BREAKING UPDATE: Trans-identified male ‘Mia Bailey’ CAUGHT after Utah manhunt, suspected of killing parents

By Hannah Nightingale – The Postmillennial

BREAKING UPDATE: Trans-identified male 'Mia Bailey' CAUGHT after Utah manhunt, suspected of killing parents

transgender suspect wanted by Washington, Utah police in connection to a double homicide that occurred within a residence was arrested on Wednesday morning after a manhunt was launched Tuesday night for the suspect.

The St. George Police Department announced on Facebook that Collin Troy Bailey was taken into custody at around 10:30 am local time. A shelter-in-place order was issued for the neighborhoods of Bloomington Hills and Fort Pierce overnight, with the order being lifted at around 7 am. St. George Police public information officer Tiffany Mitchell told St. George News that the deceased victims found were Bailey’s parents.

The department said in a press release that police responded to a shots fired incident at 1039 E Chinook Drive in Washington City at around 7 pm local time. When officers entered the residence, they found two deceased adults, one male and one female, with apparent gunshot wounds. Officers attempted lifesaving measures on the two victims, but the two were pronounced dead. No other victims or suspects were located in the apartment.

“From the initial investigation, it was apparent a double homicide had occurred,” the department said. A single suspect, Collin Troy Bailey, was identified by police, who noted that Bailey is a “transgender male transitioning to a female and currently goes by the name of Mia Bailey.”

Bailey is described as being 5’10″, 130 lbs, white, and having brown hair, though police noted that Bailey “wears wigs and is known to change hairstyles frequently.” Bailey was seen leaving the area in a yellow 2014 Kia Soul with a Utah license plate reading U069GF.

Bailey is considered armed and dangerous, police said, and requested that the public not approach Bailey if spotted. Police believed Bailey could still be in the Washington County area.

“The Washington City Police Department sends our heartfelt condolences to the victim’s family in this horrific tragedy,” the department said.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING UPDATE: Trans-identified male ‘Mia Bailey’ CAUGHT after Utah manhunt, suspected of killing parents

  1. I’d say we have more of a mental illness problem in this country than a gun problem .. because the only gun problem I see are all the infringements making it hard for those of us that choose to take our own safety seriously

    what kind of drugs are people like this on? add that to being miss-wired and it seems to be a recipe for this , almost like its part of a plan

  2. Seems every week there’s another atrocity committed by a trans. How much more will it take to understand all the consequences of encouraged delusion? Some would say we’re seeing “a society gone mad.”

    Now I read they’re going after home-schooling. They question parents’ competency and want them background checked. All code for “We want your children so we can indoctrinate them into perversion, weaken their fortitude, and assure they always comply with the state.

    As it grows more ugly, more absurd, more eyes are seeing what’s at stake and that should mean more minds are being made up to not put up with this anymore.


  3. There’s a reason “homosexuality” was on the official medical books as an actual mental illness for decades before jews & their liberal lackies forced it to be taken off.

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