99ers HR 589 Supporters Say Middle Class Boycott Foreign Car Components

More American auto workers are facing layoffs as General Motors says it is going to shut down its plant in Shreveport, Louisiana next week.  Also Toyota has announced that it might be shutting down several of its plants in the United States, and it is reported that Ford and Chrysler may follow suit.  So what is the problem?  Are the employees making too much money?  Are their retirement packages too generous and their medical benefits too extravagant?

No, that is not it at all.  The fact is it beginning to look, more and more every day, like the United States cannot build an automobile without components imported from Japan.  So there you go there is the proof for all of you out there still denying that our industrial base has been shipped out of this country.

Anyway, you would think that as America has made Japan rich in allowing them to process our natural resources into useable components that we buy from them they would, considering the circumstances, move their manufacturing to the United States and put some of our people back to work who lost their jobs as a result of outsourcing. 

Not a chance.  The fact is they are making accommodations to move their production to Mexico, which in the long run will allow them to make even more money from our natural resources.  If you look at the big view the U.S. worker is being treated on the world stage with the same contempt as the 99er. 

Those still working and maintaining a position in the middle class are holding the trump card for our redemption.

I drive an old 1978 Dodge pickup as it is the only thing I have left.  This being said I tell you I can keep it running for another year at least.  If everyone still working would refuse to buy any more new vehicles until all components for American made vehicles are being manufactured and produced in the U.S. we could solve the problem of jobs forthwith.

These actions by Japan and our government’s complacency can be considered nothing short of economic treason.  We 99ers must spread the news of this outrage across this nation like a wildfire and ask our family, friends, and fellow citizens to start a boycott.  I think it is a small thing to ask our fellow citizens to simply refrain from buying a new car.  If they are not willing to do so, we must realize that they are a part of the problem rather than the solution.

Considering what the 99ers have been through, for our fellow citizens to refuse to help us in this small way should be unthinkable.  And for the middle class out there, if you do not help us now you neglect to do so at your own detriment, because no matter what you think, the rich corporate elite are diligently doing everything they can, every day to see you dispossessed and enslaved.

We 99ers are just the first casualties.   Unless you act and act now, you are next.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Supporters Say Middle Class Boycott Foreign Car Components

  1. I agree buy american as much as possible these days, the fact our country has reached this level just means not to long from now americans will revolt and order will be lost…the government must want to be overthrone because they are doing everything in their power to hurt americans and destroy america’s economy from the inside out…keep in mind that when it looks like america will have to build from scratch and start over the people who put us in this position will have to part with their head’s…like the old day’s…i only hope the democratic leadership see’s how bad things are getting and step’s in to stop it and take bold action to remedy america’s dying economy and industry, we have the best workforce in the world let’s put them to work and show the world what america can do!

    1. Buying a car is a fantasy for me. I got grants for 47 thousand dollars to attend school but they would not provide bus fare to attend. I dropped out during my second quarter.But please let’s all of us donate money to Japan’s relief efforts…………

  2. I heard about the possible layoffs in the auto industry. I am absolutely stunned. We can’t even build an automobile. I agree that the government is treating the U.S. worker with the same contempt as the 99er. Everything I hear or read about is bad news for the American people. I don’t know how much the average American will put up with before blowing up. Last night I heard that one state is trying to pass a law where the consequences of anyone participating in a strike will result in the denial of food stamps to feed them and their children. REALLY?? Now they are using our children against us. It made me sick to my stomach. I watched the Ed Show last night and listened to Michele Bachmann hint that she may be running for President in 2012. She bragged that she was number one when it comes to raising money and had raised 32 million dollars. My question is why the hell doesn’t she raise some damn money to help the 99ers which I will be asking her when I send an email in just a few minutes. I just wanted to share one more thing with you guys. Last night while watching the Ed show, I became so upset that my husband made a comment to me. He said, “why do you always watch MSNBC when you know it is going to upset you and there is nothing you can do about it”. Now you have it, this is why it is taking us so long to build our army. We have got to change that way of thinking because it is not true, we can do something about it and we know we can. My prayers are with you all.

