AOC Says She Helped “Huge Amounts” Of Illegal Immigrants Get Taxpayer Relief Money

Feb 16, 2022Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she helped “huge amounts” of illegal immigrants get taxpayer relief money, during a virtual town hall on 2/15/2022.

7 thoughts on “AOC Says She Helped “Huge Amounts” Of Illegal Immigrants Get Taxpayer Relief Money

  1. And she admits she’s a traitor to this country and its people

    yet ..not a dam thing is done .. this is why we have shit for government

    Shit in Shit out

  2. Another piece of evidence for the Common Law Court case to come. No plea bargaining for admissions of guilt in the Common Law Court though…

    1. No plea bargaining. Every case must proceed through the procedure and be completely prosecuted unless the individual that made the complaint withdraws the complaint. In a civil case the two parties could always come to an agreement before the jury verdict in which case both sides were satisfied and justice is served.
      Any kind of plea bargaining would be very unlikely as the bargain would be between the person being prosecuted and their victim.

  3. Send all those illegals to Puerto Freako, the climate is like what they left and that place is a clusterfuck and out of control. That should keep AOC busy and you can’t trust anybody, they are all out of control and self destructive.

  4. I don’t know what is worse, this stupid, stupid woman child with the brains of a flea, or the fact that her district is full of people as stupid as she is.

  5. They are not the government! Let’s not forget they are only unlawful government services corporation that has never did the required reconstruction after the civil war . They are their own nation state that have US Citizens foreign to American nationalists . They only have authority over citizens and employees of their corporation

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