Commie Central Rally to Restore Sanity

First Published 10-31-10

Two days until the election and the propagandists are pulling all of their tricks from their bags for Halloween.  Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held rallies yesterday at our nation’s capitol.  The rallies were dubbed, “Rally to Restore Sanity” and “The March to Keep Fear Alive”.  Both Stewart and Colbert have asserted that the rallies would be non-political. This must have been a joke, as the people attending the rallies were anything but non-political. It should be obvious by now, that both John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are Fabian Socialists on their faces and harbor communist ideology which they have been feeding to their audiences for years.

I have stated before that constructive treason against the United States consists of avocation of any form of government other than that prescribed in our Constitution.  Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart openly advocate Fabien Social Communism.  Both are traitors and should be treated with the contempt that entails.

Our government has provided us with a little terror for our Halloween before the election.  If anyone cannot see that the circuit boards and wires on the Fed-Ex plane are a staged event designed to put the people in a state of fear going into the election, I say you are beyond help.  How do you know when the mainstream media is lying?  Answer: their lips are moving.  Who do they lie for?  Answer: the international corporate mafia.

It is not a far stretch to say that any incumbent who knew he or she was facing defeat in this election could have at any time during their campaign come forth and endorsed themselves as an advocate of a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension and secured enough votes to save their seat.  If we the 99ers forget this we will be condemning ourselves to another two years of being ignored.  However, if they see that the Democrats and Republicans among us have awakened to the reality of the false left-right paradigm they will have to recognize us as a force to be reckoned with.

They know we are out here but believe that the $3.2 billion they have spent on advertizing will be sufficient to pull the wool over our eyes one more time.  And I tell you that if they are successful one more time is all they need.

If we fall for their Halloween tricks remember, it will be two more years before we will have another opportunity to strike out at them and return a little of the pain that they have wantonly inflicted upon us.  That is two more years of spending on wars, stimulus, bailouts, and gluttonous giveaways to foreign countries while ignoring the plight of the dispossessed that are making up a larger portion of our population every day.

Do not fall for it, do not let it happen.  Vote the incumbents out.  Look at it honestly and you will have to see this is the only way we can hurt them.  If we fail to act we are going to find ourselves trying to look into the eyes of our children and grandchildren and explain how we allowed the freest country to ever exist on this planet to be turned into commie central.

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