Bill Gates Unveils Plan to ‘Experiment’ on Humanity With $2 mRNA Vaccines ‘For Every Disease’

By Baxter Dmitry – The People’s Voice

Globalist billionaire Bill Gates has unveiled his plan to inject the entire world with multiple doses of mRNA, vowing to “experiment” with mRNA “for every disease that we don’t have a vaccine.”

“We just have to experiment. There are many lipid nanoparticles, and some are self-assembling,” said Gates who explained the technology is dirt cheap and represents a phenomenal return on investment for “philanthropists” such as himself.

“We will be able to build factories around the world that can produce vaccines for $2 with even shorter waiting times than we had to have here during this pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Bill Gates is betting that turbo cancers are about to explode around the world, investing millions of dollars through his foundation in a French biotech company working to rebuild the immune systems of cancer patients.

In December, Pfizer made a $43 billion dollar bet that turbo cancers are going to become the most profitable area of medical treatment, shocking the medical world by acquiring Seagen, a small drug company that treats cancers and currently makes just $2 billion per year.

Now Gates, who has a long history of “predicting” catastrophic events, has followed Pfizer’s lead, investing millions in an “experimental cancer trial” designed to “rebuild immune systems.”

The Gates Foundation, which invested billions in the Covid-19 vaccines, is now using some of its profits to invest $5 million in Smart Immune, a French biotech start-up.

Smart Immune will use the Gates Foundation funds to conduct an experimental, early-stage trial of the technology in cancer patients, which aims to rebuild their immune systems after chemotherapy.

Smart Immune also received a $17.5 million grant and equity investment from the European Innovation Council.

CEO Karine Rossignol told the Financial Times that Smart Immune was now hoping to attract further investment from interested parties to develop its research further.

“Our work in rearming patients’ immune systems is particularly exciting for global health since this concept has application beyond oncology and into infectious diseases such as HIV,” she said.

So what is happening here?

First, it must be acknowledged that Gates (and Pfizer) are responsible for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines that are causing turbo cancers at rates previously unseen in the history of the world.

It is no coincidence that both Pfizer and Gates are willing to bet billions of dollars on turbo cancer continuing to explode at exponential rates around the world in coming years.


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