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Off-Duty San Antonio Cop Crashes into Squad Car, Faces DWI Charge

The Daily Sheeple – by Will Porter I swear to drunk I’m not God, occifer! An officer from the San Antonio Police Department faces a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge and has been placed on paid administrative leave after he … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Cities Protecting MS-13 Gang Members from Deportation, Says ICE

Breitbart – by Edwin Mora WASHINGTON, D.C. — There is a “rather long list” of sanctuary cities across the United States that choose to release incarcerated members of the notoriously violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang back into U.S. communities rather … Continue reading

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Supreme Court: There’s No “Hate Speech” Exception to 1st Amendment

PowerLine The Supreme Court ruled [Monday] that the government cannot deny full trademark protection to allegedly racially offensive trademarks. The opinions are here. The case involved an Asian-American band called “The Slants.” It sought federal registration of that mark. The … Continue reading

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Do You Recognize this Tree? [All Parts are Edible]

Ask a Prepper Can you imagine eating an entire tree? Probably not. We don’t tend to think of the majority of trees being edible, and only a few parts of the trees we do think of as food are traditionally … Continue reading

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Dashcam Video Shows Excessive Force Arrest By Minnesota Cop

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What is a National Heritage Area?

National Park Service National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are designated by Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources combine to form a cohesive, nationally important landscape. Through their resources, NHAs tell nationally important stories that celebrate our nation’s diverse … Continue reading

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Interstate 19: Miles or Kilometers?

Arizona Highways – October 20, 2014 Interstate 19, which is entirely in Arizona, is an oddity among U.S. interstate highways. I-19, which runs from Tucson to Nogales, is the country’s only continuous highway that lists distances in kilometers, rather than … Continue reading

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Little Kid Hits Mom and Throws Gang Signs in McDonalds

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The Word From the Trenches – June 22, 2017

Join in on the conversation. Call (641) 715-3610 then enter 220029#, press *6 to mute and unmute. You can listen on our player. To listen on a smart phone, just click this link: It will ask if you want … Continue reading

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3 killed every hour: Mexico’s murder rate reaches 20-year high

RT Mexico recorded more than 2,000 murders in May, the highest monthly homicide rate in 20 years and a bloody milestone in the country’s continuing war on drugs. As some cases involved multiple killings, some 2,186 investigations were set up … Continue reading

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Federal ‘OPT’ Program Rewards Companies For Hiring 330,000 Foreign College Grads in 2016

Breitbart – by Neil Munro The federal government quietly helped and rewarded companies and universities which hired roughly 330,000 cheap foreign graduates in 2016 instead of hiring American graduates, many of whom are deep in debt. The little-known “Optional Practical Training” program has … Continue reading

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Florida county won’t move Confederate statue

Fox News TAMPA, Fla. –  The Latest on a call to move a Confederate monument in Tampa, Florida (all times local): 1:30 p.m. Officials have decided not to move a Confederate memorial from in front of a Florida courthouse. Instead, … Continue reading

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‘Pizzagate’ gunman sentenced to four years

BBC News A US man who opened fired in a Washington DC pizza restaurant because of an online conspiracy theory has been sentenced to four years in prison. Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, burst into Comet Ping Pong on 4 December … Continue reading

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You can finally, legally harvest your roadkill in Oregon

Oregon Live – by Eder Campuzano It used to be against Oregon law to harvest the meat of certain critters killed by the state’s drivers. Gov. Kate Brown changed that with the stroke of a pen last week, approving a law passed without … Continue reading

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8 Year Old Drag Queen

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Monitors Slam Oakland Police in Officers’ Sex Scandal

Courthouse News – by Helen Christophi OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) — Oakland’s former police chief tried for six months to muzzle allegations that multiple officers sexually exploited an underage girl, and encouraged his department to drop its internal probe of the … Continue reading

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Canadian sniper breaks world record for longest confirmed kill shot in history

Independent – by Shehab Khan A Canadian sniper in Iraq has broken the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in history. A member of the elite Special Forces unit, Joint Task Force 2, who has not been named, killed … Continue reading

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Cites across the country are using street lights equipped with microphones and surveillance cameras to spy on everyone

MassPrivateI According to an article in the Mercury News, the City of San Jose, California is letting anyCOMM install 300-1,000 street lights equipped with surveillance cameras and microphones on their streets. “The council ultimately voted 7-4 to allow anyCOMM, a tech … Continue reading

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Oil to keep flowing in Dakota line while legal battle continues

Reuters Oil will continue to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline through the summer while authorities conduct additional review of the environmental impact, after a judge on Wednesday ordered more hearings in coming months. Last week, U.S. District Court Judge … Continue reading

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Shallow 6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes off Guatemala’s Pacific coast

Global News GUATEMALA CITY – A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit off Guatemala’s Pacific coast on Thursday, shaking much of the country and neighbouring El Salvador. Local officials said there were initial reports of only minor damage. The Geological Survey said … Continue reading

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