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As Hurricane Victims Freeze, Billionaire Mayor Gives Away $1 Billion to Wealthy Med School

Common Dreams – by Ted Rall New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made headlines over the weekend with his announcement that he has donated $345 million to Johns Hopkins University. Added to his previous donations, the media baron has given his alma … Continue reading

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State, school budget cuts: 100% funding if CAFR billions, trillions disclosed

Examiner – by Carl Herman Our high school principal asked our staff what suggestions we have to address our school and district’s budget cuts. You are welcome to adapt and share my response: SRVHS budget/$ concerns versus California’s off-budget surplus … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel’s Militia Rising

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Homemade Antiseptic Ointment

Patriots Against the NWO – by Pete Smith When you live and work around a farm, there are plenty of opportunities to get cuts and scrapes, and there are loads of nasty bacteria and germs hanging around just waiting to … Continue reading

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The Second Amendment and our Right to Self Defense

Conservative News and Views – by ROSEANN SALANITRI It may be time to take a page out of the left’s play book. To the best of my recollection, the left began writing its new dictionary back in the early 1970s. They … Continue reading

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9 Judges Charged with Philadelphia Ticket Fixing

SF Gate – by MARYCLAIRE DALE and MICHAEL RUBINKAM, Associated Press PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Get caught speeding? Running a red light? Leaving the scene of an accident? For years, it was no problem, authorities say — so long as you were … Continue reading

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Coup d’etat in America – Evidence Mounts

Conservative News and Views – by TERRY A. HURLBUT Last year my fellow editor warnedof a coup d’état in America. In case any reader has any doubt, Barack Obama and his allies have removed all doubt in the last several weeks. And … Continue reading

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Did the elite’s news agencies just telegraph the next inside job/attack on America?

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Feinstein’s Gun Ban to Affect Millions of Law-abiding Gun Owners

Gun Owners of America Late last week, Senator Dianne Feinstein reintroduced her much anticipated gun ban.  Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee spent several hours discussing her bill and other gun control proposals. Her bill (S. 150) would ban millions of … Continue reading

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4:50 AM… Federal Agents pull up, two Flash Bang Grenades and then…

The Daily Paul – by carlsbaddj 4:50 AM… Federal Agents pull up, two Flash Bang Grenades and then…a recorded message? “Federal Agents enforcing a search warrant” (Neighbors name) “Please come out of your house with your hands up” Repeatedly played … Continue reading

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The Word From the Trenches – January 31, 2013

Video streaming by Ustream Henry and callers on the blatant communism in our country and prep tips. You can a\listen to the Intelligence Report on Live365.

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North Korea declares Martial Law…All Troops on High Alert for War

Investment Watchblog North Korean leader Kim Jong-un issued a secret order to “complete preparations for a nuclear weapons test between Tuesday and yesterday” and carry it out sometime soon, a source told the JoongAng Ilbo. Kim also reportedly said, “The … Continue reading

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California Democrats Announce 9 Gun Control Bill

KEIM Channel 3 News – by Evan Schreiber THE NINE BILLS INTRODUCED MONDAY: AB 48 (Asm. Nancy Skinner, D- Berkeley) Requires reporting of ammunition sales, requires licensing of ammunition dealers, and establishes other controls on ammunition sales similar to current controls … Continue reading

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Ala. child hostage standoff in 2nd day at bunker

For one man, they need SWAT team in military gear and show a picture of military soldiers. Talk about brainwashing the public into getting them accustomed to U.S. military troops on the streets. What do police and sheriff do nowadays … Continue reading

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Rush To Safety: Americans Buy Nearly Half a Billion Dollars Of Gold and Silver In January

SHTF Plan –  by Mac Slavo While public officials may be ignoring the continued deterioration of our economy, job losses to the tune of hundreds of thousands of people weekly, and the unprecedented demand for government emergency support services like … Continue reading

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The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses

Alt Market – by Brandon Smith In our modern world there exist certain institutions of power.  Not government committees, alphabet agencies, corporate lobbies, or even standard military organizations; no, these are the mere “middle-men” of power.  The errand boys.  The … Continue reading

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4th Quarter GDP Numbers In – And the Depression Continues

‘The experts did not see it coming.’  Now, where have we heard this before?  Apparently the economy in the United States shrank the last quarter of 2012.  From July through September a 3.1% gain was reported.  Remember, this was the … Continue reading

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Police killed our roommate

When our roommate and close friend Paulie was killed by Officer Heimsness, he was just trying to come home. Paulie had moved in only a few days before, and in the dark he mistook the nearly identical house two doors down … Continue reading

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The Gathering Red Storm

The Right Side News – by  Terresa Monroe-Hamilton It’s difficult to not look at world events these days and feel as though we are sitting on a ticking time bomb. Things are heating up even more and the clock is now … Continue reading

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Enter The House Of The Temple

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