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They are coming for the knives….Essex

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As Harvey flooded the city, thousands of Houston firefighters were told to stay home

KHOU – by Scott Noll The scenes? Catastrophic. Houston? Underwater. Thousands were rescued from their homes. But at the height of Hurricane Harvey’s flooding, thousands of Houston firefighters were told not to report to work.  

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US Air Force Dumping Known Neurotoxin On Houston, Neurotoxin Banned By EU

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Groundbreaking for an international neutrino experiment

CERN – by Sarah Charley Today, construction started on an international mega-science facility that will employ the expertise of CERN to study the properties of neutrinos; ghostly fundamental particles that play by an unknown set of rules. The 1.6km-deep experimental … Continue reading

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Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden A new bombshell joint report issued by two international weapons monitoring groups Tuesday confirms that the Pentagon continues to ship record breaking amounts of weaponry into Syria and that the Department of Defense is scrubbing its own … Continue reading

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Expert On Weather Weapon Technology: Hurricane Irma 100% Man-Made

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Hey Scoffers! Look Who OPENLY Admits to Controlling the Weather!

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Rothschilds Now Control Not Only Banks, But the Weather

Goon Squad – by Greg Bacon, December 27, 2012 Rothschild’s, And The Geoengineering Empire Why would the Rothschild’s be so interested in owning the largest and most recognized weather modeling organization out there? Why would E.L. Rothschild LLC wish to have … Continue reading

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In The Middle Of The Night The House Just Delivered One Of Trump’s Biggest Promises!

Banned Information – by Allen West So-called “sanctuary cities” — those providing refugee to illegal aliens — receive billions of dollars in federal funding despite their brazen disrespect for the law. Given the immense costs of illegal immigration — both … Continue reading

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NASA Model Flawed for Huge Solar Blast | S0 News Sept.11.2017

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Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse

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Harvey: Into the Deluge

Blessings to all…

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Hurricane Harvey: Texas politicians warn against donating to Red Cross in wake of disaster

Independent – by Rachel Roberts Politicians in the hurricane-hit city of Houston are warning against donating to the American Red Cross. Houston City councillor Dave Martin told a district meeting: “I beg you not to send them a penny” and repeatedly branded the Congress-endorsed charity … Continue reading

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New “RNA interference” crop technology WEAPONIZES food into the ultimate eugenics weapon… could target Blacks for covert sterilization

Natural News – by Mike Adams A devastating new food weaponization technology has been developed called “RNA interference.” This technology, initially rolled out to destroy the fertility of pests, could easily be expanded into a genocidal food-based weapon that targets African-Americans to … Continue reading

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Any Resemblance?

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Putin: Leader in artificial intelligence will rule world

CNBC Russian President Vladimir Putin says that whoever reaches a breakthrough in developing artificial intelligence will come to dominate the world. Putin, speaking Friday at a meeting with students, said the development of AI raises “colossal opportunities and threats that are … Continue reading

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Remember This?

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China Set to become Super Power Over America

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Hurricane Harvey: Beaumont Flood – Death Toll Rises

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