Biden Says He Was Vice President ‘For 36 Years,’ Took The Train To See His Dead Family ‘After My Wife And Daughter Were Killed’

National File – by Gabriel Keane

President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that he was Vice President of the United States “for 36 years,” and that he took the Amtrak home “every day” to see his family after they were killed in a drunk driving accident in 1972.

Biden made the remarks during a trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania to pitch his failing economic agenda to the general public. Scranton is where Biden was born, and has been a recurring locale for the former Democrat Vice president to return to for media photo ops. Unfortunately, it does not appear that Biden’s words will reverse his flagging approval ratings.

“I’d ride every day, I commuted every single day for 36 years as President, Vice President of the United States after my wife and daughter were killed, I went home to see my family, never stopped,” Biden declared.

In reality, Biden was Vice President for 8 years from 2008 to 2016, which is the maximum length allowed by term limits. It is also unlikely that Biden took the Amtrak home to see his family after his wife and daughter were killed, as they were no longer alive.

Biden recently took the opportunity to brag about buying enough COVID vaccines to inject every child “between the ages of 5 and 11”:

“Now I know uh, parents out there are anxiously waiting for a vaccine for children ages five to 11,” Biden stated without providing evidence for this claim. “The good news is the FDA and outside experts from the CDC are set to make its determination as to whether the vaccine will be authorized for that age range in the next few weeks.”

Biden continued, “If authorized, We are ready. We have purchased enough vaccines for all children, between the ages of 5 and 11, in the United States, and we’ll be, it’ll be convenient for parents to get their children vaccinated at trusted locations, and families will be able to sleep easier at night knowing their kids are protected.”

National File

5 thoughts on “Biden Says He Was Vice President ‘For 36 Years,’ Took The Train To See His Dead Family ‘After My Wife And Daughter Were Killed’

  1. Yea I remember listening to that he other day.

    So far he joined the Senate 120 years ago and was Vice President for 36 years and was probably 30 years old when he joined the Senate. That would make him around 186 years old!

    I guess he looks pretty good for his age. Must be all the child pedophilia. Maybe Henry Kissinger can learn from him. (Sarcasm)

  2. “Knowing their kids are protected “?! Really?! Right now, the 12+ shot does nothing. Shot or no shot, one can still carry, catch, and/or spread the pretend plandemic rona. The lack of brain cells by those already prebooking their kids’ shot appointments, is horrible! My 8 yr old had her yearly well visit today, and the doc was super excited that they’ll have the shot soon, and “hope to see us back soon for it”. Needless to say, I didn’t make any follow up appointments:)

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