Bombshell Docs Reveal Google Funded COVID-19 Bioweapon Development

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai – The People’s Voice

Google funded COVID-19 bioweapons research, according to bombshell new docs.

Bombshell new documents reveal that Google helped fund COVID-19 bioweapon research so that the virus could to be used as a weapon against humanity.

According to newly unearthed research published in the journal PLoS One, scientists from Yale University, Metabiota Inc., EcoHealth Alliance, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Washington Center for One Health Research (one of whom is Peter Daszak himself) wrote about another study out of China involving what gain-of-function research. reports: They explain how they looked at the transmission of pathogens “with pandemic potential in highly exposed human populations at the animal-human interface.” They also conducted a risk factor and exposure survey along with a serology follow-up on the 1,312 individuals who were part of the study.

“The overall proportion of individuals seropositive to any of the tested wildlife pathogens was approximately 4.0%,” the abstract reads. “However, persons employed as butchers demonstrated a seropositivity of 9.0% to at least one pathogen of interest.”

“By contrast, individuals working as hunters had lower rates of seropositivity. Among the study population, a number of other behaviors showed correlation with seropositivity, including contact with particular wildlife species such as field rats. These results demonstrate the need to further explore zoonotic risks of particular activities regarding wildlife contact, and to better understand risks of persons working as butchers with wildlife species.”

Google, a rotten corporation

So far it all makes sense, right? But check out the conflict of interest statement, a screenshot of which you can see in the tweet below from Natalie Winters. It shows that Metabiota Inc. received funding from Google, one of the world’s most powerful and corrupt corporate entities.

“This does not alter our adherence to PLOS ONE policies on sharing data and materials,” the conflict of interest statement further reads.

Keep in mind that Google, as Winters also points out, heavily censored the “lab leak” theory of COVID when it first started to circulate. Perhaps Google was trying to protect itself from being implicated in the bioweapon’s development?

It turns out that Google has been a silent partner of Daszak and EcoHealth for the better part of 14 some-odd years at least. A 2010 study on bat flaviviruses lists both Daszak and EcoHealth vice president Jonathan Epstein as authors – and like the 2018 study mentioned above, this 2010 study thanks Google for funding it.

Yet another paper on henipavirus spillover that was published in 2014 shows the same authors and funding from Google, demonstrating a lengthy relationship between these entities.

Winters’ thread on all this – which lists two other papers, one published in 2015 and the other in 2018, tying Google to Daszak and EcoHealth – is such a bombshell that the Thread Reader App tweeted about its popularity.

“So did the Gates Foundation,” tweeted someone named Jesse Matchey (@JesseMatchey) on X about another funding source for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“It’s no secret that Google regularly collaborates with intelligence agencies,” wrote another, referring to Jigsaw, Google’s intelligence agency, citing a 2021 report from Zero Hedge.

“They are a known NSA subcontractor. They launched Google Earth using a CIA spy satellite network. Their executive suite’s revolving door with DARPA is well known.”


5 thoughts on “Bombshell Docs Reveal Google Funded COVID-19 Bioweapon Development

  1. The “Covid” lies and deceits keep adding up as the horror continues to unfold. This week a 3 yr old died. He was one of the test-subjects for the “vaccine.” His parents volunteered him.

    And now we’re seeing msm reporting on “vaccine” damage and questioning if it was dangerous. Dr. Birx resurfaces right on cue. Here she is with her weird smile as she serves up a superb word-salad while Chris Cuomo nods along:


    1. galen, I don’t know how you muster the inner fortitude to get through all this lying propaganda day in and day out, to take it on and call it out as well as you always do. My inner rage and fury at this one (AZ killed my brother) is more than I can take without feeling the need to smash some skulls to pieces, with an aluminum ball bat.

      1. So sorry about your brother. And I understand what you mean about overload. Maybe it’s just that it’s more scary to not look, and to not report. Don’t want to get blindsided. There are days I want to run from it but then I realize that’s where they want us, running away from truth and just letting the atrocities go on and on. And sometimes they shoot the messenger; hell, sometimes the messenger shoots herself (in the foot, of course).

        Okay Dianna, I do escape into a film most evenings. That helps a bit, just like your garden helps you. They haven’t made it easy for us. In fact they dish up hell.

        Book Title: HOW TO ESCAPE HELL: Ten Easy Lessons On Living Free.
        Wait!! Madison, Mason, and few others already did that.
        Man, the template is there; all we gotta do is use it.



        1. galen, that was a great read. Thank you. Yeah. About that template you mentioned, without everything this site has given me to learn the history, as I came here with some pre-requisites that have been confirmed by the knowledge shared among the best of the truth tellers I have come across here, since I landed at that pile of “slithering worms sliming their way through the bullshit they create on a daily basis in violation of that template” (paraphrasing the best quote I had ever heard to that point with more great trencher quotes along the way), I would more than likely be getting stuck in it and sucked down into it like someone falling into quick sand with no way out.

          As I fast forward through the history, as you mention the films, I see more clearly every day how it has always been an endless battle between free men and the paper-pushing tyrants who hide in the shadows, or emerge from the mud of their dark holes to take us down with the garbage they try to heap on top of that template on escaping hell. Just knowing I am living in a time when my ears are open to the fighting words I hear every day here, to keep that template intact, gives me that life line I need to keep a strong grasp on, as I work my way through the hell I have inherited here in my generation. It could be far worse for me, though. As physically comfortable as I have been all my life, it’s the moral issues that plague me about the world that get to me as I fight to keep my son safe from the nihilistic onslaught that has been unleashed in his world. Thank God for the Trenches. Thank God for the life work that has gone into the daily broadcasts here. Thank God for the mighty free men of 1775-1791 and beyond, who cleared the way for us to make it this far… with still, a tough battle through hell to get through.

  2. Someone posted this link at fb, to a similar story regarding a lawsuit against facebook for censorship etc., related to corona bologna 2019. I gathered how slimy they are, at worming their way out of these calls for justice by a comment that said, they will never be touched, because fb changed its name to meta! 1 row of planted peas into my day… Here’s the headline.

    Quebec judge approves authorization for class action lawsuit against Facebook over COVID-19 related censorship on its platform

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