7 thoughts on “Bama Mom Goes Crazy on OU Student

  1. If only the average football fan had 1/100th of that emotion against the tyranny that is taking over our country,

  2. These fools fight over football, but don’t give a crap about what is happening to our country! The Zombie apocalypse is upon us.

  3. LOL! Someone has a self-discipline problem and probably lapsed on her illegal tramadol prescription. Get this bimbo some prozac! Feel sorry for the husband. I bet this drama queen has him in debt to the hilt!

  4. It has never failed to amaze me that people will pay to watch adults play a damned game that they – IMOO – should have gotten over with in high school or colege………..Now I think that a real sporting event would be to let people go at it in the stands at these football, basketball, etc. games if they are going to get all bent out of shape and arrogant like that and then lets see who the last man standing is, Now that would be a real sporting event 😆 . I would just love to see a bunch of dumb asses beat the living crap out of each other at these sporting events. Yep they could even have a fleet of ambulances lined up with personal with streatchers. It would be a glorified gladiator event. Could ya`ll inagine – 50,000 people going at it bare fisted drag out rumble in the stadiums. Hell, I would even pay to see that 😉

  5. We will find she’s on SSRI drugs , if the truth were ever to be told
    I’ve witnessed these animals when they are on or off their meds and or mix it with their choice of buzz material

    Look the heck out!

  6. I was raised a devout Catholic, where it is considered that to hit a woman is unbecoming a man and borders on both thuggary and brutishness.

    However, with all this feminist chaos and insanity, of this stupid notion of equal rights, where women think that they can, without repercussions, do and act not only like misbehaving men, but like idiots lacking a proper and civilized upbringing – has brought me to the conclusion – give her equal rights and knock the bitches lights out and her teeth with it.

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