Brit-born Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, 22, is pictured for the first time – as Theresa May raises terror threat to ‘critical’

The Sun

THIS is the Brit-born suicide bomber who killed 22 innocent people and maimed 59 others in the Manchester Arena nail bomb massacre.

Sick terrorist Salman Abedi, 22, was unmasked as Theresa May raised the UK threat level to “critical” for the first time in 10 years and said she may deploy armed soldiers on the streets because another terror attack could be “imminent”.  

The Sun can reveal Abedi had secret jihadi training during family trips to Syria and spooks fear he was not acting alone when he carried out the atrocity that ISIS has claimed responsibility for.

This is the first picture of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi

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6 thoughts on “Brit-born Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, 22, is pictured for the first time – as Theresa May raises terror threat to ‘critical’

  1. LOL @ secret jihadi training.
    Hey! The Sun can’t call intelligence agency personnel spooks. Only we get to call them spooks.
    Soldiers on the streets. Sounds like a manufactured problem in need of a solution.
    We already have them here in Amerika. We call em cops or pigs or oinkers or even badge wearing dogs.
    Which is kinda insulting to regular dogs.

  2. What are ‘they’ doing behind the scenes while all eyes are on this manufactured distraction??


  3. How does having soldiers parading around in the streets prevent a suicide bombing? Shooting someone with a rifle isn’t going to do much good after he’s blown himself up in a crowd of people. And bombs hidden inside metal or metal-lined objects are impossible to detect without sniffing dogs or x-ray scanners those at the airport.

    It seems like every time one of these attacks (or false flags) happens, the response is the same. It’s about doing the same thing over and over again, then expecting a different result.

    The entire “War on Terror” needs to be called out every time for what it is: a stupid charade that CANNOT prevent terrorism, but that’s used as an excuse to keep ratcheting the dystopian police state forward.

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