America Is GONE: Death-Defying Communism in Full Swing! It’s Not Coming It’s Here!

Vine of Life News – by Lisa Haven

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in the year 1848, composed a book outlining a political ideology titled,“The Communist Manifesto”. The books general theme is that the working class will suffer from alienation and will rise up against the middle class and overthrow the system of “capitalism.” We’re talking “class wars”. And after this period of a classless society communism would emerge. In his Manifesto Marx describes 10 planks that must be accomplished in order for this communist dictator to arise and destroy all freedom of enterprise now enjoyed through capitalism.  

But just how far has the United States gone? Do we still enjoy our freedom or has that ship sailed down the Marxist road….?

Here are the 10 planks—or goals—of not only the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, but also the goals of the USA government….(Wikipedia)

  • Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
  • Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

After reading the 10 planks and listening to the video it’s hard to believe that we still live in a free country. With all 10 Marxist planks accomplished it is only a matter of time before a dictator takes complete rule. Much like Obama is doing today. With the public allowing these Marxists institutions and no politicians calling for repeals, we can assume it will only be a matter of years, if not months before full implementation happens.  While we do share more freedom than most countries we have nonetheless lost many critical liberties and have accepted the attacks on our freedom and private property as normal aspects of life. We have turned a blind eye to individual rights, the constitution, private property, and free market and instead embraced the failed ideas of socialism and fascism.

Well not anymore!!  Now is the time to reverse these pernicious burdens and enact pro-freedom reforms to put our country back on track.

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2 thoughts on “America Is GONE: Death-Defying Communism in Full Swing! It’s Not Coming It’s Here!

  1. And the key thing to remember is that Marx didn’t come up with ‘Marxism”.
    His ideas were plagiarised from a book written 7 years earlier and the author of the book got his ideas from Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian order of the Illuminati. These totalitarian ideas are secret society doctrine for control.

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