0 thoughts on “America’s 99ers Still Searching for Jobs

  1. Well, I’ll be damned ! They actually showed and described 99ers on the media, and it only took them 2 years to finally do it.

    1. Clark,
      There is a social re-alignment taking place right under our noses. It is impossible for our leaders not to know about the 99ers, for sure thier staff members have the info and have brought it to there attention. THIS IS CONSPIRACY at the federal level, it can not be tolerated any longer. 99ers are too young to retire and without UI benefits are basically F—Ked! The middle class 99ers have 401ks and IRA’s to cash in at a loss, the others that don’t are screwed. Millions of us are being thrown under the bus!. No one speaks up, NOT EVEN RON PAUL has addressed this huge re-alignment of our society. I would love to hear his views on this, if I have missed something that he has said about this issue, please someone tell me what it is. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, the Fed , he wants to get rid of it_WHAT ELSE, what about the 99ers?

      1. Help needed,
        The United States is still a land of plenty. If we stop the theft, throw out the illegals and start operating with U.S. currency. Of course doing away with this phony credit score racket.
        I would just bet a resourceful fellow like yourself could easily create your own job if you had access to capitol.
        The way we get out of this mess is simply enforcing our laws and allowing our Constitution to work for us as intended by our founding fathers. This is how we created this country and this is how we will repair the damage that has been done.

  2. Henry:

    Just for your information the rally in the above news clip dates back to the 12th of November 2010 when the NY/NJ 99ers performed an act of civil disobedience in front of the Department of Labor at 75 Varick Street in New York City. Four of us blocked traffic and backed it up for 12 blocks. We were arrested taken to a local police station and released an hour latter. As far as I know the NY/NJ 99ers are one of the few groups who have held successful 99er rallies.
    I have read a number of your articles and don’t always agree with what you have to say but I do respect your tenacity and forthrightness. Attached are additional clips of the rally if you are interested.



    Joe Stanick

    1. Joe,
      I guess this shows it can be done. What I do not understand is, considering our numbers, why was not the whole city shut down and arrests made impossible?
      At any rate, my hat’s off to you.

      1. Henry,

        You’re right it does show it can be done but in all reality it was always extremely difficult to get people to participate. I think there were a number of reasons for this but the two that come to mind are finances and the cultural stigma of being unemployed. Most people just didn’t have the money to travel to the city to attend a rally. That being said there were 10’s of thousands of 99ers living in the city that were within walking distance but chose not participate. Also I think many people are ashamed to go out in public and admit they are unemployed. I’m quite the opposite I feel the shame belongs on our government that has so terribly mismanaged our economy.


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