AIPAC-Funded Congressmen Push for ‘October 7th Remembrance Curriculum’ to be Taught in Schools

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

A bipartisan pair of AIPAC-funded congressmen are pushing a new bill to create an “October 7th remembrance curriculum” to be taught in high schools across America.

“I am proud to introduce new bipartisan legislation with @RepSteel to create an October 7th remembrance curriculum,” Rep Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), who is funded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, said.

“10/7 was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust,” he added. “By teaching about that awful day and the hate that followed, we can combat surging antisemitism.”

The bill is co-sponsored by Michelle Steel (R-CA), who is also funded by AIPAC.

The bill directs the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “to create a curriculum to teach about the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel,” Jewish Insider reports:

The USHMM already produces Holocaust education materials for use by schools across the country. The Oct. 7 curriculum would be targeted toward secondary schools.

The bill requests that the new curriculum include information on the Oct. 7 attack; how the history of antisemitism contributed to the attack; the spread of antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric on campuses; the spread of anti-Israel rhetoric on social media; and “denial and distortion as a form of antisemitism in the wake of such attacks.”

The bill defines antisemitism based on the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of antisemitism and its contemporary examples, which have become controversial on portions of the left and right especially in the wake of a House vote last week on a separate antisemitism bill.

It also asks the Department of Education to report to the Congress on the curriculum.

“Hamas’s barbaric October 7th terrorist attack on Israel and the resulting tsunami of antisemitic incidents have transformed Jewish lives around the world,” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. “In an era when ADL data is showing a historic rise in antisemitism, education is more critical than ever to understand and curb this perennial hate.”

This was clearly written to overlap with the Antisemitism Awareness Act, which Gottheimer helped write.

One can imagine students will be forced to learn how Hamas beheaded 40 babiescommitted mass rape — including of babies — cooked babies in ovenscut the baby out of a pregnant woman’s stomachdrove nails into women’s vaginas and so on.

All these atrocity propaganda tales were debunked almost immediately but we have top government officials like House Speaker Mike Johnson and President Joe Biden who are still pushing these lies to this very day.


Gottheimer used backlash he received from the bill to push for its passage.


Gottheimer has been working tirelessly in the wake of Oct 7 to strip Americans of their First Amendment rights and crush pro-Palestine protests to advance the interests of Israel.



What we really need is an October 7th Media Literacy Curriculum both documenting and debunking all the lies the Israeli government and their lackeys in the media told to justify the genocide in Gaza.

3 thoughts on “AIPAC-Funded Congressmen Push for ‘October 7th Remembrance Curriculum’ to be Taught in Schools

  1. Wow, for so long we’ve heard:

    “History is written by the victors.”

    Here we actually see it happening in real time. They will print up the text books and tell their lies. Let’s not make them “the victors.”


  2. Wow. They really think they can just come in and mowed down our education system like they mowed down the Palestinian land and created their own settlements.

    Sorry Bennie, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! You can pay off every person in Congress and it still won’t be enough to enforce your bidding. The people have the real power, not Congress and certainly NOT you!

    Burn in Hell!

  3. Now let’s see…they take God out of public schools, then they murder protesters at Kent State (and now at other colleges these days…snipers), then Common Crap, then the tranny agenda, then wokeism and DEI and screwing manly men (and not just whites either), “virtual learning” during “Covid,” and now this abomination “anti-antisemitism” pro-genocide garbage…. let me count the ways, or reasons, why no one has any excuse anymore to NOT HOME SCHOOL!

    All this will do bring about MORE hatred, more divide and conquer, and more insanity!

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