Bill Gates Vows To Pump mRNA Into Food Supply To ‘Force-Jab’ the Unvaccinated

The People’s Voice
January 10, 2023

As the globalist elite continue finding it harder and harder to convince humanity to submit to Covid jabs and endless boosters, they are having to find cunning new ways to force their jabs on us.

Rather than admitting that humanity has woken up to the truth about the disastrous experimental Covid-19 jabs, Bill Gates, who is not a doctor, is doubling down and taking it upon himself to vaccinate the world by stealth.

13 thoughts on “Bill Gates Vows To Pump mRNA Into Food Supply To ‘Force-Jab’ the Unvaccinated

      1. Hope he gets a neck stretcher with a six foot dirt nap courtesy The Common Law Court under The BILL of Rights!!!

  1. The garbage is in serious need of going to the land fill or the bottom of the ocean. These psychos have no intent on slowing down much less stopping the treason. Murder use to be illegal but seems its not illegal for everyone , just us.

  2. Yet more TjB from another filthy parasite.

    (Most here probably already know what that means. For the noobs – Typical jewish Behavior)

  3. All these people are never touched. Never. Why?
    Look at douchebag Kissinger, still running on adrenochrome.
    And as the next crop of demons matures to ruin our lives, those tired old douchebags lurk in the background making misery for humanity through their front men.

    The more things change, the more things stay the same.


    1. Everybody gets so excited over these things.
      One guy vows to pump mRNA poison into the food supply, another guy vows to blow the first guy’s f-king head off, I’ mean it’s fair, it’s equitable.

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