Bone Cancer Patient's Yard Sale Shut Down By Salem Government

Salem – An obscure city law that prohibits residents from having more than three yard sales per year brings a government crackdown on a Salem woman who suffers from bone marrow cancer.

Jan Cline, who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer earlier this summer, told Salem news channel KATU that she could break a bone by merely walking. The cancer, she says, eats holes in her bones.

With such a debilitating terminal condition she has no income. She is unable to work and does not have health insurance.

In order to pay her bills, which she told KATU amount to “thousands and thousands” of dollars each month, Cline decided to start selling her possessions in her back yard. She began raking in several hundred dollars each weekend.

What could have been a entrepreneurial success story for a terminal cancer patient soon turned into a bureaucratic nightmare.

After a few weekends a neighbor complained about the yard sales and the city threatened Cline with a $300 fine if she did not cease the yard sales, citing a law that limited a resident to three yard sales per year.

That’s right, in Salem it is illegal to sell your own possessions on your own property more than three times per year.

“I just hope that nobody else has to go through this kind of thing,” Cline told KATU. “I hope no one else has to give their lives away for nickels and dimes and then be told they can’t even do that. I hope nobody else has to do this ever.”

The city’s Community Development Department told KATU the reason for the law is that people have set up permanent flea-market type yard sales on their property.

But Cline told KATU she did her best to keep the yard sale in the back yard “so it’s not goobering up the neighborhood.”

That’s not enough for the city bureaucrats, however, who told Cline “the laws the law.”

According to KATU:

After hearing more about Cline’s situation, a supervisor said he is going to take another look to see if there’s anything she can do to operate within the law. But if she reopens now, it is a misdemeanor and about a $300 fine.

The community, however, has stepped up and donated $16,500 to Cline.


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  1. Quoted from this article:

    “After a few weekends a neighbor complained about the yard sales and the city threatened Cline with a $300 fine if she did not cease the yard sales, citing a law that limited a resident to three yard sales per year.”

    Do you not agree that this points out how effectively We The People have been turned against each other? (Wow! THAT was a hard one!)

    If we are to stem the tides that rise daily engulfing our sovereign rights we must first care about each other. To some of us (and far too few) this is self evident. To others, wrapped up in their own vanities and egos, (far too many) this is an unknown concept.

    Who is to be blamed here? The rattlesnake or the one who, with no concern for this person’s situation, opened its cage in the yard of his neighbor? Obviously both. But which is the finger on the trigger and which is the loaded weapon?

    How can we resist tyranny when colluding with it against each other? Before we realize that we are a singular entity we will have no defense against those who are progressing with increasing speed to enslave us to their will.

    DUH!!! Wow…now THERE”S a hard one! Here’s another: 1+1=2 A more advanced one for more developed minds could be 8×8=64. (Yeah…I know…pretty advanced. ouuu- Sorry)

    Wake up you self centered, egotistical, bleating sheep…you are being led to slaughter! (I won’t be holding my breath waiting for evidence of an awakening to this fact.)

    If this is too advanced for anyone reading this just watch the “Star Wars” movies if you can. It’s a simplified form of “Plato’s Republic” for the modern and disabled human mind.

    1. Brian,
      Makes you wonder what is going on in the neighbor’s mind. Could it be that they are actually attracted to the notion of a city official having control of their property?
      When any American stands up for his or her rights, he or she is standing up for everyone’s rights. When anyone’s rights are violated, everyone’s rights are.
      The neighbor is either completely stupid or doesn’t care about his or her own rights, probably neo-cons who spout their patriotism though they’ve never read the Constitution nor would they understand it if they did.
      I do believe it was but a third of us that fought in our first revolution and I have to believe that at least a third are ready to fight today. However now, unlike then, there is going to be no getting away from it.
      In short, that neighbor will end up reaping what he or she has sown.

      1. Henry,

        I know exactly what’s going on in the neighbor’s mind and so do you.

        Absolutely NOTHING! It’s just another typical MORON!

        1. Brian-

          Anybody with a heart feels for this poor woman. The zinger was, she received $16,000 because the ass clown
          bureaucrats shined her on. She got handled, the people in the United States are forgiving, good, giving people. This community is no different, but If it was you or me, they would let us rot.! LOL.

          Just kidding.!

          1. Damn right they would! And ain’t no LOL about it, Mark!

            Just kidding my ass! You’re as serious as a heart attack!

            And my opinion, (who gives a shit?) based on 66 years of experience with “the people in the United States”, is quite opposite.

            I have found them to be, for the most part, classist, lying, manipulative, dishonest by nature, ignorant, mal-educated, egotistical, greedy, cowardly, self-serving, back stabbing, self centered pricks.

            Identical to any other population of humanity on this God forsaken planet heading towards the just destruction of its errantly established dominant species.

            Ahh…but that’s just MY experience.

            I’ll see if I can find some Mr. Rogers reruns and work on “getting my mind right”.

      1. Well, I am still breathing and I do have a pulse, so I guess I’m technically alive. Then again, when you’re a broke 99er that cannot afford the things you need to live, and you’re just waiting for the police car to pull up to your door and tell you when you must vacate the premises, I call it anything but living. There are no property owners in America anymore, this country has long forgotten the property rights contained in the Constitution. We are all merely renters and the government is the landlord. You can “buy” a piece of land, you can “buy” a house to put on said land, you can even pay off both of those things, but as soon as you cannot pay the taxes, they take it from you and leave you to die in the streets. Illegals on the other hand are given such things and many other benefits without so much as paying a single penny in taxes. Nothing like being rewarded for being a criminal. They often say that art imitates life, well, in the case of Star Wars, they basically showed America what was going to happen, of course they had no fear of people seeing the obvious because America is too brainwashed and distracted by “entertainment”. It also desensitizes the audience not that many see it what is happening in the country at present.

