Barack Obama says U.S. gun laws ‘don’t make sense’

Daily Mail

Former president Barack Obama has claimed US gun laws ‘don’t make sense’.

The Democrat – who pushed for tighter restrictions during his two terms in office – said it was too easy ‘to buy machine guns.’

Obama made the comments on stage during a sit-down interview at VTEX DAY, a digital convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Thursday. 

Speaking about the Sandy Hook school shooting that saw 20 children and six adults massacred, he described it as the ‘hardest day of his life’.

‘The worst thing for me was that I could not bring their children back or promise that we would change the laws,’ he told the 10,000-strong crowd.

‘Gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, anytime without, you know, without much if any regulation. They can buy over the Internet. They can buy machine guns.’

 Obama’s comments come just months after Brazil passed laws making it easier for people to buy and carry guns.

Far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed the temporary decree in January came amid a record wave of murders.

Obama – considered by many as the ‘most anti-gun president in American history’ – made several attempts to limit the size of gun magazines, expand background checks of gun buyers during his two terms in office.

But they all proved unpopular in Congress and failed to pass. The 44th US President has repeatedly described his inability to tighten gun laws as the ‘greatest frustration of his presidency’.

14 thoughts on “Barack Obama says U.S. gun laws ‘don’t make sense’

  1. That’s right
    ANY gun law is senseless

    So let’s get on about repealing every single last “Law” when it comes to this subject

    And let’s just stick with the original 2nd article as it’s written
    It’s really not that hard

    And since when does this Jakoffs opinion matter

    Not to mention everything he said is a lie

  2. “Speaking about the Sandy Hook school shooting that saw 20 children and six adults massacred, he described it as the ‘hardest day of his life’.”

    Hard, as in… keeping a straight face while lying your commie @ss off to the American people about children being shot & killed in a school that had been closed for over two years???

    “‘The worst thing for me was that I could not bring their children back…”

    The worst thing for us is that most of the sheeple believed that LIE… oh, and one of those children was filmed sitting on your treasonous lap just days after she was allegedly murdered. Care to explain THAT, scumbag puke?

    That aside, here is one article I would have sent in if I could (unrelated subject)…

  3. First.
    I agree. Us gun laws dont make sense.
    Not just Anybody can buy any weapon. In some states, certain types of knifes are outlawed completely. Also many types of guns are banned. Some states tazers and pepper sprays are banned so no. That statement is blatantly false.
    anytime? sorry. I am un aware of anywhere one can buy a gun at 1am… AND without much if any regulation? All regulation besides interstate commerce is a.violation. But as.far as regulated goes everyone in evety state is required to do the background check.
    They can buy over the Internet. This is a bit misleading. Sure i have ordered guns over the web. I pay and they ship to a gun dealer near me where i complete the check and am forced to comply with state and local laws.
    They can buy machine guns. Perhaps. After many months wait. With a tax.stamp fee. With about $30000 dollars for one m16 one may be buy a machine gun. very rare, costly and time-consuming.

    These people make it sound like a 5 year old.can go to a gun show and buy grenades and anti aircraft guns for their weeks lunch money. Which by the way i support as.long as they have cash or coin. That is too young to contract with credit card companies.

  4. Having that Dumbo eared, drug addled, illegitimate, unindicted felon as President for two terms doesn’t make any sense either.
    But he knows why his “wife” has a penis. That makes perfect sense to him. Just saying.

  5. Cherry on top of Sunday: A few days ago he received $600,000.00 (“That’s over half a million!!, said I to myself) for ONE speaking engagement. One!! Probably an hour or less.

    He’ll say ANYTHING!!


    1. This is how these pieces of shit get their mafia payback money Galen. What could this shit stain possibly say worth 600 grand? He’s not only a gay tranny lover, but a Kenyan road rash tranny lover as well.

      1. Yeah, and one other thing I remember about him that irks me… Remember how Michell/Michael was big on pushin’ organic gardening? This was going on while he gave full approval to GMO’s.


        1. The fag SOB eats GMO penis. Probably inside a Rudy Giuliani xrated fag movie house.

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