  3. I get the samething from my wife and I told her if we don t try were will be doomed.She still has her job and dispite are money problems I don t think she gets itI. They are doing this on purpose so that we can work for 5 $ an hour 80 hours a week with no health ins.I can t let this happen I will march I will do everything I can to get back to work and crush theses bastards

  4. Michigan just reduced UE from 26 wks to 20 wks, Florida is next. I think 99ers
    are looking a dead goat in the ass…

    1. Brian — You are not alone. You have found a family here on this site. Please hang in there, my prayers are with you.

    2. No problem, Brian. You know that old Revolutionary War saying ” We either hang together, or we’ll hang separately. “

  5. Who are these Big Government blog site idiots. You really have to be a low life to have a website like that. These creeps are busting chops cause they have nothing else to do.
    As a 99er, the one thing I want is work! I could care less about HR589 AND UNEMPLOYMENT. Yes ..some people need that money, though we all have to think about the future! 14 weeks of unemployment will end in a snap of a finger. What happens after that?
    Our quest should be for one thing and that’s jobs. The 99ers should be represented as someone who wants a job, not someone who wants unemployment money.
    We want to work again!
    TITLE…99ERS WANT JOBS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  6. At this current point in time ‘President Obama’ is the only person that can turn things around for us 99ers!
    1) The problem is that he has his own personal agenda.
    2) He is avoiding the problem and turning too too much attention to other trivial items!
    3) He doesnt want to rock the boat, so he just sits back takes long vacations and rides the fence!

  7. Obama is doing more like sitting on his *ss and doing nothing but what he is told to do by others that are sitting on the fence taking all the bananas from the hard working Americans – they dont care as long as they have a meal and dont care what you say on these websites about your problems – as long as they have what they need in life – the Government only does if it benefits them only and riches them at the end , we the 99ers dont mean shit to them – we are just a burden to them that they cannot figure out – so they continue to ignore and hope we will all pass so they will not have to deal with us anymore – afterall you know they have created so many jobs for everbody that the unemployment rate keeps going down by the week, Duh!!!! Open your eyes everyone and smell the fish, it really stinks!!! They have not done a damn thing to create anything but cause more
    problems – they cant even come to a mutual agreement amongst themselves in the house
    of reps, They waste more time taking roll call then they do, What a joke!! I wish everyone in the world was paid for waisting time like the senate does we would all be rich and would not have to worry about anything for we would be Rich!!!! And full of a lifetime of BENEFITS!!!!!!

  8. Hello Brian,

    It seems there are two of us with the same entered name commenting on this website now. I suggest we agree on a way to differentiate ourselves.

    I agree with you, by the way.

  9. Brian in Florida,
    Probably the reason you think this site is monitored is that you are using three or four different names and each time you use a different name your comment has to be okayed. If you truly think this site is government sponsored I invite you or anyone else for that matter that holds your opinion to email me, I will tell you where I live and you can come here to my house and see for yourself.
    I have been called a lot of things in my life, but never a government agent. Your paranoia is detrimental to what we are trying to do here. So either come here and see for yourself, cease with these ridiculous ramblings, or will label you as what you probably are and that is a troll, block your IP and remove every comment you’ve put on here.
    I am a United States militiaman. I have had my blood spilled and my bones broken fighting for our Constitution and I’m not going to be judged by any Johnny-come-lately with a fucked up theory.
    The government probably does monitor this site and that might seem a little scary, but it might also be causing a positive effect with the number of those who are those who are saying “This sleazy government is 110% corrupt” is growing every day. I’ve said it before I believe a lot of people do not comment on this site because they lack the courage of their convictions. But in the end we are all going to have to nut up or perish.

  10. Brian in Florida — Then get your ass off of our website. You are not welcomed here at the Trenches. I’m sure there are other sites where you can spread your insults.

  11. Brian in Florida
    You know you sound like a gov. agent to me. I have read you comments and nothing in the them has had any material in them that has anything to do with the article that was written. All that you have written was a direct attack on this site and that makes me wonder if you are not Big Brother himself trying to deture others from this site or make them think that this is a bogas site. Are you a gov. agent? Are you spying on peoples thoughts? If so Freedom of speech has yet to be taken away from us so if you do not like what this site is about then I think you should find a site where you can fight with your attitude.

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