Alex Jones Attacked by Communist BLM

Check out Alex outside the RNC yesterday. Surrounded by his bodyguards, and after he was attacked, the cops protected his butt. Guess he’s a higher class than us plebes.  

Published on Jul 19, 2016 by The Alex Jones Channel

Alex Jones storms into a Black Lives Matter rally at the RNC armed with truth, reason and a lust for freedom! Almost immediately Jones is surrounded by BLM commies and attacked. The protesters were so aggressive that the police grabbed Alex and pulled him out before the situation escalated even more.


10 thoughts on “Alex Jones Attacked by Communist BLM

  1. Attacked??, a slight overstatement of course….these infomercial whores have really just totally evolved into an establishment political arm, his show should be called the official Republican Election Committee Show….

    we have to elect The Trumpraeli in order to save america for less government and more freedoms, that’s what he said on his infomercial show today,

    I ask myself, when did the man who claims to be Israels biggest friend, Trumpraeli, state that he intends to Abolish the federal Reserve and IRS? I must have missed that…!

    Bunch of maggots, but hey, send in more money to the millionaire to support his business (I mean infowar)

    1. Exactly!! I’ve said this over and over. This guy supports the very system that has been instrumental in undermining Americans liberties but the masses are flocking to put their name on his ballot because he says “make America great again”. Pitiful.

  2. “Alex Jones storms into a Black Lives Matter rally at the RNC armed with truth, reason and a lust for freedom! ”

  3. The protesters were not attacking Alex, they were trying to get his pants down so they could get some of that Fat Alex booty is all.

  4. “Nazi scum, get off our streets” the Commies chant.

    I’m confused. The Commies and the Nazis are the SAME DAMN PEOPLE!!! Are they that dumb?

    I guess so!

    Gotta love how his strap is over his bullhorn the entire time like an idiot and how he’s surrounded by bodyguards.

    I guess the fat bastard can’t stand up for himself. I guess him falling down and getting beaten explains it.

    Notice how he sees himself as higher than everyone else. When people try to talk to him, he shrugs them off and acts like he’s a presidential candidate walking through the crowd. Since when did he become so much more important?

    What a joke.

    Although “Hillary for Prison” is creative. I’ll give him that.

    Pretty soon, it’ll be “Hillary for Hanging”.

    1. “The Commies and the Nazis are the SAME DAMN PEOPLE!!!”

      Not quite, NC. Hitler disarmed the communists, and Germany fought the Bolsheviks. They hated each other.

  5. What attack? I can’t believe I listened to that bull-horning blow-hard for 8 minutes just to see someone push him, and a second later he was surrounded by cops like he was Queen Elizabeth or something.

    Nonsense. If someone tried to attack him he’d have a steak knife buried in his fat belly, and that would have been worth listening to him for 8 minutes.

    1. Exactly! I had to wait 7 minutes to see someone shove him, listen to him yell that he was being attacked, then watch the police and his bodyguards hustle him away. As usual, he was just looking for attention. After all, he needs something to rant about on his show for the next month. He’s a victim! LOL

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