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First Published 10-30-10

Three days until the election and I am so looking forward to it.  Not because I believe that it is going to result in positive change, but rather the end of the political commercials.  I have taken to muting the television whenever the programming pauses, as I cannot bear to hear the political rhetoric one more time.  The mainstream propagandists are admitting that two thirds of the voters would just as soon throw out the whole government and start over again.

Today’s political arena has become so pathetic that the Demopublicans have resorted to bringing Bill Clinton to center stage, as the politics of ten years ago seem to be a better option than the present status quo.  On the other hand the Republicrats have resurrected the ghost of Ronald Regan which is speaking out from the shadows in every venue.

It is reported that economic growth for the month rose to 2%.  They say this number is measured through consumer spending.  I wonder if the $3.2 billion spent on the campaigns could be responsible for the increase.  If so, I think it’s safe to say that no further such spending will be occurring after the election and that number will be dropping back to its past rate.

The propagandists are trying to use this small increase to declare that the economy is getting better just before the election.  Now there’s a surprise.  Frankly I think that anyone who believes anything coming from the mainstream media days before an election is naive.  It seems that every time we are given positive numbers supposedly derived from the gobbley gook that makes up government statistics, the next month those figures are revised to not only show there was no increase but a decrease.

After the elections, when the economy resumes its downward spiral on the back of Quantitative Easing Part Two, all can be blamed on the actions of the lame duck congress, which will no doubt be passing outrageous legislation.  However, the effects of their actions will not be felt for months to come.  We can only hope that while they are flushing this country down the toilet, they will at least pass Tier 5 unemployment legislation to allow us a rope to hold onto so that we are not sucked down by the swirl.

One piece of legislation we had all better be keeping our eyes on is the Small Arms Ban Treaty, signed by the Fabian socialist traitor, Hillary Clinton.  They will try to sneak this legislation through in a late night session with only four or five Senators forming a quorum.  This legislation is a direct attack on our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms in order to keep ourselves free from tyrannical government.  As the international corporate mafia is hell bent on exercising tyranny over we the people, they are going to try to disarm us.

Mark Koernke, noted militia organizer and patriot spokesperson, is calling on all citizens to cast an alternative vote.  It will be hard for 99ers and the poor, to participate in this voting drive as it involves spending a little money, which very few of us can afford.  I personally will afford it whether I can or not.  Koernke is calling upon all Americans to buy guns and or ammunition on Election Day.  I will probably only be able to afford to buy a box or two of .22 cal rounds, but I will be participating in the alternative vote.

As the government has taken the authority upon itself to monitor the gun and ammunition sales, the spike for the day will be noted and the message that we have not fallen for the left-right propaganda will be made clear.  So all of us that can afford to do so and wish to send a message outside of the main stream to the international corporate mafia need to participate in the alternative vote.

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