Australian schools dock pay to “discipline” unvaccinated teachers

Off Guardian – by Kit Knightly

undreds of unvaccinated teachers in the Australian state of Queensland are facing up to five months of reduced pay as a “disciplinary measure” for refusing to be “vaccinated” against Covid19. 

Queensland introduced rules mandating covid “vaccines” for all teachers in December of 2021. Those who would not comply were placed on unpaid leave and “investigated”:

In December 2021, unvaccinated teachers were suspended without pay and investigated for failing to obey a direction from the Department of Education.

The mandate was reversed in June of this year, but teachers returning to work will now face further “discipline” – 18 weeks of pay reduction.

That’s right, having already faced months of suspension without pay, the teachers now face further punitive measures for refusing to comply with a rule that isn’t even in place anymore.

Australia has recorded nearly 10 million Covid “cases”, and just over 13,000 Covid “deaths” – a case fatality ration of just 0.1%. Nevertheless a letter sent out to unvaccinated teachers claims their suspension “mitigated” the possible harm done by their “failure to comply”:

Your conduct in failing to comply with the direction posed a risk to the health and safety of your co-workers, students and members of the public which was mitigated only by the steps taken by the department to suspend you from duty.”

In their coverage of the story, the mainstream media repeat, without question, official claims that “fewer than 1%” of Queensland’s 48,000 member teachers’ union refused to be vaccinated, and that the policy will impact only 900 school staff.

They go on to say that Australia faces a national shortage of teachers (an “unprecedented shortage” according to other reports), but insist this “is not caused by Covid-19”.

However, if that’s really the case, why reverse the mandate in the first place? Why welcome back “unvaccinated” teachers? Or invite back other staff who “resigned or were dismissed”?

The move feels like a compromise. A half-measure put in place to ostensibly punish “non-compliance”, but also prevent the national indoctrination – sorry, education – system from collapsing.

So, while the story is shocking (or would have been 2 years ago), it is perhaps another piece of evidence that the vaccine uptake was much, much lower than officially reported, and another sign that the Covid narrative was, in some ways, a failure.

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2 thoughts on “Australian schools dock pay to “discipline” unvaccinated teachers

  1. “At the core of tyranny is the removal of choice.”
    — Brandon Smith

    On Tyrants:

    “They are not complex and they are not necessarily ingenious but they are relentless. Underestimating their obsession with control would be disastrous. That said, the one thing they value more than power is their own lives, and until these people are made to understand that their lives could be the cost of their compulsions they will never stop. There is no reasoning with them. There is no diplomacy or compromise. There is no middle ground. They will continue to take, or they will be disrupted. Knowing their mind-set brings us several steps closer to shutting them down.”
    — Brandon Smith, “Understanding The Tyrannical Mind And How It Operates,” 8/27/22

    Respect to this fine quote, but I replaced “could” with “WILL.”


  2. Fk em ..quit

    “They go on to say that Australia faces a national shortage of teachers” .. stand up for yourselves and show them what a real shortage is like , or keep getting it pounded in your arse

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