Billionaire JP Morgan Board Member Who Previously Served On Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board Dies In Car Crash by Anthony Scott

James Crown, a longtime JP Morgan board member, died in a tragic car crash on Sunday in Colorado.

Crown, who also served as the chairman of the Aspen Institute, died after he got in a car crash when he hit a barrier at the Aspen Motorsports Park in Colorado.

Besides being notable in the business world, Crown also dabbled in the political realm.

Crown’s involvement in politics stems from his longtime friendship  with former President Barrack Obama.

The Chicago Sun Times reported Crown was the Illinois co-finance chair for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

In 2014 during his second term, Obama appointed Crown to his Intelligence Advisory Board.



Per The Hill:

Billionaire and philanthropist James Crown died Sunday in a car crash while on a racetrack in Colorado.

The Colorado Sun reported that Crown, 70, died Sunday after his vehicle hit a barrier on a racetrack at Aspen Motorsports Park in Woody Creek, Colo., Sunday, which was also his birthday. According to the Colorado Sun, the coroner ruled that Crown’s death was an accident and that “multiple blunt force trauma” was evident as the autopsy remains pending.Crown had also served on JPMorgan’s board since the early 1990s and was also a board director at General Dynamics. Crown, who lived in Chicago, was also the managing partner of Aspen Skiing Co. based in Colorado, according to CNN.

In recent months JP Morgan has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In June, JP Morgan agreed to a $290 million settlement with Epstein victims for conducting business with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein despite him being flagged as a “high-risk client.”

3 thoughts on “Billionaire JP Morgan Board Member Who Previously Served On Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board Dies In Car Crash by Anthony Scott

  1. a lot of rich people dying suddenly , kinda suspicious in my opinion.
    maybe its fake yer death month so they can avoid a trial for being a bunch of sick fcks ..sorry cant trust em..never have

    they have the ways and means to fake their death , make it look real..and start over with millions to live off of , and in some cases Billions

    did the sub riders really get in that thing? wheres the video ? you know if they paid that much and were doing something they’ve always wanted to do , they would have video footage of it all the way to the point of submersion ………….crickets

    I got to drive a NASCAR at MIS .. theres video of me getting in the car , driving the car and getting out of the car ..

    1. I agree. We just don’t know what’s real and what’s not, except that we know The Bill of Rights is real, and once it’s in place we have protection from their deceptions and they will be dealt with. No worthier cause.


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