Biden admin releases hundreds of illegal immigrants into San Diego

By Katie Daviscourt – The Postmillennia

Biden admin releases hundreds of illegal immigrants into San Diego

San Diego received unexpected visitors on Friday when the Biden administration released hundreds of illegal immigrants into the city. This as US Customs and Border Patrol facilities are overcrowded due to the historic crisis at the US/Mexico Border.

While many illegal immigrants were transported by Border Patrol on buses and then dropped off in the city, some said they are eyeing different areas throughout the United States as their final destination.

According to Fox News’ Bill Melugin, three unmarked white buses arrived in San Diego across from a transit terminal on Friday morning. Hundreds of illegal immigrants exited the buses and were released into San Diego. These illegal visitors had made their way into the US from countries across the world including Pakistan and China.

One illegal immigrant who arrived in San Diego asked a Border Patrol agent if he had permission to go to Chicago. The Border Patrol agent said, “You can do whatever you want, you’re free,” the video shows.

The City of Chicago in particular has been desecrated by President Biden’s open border policies. Due to the city’s “sanctuary” status, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have been transported from the US/Mexico border into the midwestern state.

The illegal visitors have overwhelmed Chicago and the city has been struggling to provide ample resources and accommodations at the cost of taxpayers.

Residents in the Windy City are fed up with the illegal immigration crisis and have demanded that the city take necessary steps to expel the illegal immigrants from the state and send them back to their home countries. They claim that various parts of the city are being overrun and destroyed by illegal immigrants.

Shocking video footage that was recently taken by News Nation shows that the Chicago O’Hare Airport has turned a section of its facility into a makeshift shelter to house hundreds of illegal immigrants. The airport reportedly kicked homeless people out of its “temporary shelter” to make room for the illegal visitors.

In May, the city ran out of hotels to shelter illegal immigrants in and resorted to using local police stations in an attempt to house the illegal immigrants who had made their way to Chicago.

In June, Chicago residents expressed frustration about the city’s $51 million aid package for illegal immigrants, which sparked significant pushback from black residents who claim the deal negatively impacts their communities.


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