BREAKING: It’s Going Down – the Clinton Investigation JUST GOT REAL

Daisy Luther

The FBI seems to be sick of the DoJ’s favoritism. Two separate sources have told Fox News about serious new breaks in the investigation. The fact that this is being reported on an MSM site is huge. Bigger than huge.


Watch this video and try to keep from jumping up and down with excitement.  

  • Did you catch that? The laptops that everyone THOUGHT the FBI destroyed were NOT, in fact, destroyed.
  • Anyone who is caught lying has voided their immunity deals. (cough, Cheryl Mills, cough)
  • There are new, not-seen-before emails, even though Clinton said she disclosed them all.

It’s goin’ down. Right now.

All of those people who were prepared to take one for Team Clinton might want to reconsider.

Despite what happened the last time the FBI investigated her, t’s hard to imagine even Teflon-coated Hillary Clinton getting out of this mess.

Daisy Luther

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: It’s Going Down – the Clinton Investigation JUST GOT REAL

  1. Sorry, but I’ve had my hopes dashed too many times, in the past, to believe Hillary and Bill will finally get their comeuppance. The pathetic, investigations into their wrong doing, has jaded me to the point I’m no longer a believer in the just-us system. This country in general and Washington in particular, is so populated with evil doers, that the term “justice” is an archaic term, only found in history books.

    1. 1+ Couldn’t have said it better. A cesspool of corrupt politicians and lawmakers so big no one can do anything to anyone because they too will go down. Like asking the wolves to watch the wolves……

  2. I’ll believe it’s “real” when the wretched bitch is behind bars, which may very well happen. I think they’re gauging the popular response to these moves before they decide their next one.

    The threatened resignations of senior FBI agents over this sounds like BS to me too; just a stunt to convince the American people that they’re devoted to “justice” or something. They’re all as crooked as Hillary, but they need to convince the population otherwise to maintain order, and salvage their credibility (and their “authority”).

  3. I predict a full on terrorist attack by (insert terrorist name here) that will culminate in a series of explosions in certain FBI offices. Anyone around any evidence such as laptops or e-mails and any investigating agents will die a horrible fiery death.
    Coincidentally, certain members of a certain candidate’s entourage will die in series of unexplained ways that may look like accidents or suicides but, will be of course, statistically impossible.

  4. “It’s goin’ down. Right now.”

    “They also said that artificial sweeteners were safe, WMDs were in Iraq and Anna Nicole married for love.”

    I rest my case.

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