”? What about the car being registered to someone else? What about the other detainees? How was the floor “littered with .223 cases”? The whole thing was supposed to be over in five minutes?
    I see this morning they are taking down people’s Facebook accounts because they posted on the wild discrepancies of this event. It looks like they are pulling out all the stops to get control of this one. It’s a crock!

  3. Knock off all this speculation about multiple shooters, pistols that somehow shoot .223 ammo, a coroner who doesn’t know a rifle shot from a 9mm wound, a punk kid that somehow turns into Rambo, invades a locked school with a 9mm Glock and a 9mm Sig Sauer, dressed in camo and whacks twenty six people without wounding one. Just because you heard all this on the MSM the first day doesn’t mean that is what transpired. It is the “fog of war” or something like that that promotes confusion. Give them time to get their story straight then they will let you know what you should believe.

    I assume you heard Lieutenant Dungheap (something like that) give a warning about wild speculation on the net. You could be prosecuted for critical thinking errrr wild speculation. You had your warning. Why do we have the NDAA? I think what the lieutenant was insinuating is that anyone not believing the official story, whatever that eventually turns out to be, might be a…. GASP……terrorist.


  4. And now they want the guns,, so ask yourself, what are you going to do if they say…. Turn in the ones on the list and register the rest. Is any part of this negotiable in your mind. your better think of what your going to do now before the time comes, it will come down to your life or the guns before its over. I hope every man and women will make the choice of how to deal with it now and make a plan, sit down with your loved ones and make the hardest choice you will ever make… will we stand and fight till death or will we give them up…. Hiding them is to give in to the lie,,,,, give them up or die. to do anything else is to justify your act of laying down. to say we want to live to fight another day,, today IS that day. Make no mastake this is it! they are comming for the guns and this is just the start of taking them all.NEVER GIVE THEM UP OR YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE AGAIN.

  5. At the first report of attempts by the FBI or any other alphabet soup agency taking firearms from the people “WE The People” will go on the offensive. We are not going to wait for the thugs to knock on our doors. We The People have their names and numbers just like the Feds have ours. If they threaten or murder ours we will return the favor a 1000 fold. Good day.

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