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The CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game In Town

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LET IT BURN: Chicago Sun-Times leaves front page blank, pleads for subscribers: ‘We need you to be there for us’

Gov’t Slaves The Chicago Sun-Times is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the city. Every day for 174 years, we have been there for you. Now we need you to be there for us. 

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City Inspector Cites Business Flying U.S. Military Flags. Then She’s Confronted By A Veteran.

The Daily Wire – by Hank Berrien On Monday, a Jacksonville, Florida city inspector walked into a Cedar Hills Estate business that had flags flying above the building to honor the different branches of the U.S. military and issued a warning … Continue reading

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Woman Calls Police Over Man Wearing Pro-Gun T-Shirt At Park

The Maven – by Holly Matkin Benbrook, TX – A Texas father’s afternoon visit to a local park prompted a police response, after a woman alleged that the man’s pro-gun Warrior 12 shirt was making other parents uncomfortable, police said. … Continue reading

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Flashback: Vice President Joe Biden: No improper motive by feds at Waco, the Davidians “committed suicide”

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill, May 31, 2010 Vice president of the United States Joe Biden, who proudly announced “I am a zionist” before taking office, blamed the Branch Davidians in Texas for the fire that took the lives … Continue reading

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Washington D.C. may consider allowing 16-year-olds vote for president

KDVR 31 News WASHINGTON — The mayor of Washington, D.C., and a majority of the council are voicing support for letting 16-year-olds vote for president. Local media report that the measure would lower the voting age from 18 for both … Continue reading

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What the Hell is This? Syrian Chemical Weapons Lab Bombed. Check Out the Board of Directors.

Voat – by 13Buddha Pulverized buildings were shown which are reportedly the remains of a research facility in Damascus after a cruise missile blitz. The article states that the RAF joined US and French forces in unleashing a “blitz on … Continue reading

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PENTAGON FAILS: Syria’s Air Defense System From Soviet Times Shoots Down 71 Tomahawks Out Of 103

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Crispr’d Food, Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You

Wired – by Megan Molteni FOR YEARS NOW, the US Department of Agriculture has been flirting with the latest and greatest DNA manipulation technologies. Since 2016, it has given free passes to at least a dozen gene-edited crops, ruling that they fall outside … Continue reading

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Background Checks for Gun Sales Shatter March Record

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins Background checks for gun sales shattered a record in March while celebrities and Parkland gun control activists pushed for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights. The previous record for March was 2,523,265 background checks in … Continue reading

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February 2018 NICS Background Checks Second Highest on Record

Gun Watch – by Dean Weingarten February of 2018 has National Instant background Check System (NICS) numbers a little higher than February of last year. 2017 was the second highest year on record for NICS checks. There were 2,333,193 checks … Continue reading

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Dick’s Sporting Goods in financial trouble after assaulting America’s liberties and insulting gun owners

Natural News – by JD Heyes What happens when one of the nation’s largest gun retailers insults and punishes that core customer demographic with a virtue-signaling policy that will do nothing to prevent the next school shooting? Would you expect that company’s sales … Continue reading

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‘Enough Is Enough’: Nearly 400 Sheriffs Demand Congress Reduce Immigration, Criminalize Sanctuary Cities

Breitbart – by John Binder Nearly 400 sheriffs across the country are calling on the Republican-controlled Congress to follow through on President Trump’s popular immigration agenda by securing the nation’s porous borders and criminalizing sanctuary cities. Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson … Continue reading

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Susan Rice, ex-Obama official, appointed to Netflix board of directors

Fox News Former national security adviser and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice now has a new role on Netflix’s board of directors, appearing to follow her former boss who is in reported “advanced negotiations” to create a series of shows with … Continue reading

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David Hogg with Valarie Jarrett

Hogg with Valarie Jarrett. this picture says everything you need to know on who is hiding in the shadows with this kid. dont fool yourselves into thinking its actually an organic rally of ideas. money and power pull those strings … Continue reading

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These 15 Drawings Are An Incredible Reflection Of What’s ‘Wrong’ With Society

Collective Evolution – by Joe Martino For centuries art has been used as a tool for telling the human story. What we look like, what we do, artistic expressions of our society – all are encompassed in centuries worth of … Continue reading

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Parkland School Shooting Survivor: Don’t Blame Guns, Blame the ‘Cowards of Broward County’

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins During the March 25 airing of Face the Nation, Parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv suggested people looking for something to blame ought to be pointing at the “cowards of Broward County” rather than guns. Kashuv was … Continue reading

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Terrorist is killed after driving through the gates of a California AIR FORCE base

Daily Mail, March 23, 2018 A motorist’s vehicle burst into flames after it ‘gained unauthorized access’ to the main gate of a Northern California Air Force base. The incident is being considered an act of terror. Travis Air Force Base officials and … Continue reading

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Lawsuits Pile Up As #DeleteFacebook Movement Spreads

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden After shaving more than $20 off its share price earlier this week, Facebook stock moved back into the green Wednesday as CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would publicly address the company’s relationship with Cambridge … Continue reading

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Chaos is a certainty: The lack of preparedness among city people is truly horrifying

Natural News – by Mike Adams Most people who live in cities are stunningly unprepared for almost any kind of disruption, and the situation has grown far worse in recent years. Although I usually stay out of large cities, I … Continue reading

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