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In Memory of President John F. Kennedy

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Watch As This North Korean Soldier Runs for Freedom in a Hail of Gunfire

The Organic Prepper While some folks are cheerfully giving their freedom away in the hopes of being “safer,” the North Korean soldier who defected a by running across the border in a hail of gunfire shows us all what determination … Continue reading

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DACA Illegal Aliens Stage Thanksgiving Holiday Hunger Strike

Breitbart – by John Binder Illegal aliens shielded from deportation under the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are staging a hunger strike in the days leading up to Thanksgiving Day. The group of illegal aliens from … Continue reading

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Report: Foreign Nationals Outnumber Americans in High-Paying, White-Collar Silicon Valley Jobs

Breitbart – by John Binder Foreign nationals now outnumber Americans in high-paying, high-skilled, white-collar jobs in Silicon Valley, California – the hub of the United States tech industry. Silicon Valley Leadership Group President Carl Guardino touted the statistic in a report, … Continue reading

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US Navy aircraft with 11 on board crashes into ocean southeast of Okinawa

RT A US Navy aircraft has crashed into the Philippine Sea with 11 crew and passengers on board. In a statement, the US 7th Fleet commander says a search operation is underway involving the USS Ronald Reagan. Eight of the … Continue reading

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Trump calls father of freed UCLA player an ‘ungrateful fool’ PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump started off his first day of Thanksgiving vacation by resuming his taunts of the father of a UCLA basketball player detained for shoplifting in China, saying Wednesday that he was an … Continue reading

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Jurors weigh San Francisco pier killing 2 years after death SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The criminal case against a Mexican man accused of killing a woman on a crowded San Francisco pier is coming to a close more than two years after setting off a national firestorm over immigration. … Continue reading

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JFK birth centennial ending on assassination anniversary BROOKLINE, Mass. (AP) — A year of events marking the 100th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s birth is drawing to a close exactly 54 years after his assassination. National park rangers will lay a wreath outside Kennedy’s childhood … Continue reading

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This Is What Advertising Would Look Like If Corporations Actually Told The Truth

Truth Theory – by  Gavin Nascimento For more than a decade now, I’ve researched public relations, psychology, anthropology and mind control almost daily. And when you do this, you begin to see the world very differently.  

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The Secrets of the Saudi Purge

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Google Will ‘De-Rank’ RT Articles To Make Them Harder To Find – Eric Schmidt

World Events and the Bible WEB Notes: When you read articles like this it helps you understand what hour we live in. We live in a time when truth is censored. When God is booted out of every aspect of our … Continue reading

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Another Cryptocurrency Gets Hacked, Money Disappears. Here Are The 30 Biggest Crypto Hacks

World Events and the Bible WEB Notes: Many people have said how “safe” these so called currencies are. The fact of the matter is nothing is safe unless you can hold it and even then it can be taken or manipulated. … Continue reading

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Please!! Never Annoy a Heavy Machinery Operator

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How Vermont plans to get you to pay up on use tax

WCAX 3 News BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) How much does the state of Vermont know about your online purchases? Right now– not much. But as Cat Viglienzoni found out, that’s changing thanks to a new law. We started digging into this after … Continue reading

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Roger Waters responds to Aussie singer: Boycott of Israel ‘isn’t about music – it’s about human rights’

DesertPeace Roger Waters responded to criticism from Australian singer Nick Cave over the former Pink Floyd frontman’s prominent advocacy of an artists’ boycott of Israel, telling him it “isn’t about music – it’s about human rights.” Cave and his band, … Continue reading

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Opioids are mind-control drugs: MKULTRA is alive and well

Jon Rappoport Wikipedia: “[MKULTRA was] the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects, at times illegal, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs … Continue reading

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Ominous Video Shows Swarm of AI Drones Carry Out Mass Murder WITHOUT Human Orders

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Imagine a world in which people who hold a certain political ideology could be sought out and summarily executed with surgical precision using autonomous microdrones and with no collateral damage. While this may … Continue reading

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Cops Thought Innocent Man Shoplifted a Shirt, So 50 SWAT Cops Tore Down His House

Free Thought Project – by Rachel Blevins Greenwood Village, CO – An innocent man’s home was destroyed by police after 50 SWAT officers responded to reports of a man shoplifting a shirt and two belts from a store. Even though … Continue reading

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Video Proof: Eyewitnesses Claim Helicopters Were Used During Las Vegas Massacre

The Daily Sheeple – by Alex Thomas Since the very beginning the mainstream media has consistently and purposefully covered up the plethora of eyewitness reports that indicate that the people on the ground fully believed that helicopters were in the air … Continue reading

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Report: FBI Informant Expected to Shed Light on Uranium One Deal

Breitbart – by Kristina Wong An FBI informant gathered extensive evidence during his six years undercover into the Russian plot to corner the American uranium market, which included the Uranium One deal the Obama administration approved in 2010, according more … Continue reading

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