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The U.S. Will Invade West Africa in 2023 After An Attack in New York — According to Pentagon War Game

The Intercept – by Nick Turse WHEN THE PENTAGON peers into its crystal ball, the images reflected back are bleak. On May 23, 2023, in one imagining from the U.S. military, terrorists detonate massive truck-bombs at both the New York and … Continue reading

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Cash-poor Alaska eyes foreign capital to jump-start energy projects

Reuters HOUSTON (Reuters) – Alaska is pursuing foreign investors for its oil and gas industry, hoping to advance recent discoveries while struggling to compete with lower-cost shale projects and reverse a decades-long output decline. Sovereign wealth funds, banks and state-owned … Continue reading

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NHL to install facial recognition cameras to limit their liability

MassPrivateI It’s official, big brother has invaded sports arenas, stadiums and parks. According to an article in TSN, The National Hockey League (NHL) plans to install facial recognition cameras in their arenas. The above video, is a perfect example of how law … Continue reading

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Pelosi struggles to form sentences during TV interview, calls Robert Mueller ‘mother’

American Mirror – by Kyle Olson Nancy Pelosi’s trouble with the English language seems to be growing by the day. During a Sunday morning appearance on MSNBC, the House Minority Leader stumbled over words, struggled to form sentences, and called … Continue reading

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Mueller probe now targeting Podesta Group

New York Daily News – by Christopher Brennan The Special Counsel’s probe into Russian election meddling now includes the Democratic-learning Podesta Group, according to a report. Robert Mueller is looking into the group headed by Tony Podesta, the brother of … Continue reading

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Mexico Butts into Fight Against Texas’ Sanctuary City Ban

Breitbart – by Bob Price The government of Mexico stepped into the fight against the State of Texas’ new anti-sanctuary city law. Mexico filed an amicus brief in support of the several Texas cities and organizations bringing suit against the … Continue reading

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NFL Teams Play Before Empty Stadiums As Fan Backlash Spreads

Breitbart – by Dylan Gwinn It’s not necessarily news, that no one watches the Cleveland Browns. After all, Cleveland has lost 22 of their last 23 games and seems determined to set new marks for organizational futility. So the fact … Continue reading

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Fun police? Montreal man says he was given $149 ticket after singing while driving

CTV News A Montreal driver says his passionate rendition of a cheesy 1990s pop hit has netted him a $149 fine. On Sept. 27, Taoufik Moalla was on his way to buy a bottle of water, happily singing along to … Continue reading

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84-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Fired From Walmart For Taking $1 Bill Found On Floor

Your Destination Now An 84-year-old woman claims Walmart fired her after she found a $1 bill on the floor while she was closing the store and didn’t return it right away. Frankie Ruffino began working at a Walmart in Brenham, … Continue reading

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FINALLY the truth & PROOF of 911

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Badass Trees That Refuse To Die No Matter What

Bored Panda – by Viktorija G. Trees have been around for about 370 million years, and as you can from these incredible pictures, there’s a good reason why they’ve survived for so long. Whether they’re growing in the middle of gale-force … Continue reading

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Many Afghan Troops Run Away While in US to Train

Anti-War – by Jason Ditz A new report from the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction warns that the US efforts to bring Afghan troops to America for training have been greatly undermined by the “unacceptably high” number of Afghan … Continue reading

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Perfect Storms: THE LOST LEGIONS

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Republican Turncoats Introduce Anti-Gun Law!

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MASSIVE Recall of Freshly Packaged Vegetables Includes Wal-Mart, HEB, Archer Farms, and Western Family

The Organic Prepper A massive vegetable recall has been issued for a huge array of packaged vegetables. Mann Packing in Salinas, California has issued a huge recall that affects not only their own brand but also Nourish, Wal-Mart, HEB, Archer … Continue reading

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Comment from a student

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Patton Killed By “Jews” For Exposing Conspiracy Behind All Wars

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Nationalism and Regionalism

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How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created

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US Sends Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bombs To Guam As North Korea Threat Looms

Daily Caller – by Ryan Pickrell The Air Force munitions stockpile in Guam recently received a ten percent boost, according to the U.S. military. A total of 816,393 munitions assets valued at over $95 million dollars were delivered to Andersen … Continue reading

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