        1. Ry,

          What you describe is identical to feudalism and your reference to “entertainment” describes not only the modern reality but the entirety of human “civilization” as well.

          I must refrain from further comment lest my disgust with humanity this evening become too apparent. That is certainly to no positive end. I will now try to sleep…at least I still have a place wherein I can do so undisturbed. How long that will continue is unknown at present. Good luck.

  2. I guess I’m ignorant. This woman has worked her whole life. I don’t understand why she isn’t applying for social security disability. When she obviously qualifies.

    From people I just meet in the grocery store. They know people who are on social security disability that shouldn’t be.

    1. Kate,
      She probably has applied for SSI. The average claim takes about three years to push through and the attorneys involved inevitably end up with the lion’s share of the back pay. I know this is supposed to be illegal, but I promise you it is routine.
      If this woman cannot raise the money she needs it is conceivable that the cancer could kill her before she receives one dime of her social security, which is probably what they are shooting for.

      1. That’s the way it works in NY. Claims are normally denied at least twice. You have to keep re-applying and it take a min. of 2 years. Plus, you’re lucky if you can find a lawyer who will take only 25% of the back payment.

  3. Geez Henry:

    That’s not the way social security disability works here in Minnesota. It’s a matter of a few month’s. So I guess it’s different for every state. HMMMMMMM.

  4. Ray,
    It’s a damn same that we work our asses off to pay for our property and homes just to keep paying Big Brother when it’s “PAID OFF” My ass!!!!!!! I saw all of this coming 15 years ago. My wife and I busted our asses to pay our property off in half the time. Now……… as you mentioned the taxes are due and their beating down the door. I sure hope the guys that show up and try and tell me to leave……….. love their job enough to die for it. If I have the cash I’ll pay it, if not I bought it and I intend to keep it.

    1. It truly is sickening that in the United States of America, you truly own nothing. When the Constitution was written property rights were written in great detail as property was indeed sacred back then. What you are seeing today is exactly what Henry and the other authors on this site have been saying all along: the powers that be want to strip us of our wealth, our natural resources, our rights as outlined in the Constitution, and even our dignity. With FEMA camps being set up all over the country (see HR 645), and the mainstream media doing everything they can to make sure Ron Paul doesn’t get elected, get ready for more than just a revolution, it’s going to be the battle for our very lives!

      1. Yes Raymond…you are so dead-on here!

        How did it come to pass that we are not safe and secure in our property unless we not only pay for IT but continue throughout our lives to pay the local mafia protection money to fund their inflated salaries, benefits, and retirement plans…all of which are far more protected and superior to ours?

        Then there’s building permits, ridiculous building codes, inflated improvement/maintenance costs created by these as well as exaggerated service vender licensing fees, workman’s comp and other insurance costs, mounting EPA regulations that have virtually paralyzed the home services related industries, unjustified county and city taxes….etc….etc.

        Government is corrupt and criminal from city to federal. My only point of wonder is why has it taken so long for the people to BEGIN…yes…only begin…to express their disgust with this endless exploitation?

        I have my own theories but who cares? I’ve been voicing them for decades to deaf ears. I am beyond even caring anymore.

        Good luck you mindless, gutless, cowardly idiots. I simply don’t give a damn about you anymore since you don’t give a damn about yourselves.

        1. Most of society today is blind. Give them a job, their sports on television, and a beer, and they are more than happy to live the role the government assigns them. The technique used by the government to blind the people was simple really, they create the illusion of terrorists that want to kill Americans for no reason, when in reality they are people seeking revenge because our government invaded their country and tried to tell them how to live. Once the fear of terrorism is there, the government convinces our citizens that they must rely on them for protection. It really is Feudalism in it’s purest form.

          1. Yes, Raymond.

            “In it’s purest form.”

            Evolved evil. We are already seeing examples of how easily and thoroughly law enforcement has been coerced into mindless enforcement of any order they receive. The video posted here today of the “Town Meeting” is as good an example as could be presented.

            These people are behaving like pathological high school principals of the 50’s. They were tyrants. My father was a teacher and I saw and lived what those bastards put him through. The brain washing actually started in our schools and universities. I knew it by the age of 12.

            Now we have a runaway train. Oh my.

            Remember that old song from the late 50’s’ “Along Came John”.

            Allow me to paraphrase:

            So they put ’em on the railroad tracks
            And they tied ’em up…
            And then the train started comin’

            ….And then along came……?

            Why did we wind up tied to the tracks?

            I’ll tell you why. Because the only game the mindless masses like better than Football is Shoot the Messenger!

            The question is:
            Does it really matter who “comes along” anymore?

            We’ll see…all we can do is vote for the man…do I have to mention his name?

          2. Sorry…that was “Along came Jones” and it was mid 60’s. The Coasters….oh yeah!

            The one from the 50’s was “Yakety Yak”

            “Take out the papers and the trash…..Or you don’t get no spendin’ cash…

            Hmmm…now THERE’S a concept!

            Enjoy…if you can still enjoy anything…Hell! Why not?…it’s later than we think!


  5. OMG.
    This just makes me sick to my stomach. Such a compassionate world we live in.

    Bless those that pitched in to help her and for those that didn’t may you rot in hell!

    1. Yes, Ellen,

      When I walk under trees I always open an umbrella now to shield myself from the compassion just dripping from the leaves like a spring rain!

      Come to think of I’ve never personally experienced any at all outside my own family…and even that is pretty hard given. In fact I have found it especially lacking at any medical facility…”insurance card please….that will be 75.00 for your deductible due at time of treatment”)

      But when they think you’ve got money? Oh boy…here comes the love!

      We humans are a lovely lot aren’t we?

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