To Vote or Not to Vote

First Published 10-29-10

With the election only four days away, there are still a lot of people undecided as to who they will vote for.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this conundrum was prevailing because the people were having a hard time deducing which candidate would be doing the most for them, instead of having to try to figure out which one will do anything or which one will do the least harm?

As for myself, I can say there is not a single candidate that I am enthused about.  Not a one has spoken to the issue that is most important to me at the moment, which is the Tier 5 unemployment extension.  Many have suggested looking up the records of each candidate to see which ones voted in favor of previous employment extensions.  The fact is there was not one incumbent who stood up and said we have to help these people before we go on the campaign trail.

I have looked at my ballot and the truth is I do not see a whole lot of choice.  And the longer I look at it the more I realize that neither the Demopublicans nor Republicrats represent a thing I stand for.

If there is one thing the election propaganda has got across to me, it is that in this election no one is making bones about the fact that each candidate has already been tainted by the $3.2 billion in campaign spending.  It is being said that there are millions of dollars being pumped into the campaigns from foreign interests.  Wouldn’t it seem that if there was any evidence that foreign monies were being accepted by any campaign, that the election should stop and those allegations be investigated?  And if found true, should not any candidate found to be representing foreign interests be disqualified from our consideration?

I look at what we have become as a nation and am thoroughly disgusted.  For the past ten years I have refused to vote as I see it as an affirmation of the great fraud.  This year I changed my voter affiliation to Independent and will use the only strategy I can see that makes any kind of sense.

As the only way my vote can cause an effect is to remove incumbents, this will be my first priority.  As we all have learned, when we vote politicians out they in essence retire with their current pay and benefits package for the rest of their lives, so getting them out as soon as possible rewards them the least for their treason.

Also if every individual voter in this country who felt that their concerns were being ignored voted every incumbent out, sooner or later the politicians would have to see a consensus among the people.

Another reason for voting incumbents out is that in every election cycle we are putting a new batch of individuals into office and it will take a while for them to be blackmailed or bought off and controlled by the international corporate mafia.  Of course with the massive campaign financing the mafia will already have their foot in the door.

After voting all incumbents out, I will be voting for candidates of third parties.  Again it will take longer for them to be corrupted.  If I cannot vote an incumbent out or a third party candidate in, and the two candidates presented do not offer a choice, I will leave that spot on the ballot blank.

I do not believe that this election is going to change anything, as the integrity of our political system has been compromised to the point that we have about the same choice as do the peoples in the banana republics.  I never thought I’d see the day when the question on the minds of the truly informed had been reduced from what is best for our country to vote or not to vote.

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