Canada Police to Send Names of Trucker Protesters to Financial Institutions

Breitbart – by Simon Kent

Canadian banks will receive the names of people involved in “Freedom Convoy” protests that have descended on the nation’s capital, a first step in a promised financial crackdown on demonstrators being instituted by the far-left government of Justin Trudeau.

Bloomberg reports the Canadian Bankers Association confirmed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has alerted banks to a list of names and made it available.

The institutions are reportedly still seeking clarity from law enforcement on how to handle the alleged protesters’ accounts, according to people familiar with the matter. But Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said some accounts have already been frozen, the news outlet reported.

Under the Emergencies Act invoked by this week by Trudeau, law enforcement officials have the ability to arrest people for obstruction of roadways and disruptive behaviour within a no-go exclusion zone. They also have the power to seize vehicles and freeze the same bank accounts.

Conservatives were quick to accuse Trudeau of embracing to emergency powers and of freezing bank accounts without evidence of extremist activity.

“Throughout the last three weeks, the prime minister has failed to take meaningful action to de-escalate the protest here or use any tools that he may have available,” Conservative Leader Candice Bergen said. “Instead, he has jumped straight to the most extreme measure.”

Trudeau, who has called the protests against a Covid mandate for truckers and other restrictions an “illegal occupation”, reportedly resorted to the emergency powers following a second weekend of protests.

Bloomberg outlined exactly how the banks will cooperate with the government:

The emergency orders require virtually every participant in the Canadian financial system — banks, investment firms, credit unions, loan companies, securities dealers, fundraising platforms and payment and clearing services — to determine whether they possess or control property of a person who’s attending an illegal protest or providing supplies to demonstrators.

If they find such a person in their customer list, they must freeze their accounts and report it to the RCMP or Canada’s intelligence service, the regulations say. Any suspicious transactions must also be reported to the country’s anti-money-laundering agency, known as Fintrac.

Freeland quickly made plain this step is just the first in a broad range of financial disincentives it will hit protesters with:

Trudeau formally launched parliamentary debate on his use of emergency powers Thursday, pleading the situation “could not be dealt with under any other law in Canada.”

He said the blockades are “a threat to our economy and relationship with trading partners. They’re threats to supply chains and the availability of essential goods like food and medicine. They’re a threat to public safety.”

3 thoughts on “Canada Police to Send Names of Trucker Protesters to Financial Institutions

  1. another great reason to empty the fckin banks

    I pray this backfires epically

    I also dont put it past them to have info on every cell phone that people took to this …( as if they shouldn’t have known by now,.. but humans are slow fckin learners )

    1. Please note that both Trudeau and Freeland are “special protégés” of the WEF’s Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” Indoctribation propaganda program. Research it, as I didn’t know it existed until 2 days ago. Klaus has #1 and #2 and apparently many others in the Canadian Parliament. So he’s taking this “opportunity” to change the world by making a “mountain out of a very simple political mole hill”. Trudolf could just say no mandates or masks. And it’s over. Truckers go home. Trudolf lives for another day. He does this because he has the backing of the WEF and much more. I am hoping, but it’s a long shot, that they picked this zero testosterone soy-boy effeminite and cowardly leader. That’s never had a female relationship. In public at least. Maybe his Mom? That allegation is not without merit. His Mom was a 1970s Super Freak. “Free Love”. In NYC hanging out with The Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol at Studio 54.
      They could possibly afford to throw Trudolf under the bus with little political loss.
      Or to bring in UN troops under disguises of “mandatory masks” and fake Canadian Police gear. There were 3-4 bus loads of enFORCEment people in Ottawa getting off buses today. I saw video. True or Not. Who knows? Canadian Prepper said yesterday the Red Cross (Rothschild) wanted all of his MREs in Ottawa in <24 hours. He said it's 3 days by truck. I see it as an effort to deprive Canadians of his support by totally depleteting his MRE supplies for Canadians and Preppers in need in Super Cold weather. Pure speculation by me.
      "Who knows what Evil Lurks in the Farts of Men? The Nose Knows." I made that up as a kid.

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