2 thoughts on “Back in my day

  1. Tell me about it. However, stupidity is only part of the reason for all the warning labels. Ridiculous tort laws that allow people to sue others for just about anything make it very easy to cash in on your own idiocy, clumsiness, or just bad luck at the expense of someone else.

    Example: Let’s say I’m a moron who forgets to unload a gun before taking it apart to clean it, and I “dry” fire it into my leg. I could very possibly sue the gun manufacturer unless they’ve put warnings all over the gun’s manual:

    “WARNING: Gun can still fire with magazine removed.”

    “WARNING: Always ensure the gun is pointed in a safe direction.”

    “WARNING: Ensure chamber is empty prior to attempting to disassemble gun for cleaning.”

  2. Damn straight! You should come to my theater and just see how many stupid people there are. It’s a friggin epidemic. You gotta have a warning label for everything.

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