USS Liberty Memorial Library in Grafton, Wisconsin is doing nothing for the 50th Anniversary

Sent to us by Bob in Wisconsin.

I just got back from a trip the USS Liberty Memorial Library in Grafton, Wisconsin.
To my dismay It has been confirmed thru the head librarian’s actual schedule book, that there is absolutely nothing planned for June 8th 2017 other than a book Discussion. (confirmed by the Library Director himself.)

The book: The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. The librarian pointed me to the Director.  

I then voiced my concerns the Library Director, John. He said he would have a table set up for me to put any USS Liberty reading materials on, for people to take.

He also said he would call a Grafton City council member he knew. I gave him my callback number. He said he’d see if there could be something done, on this very important occasion.

At first he, John, acted like he was surprised at my question, but the two librarians knew, before I finished my question, minutes earlier in the main library room. I.E. (“you mean the 50th anniversary?”)

I would bet money that the plan was to completely ignore the date. My question went like this.

“John, I’m a bit confused. in 1989 sixty surviving USS Liberty veterans chose to come to this very spot, I assume from all over the United States, for the dedication of this building as the “USS Liberty Memorial Library” and with the 50th anniversary coming up on June 8th,

Nothing is planned but a book review? I see a problem with that, don’t you? He replied that the 50th is an important milestone. I said yes, I think so too.

I intend to see some sort proper remembrance takes place.

I was so pissed when I got home I told my daughter that I should find the nearest Milwaukee biker bar and go in and “Hey guys I came here because I see you guys all the time riding around with the POW and American flags waving from your bikes. How many of you know about the USS Liberty? OH, that many hmmm…. What if I told you that:
in 1989 sixty surviving USS Liberty veterans chose to come from all over the country to Grafton, you know where Grafton is? yeah about 30 miles north, I thought so, well anyway, they came here to dedicate the “USS Liberty Memorial Library” in Grafton.
You might be surprised to hear that with the 50th anniversary of the USS Liberty Incident where 34 Americans died and 171 were injured, coming up on June 8th, Nothing is planned at the library but a book review of “The underground railroad” I see a problem with that , don’t you? Ill be there June 8th…You?

I did follow the director into an adjacent room and confirmed that that room is to be where the book review will be taking place on June 8. In that room was a memorial to the Liberty.

Here are the photos and one video I took. (I got to ring one of the ships bells)

The library’s own story off their site.

In 1955, a commission was formed from Grafton-area organizations to plan the founding of a community library. The organizations included churches, a women’s group, the Lion’s Club, and more. A book drive was held in October of 1955 which netted over 2,500 books for the library. A space in the “moving picture theater” was located to house the new collection. In April of 1956, the first Grafton Public Library opened. By the early 1980s, talk began of finding a new home for the library because it was outgrowing the theater space. As part of the fundraising for the new library, a committee was formed to create a fundraising action plan. The committee came up with different levels of giving that corresponded with naming rights. The highest donor would gain rights to naming the building. In December of 1987, after giving a donation of $250,000 dollars, brothers Benjamin and Theodore Grob were granted the right to name the library. They chose to name the library after a ship – the U.S.S. Liberty – to serve as a memorial. The U.S.S. Liberty was a United States technical Navy ship that was attacked by the Israeli Navy on June 8, 1967, in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula. The dedication ceremony in June 1989 was attended by sixty survivors of the U.S.S. Liberty. Although the new library offered a larger space for the Grafton Library, by 1995 it was decided that the Youth Library needed its own separate area. A fund drive was held to renovate the unfinished basement into a Youth Library. The downstairs Youth Library opened in November of 2000. Today, the U.S.S. Liberty Memorial Public Library continues to successfully serve the ever-expanding community of Grafton, Wisconsin.

The following file is an excerpt from a Rense interview with a liberty Survivor and an interested party.

The USS Liberty Memorial Public Library

12 thoughts on “USS Liberty Memorial Library in Grafton, Wisconsin is doing nothing for the 50th Anniversary

  1. That’s because nothing would be authorized by the Zionist scum running the puppet “government” here.

    1. Sunfire, I have been listening to Henry for some time now. If one thinks about it ,the answer to just about everything that’s wrong with America is right in what you just said, and in this library story. Lets look at this from the beginning. The Zionist scum you mention did a very bad thing, something that should have brought them eternal scorn, and probably would have had WE not allowed them to invade our government many years before. WE allowed them to take control of our media, they covered it up, and did a damn good job of it, the dirty scum that they are. In the case of the library there is a moral to the story. In 1989 a patriotic American who understood the truth about these scum and he had the opportunity and the means to DO something about it, and he invested allot more than $250K . He sought to bring out the truth about this issue so it would not be lost to the sands of TIME, for he knew from experience that TIME is one thing these scum use to get away with their crimes.This patriot bought some TIME in an effort to see justice be done, if not in his lifetime, maybe later. This man died in 1996. The moral of the story.
      21 years after he and many others died, this library has forgotten
      its mission. They would rather just forget all about it and keep the doors to this memorial shut to the public. That is what the dirty scum you talk about, expect to happen. That in TIME, all will be forgotten. Waco, Oklahoma city, 9/11. That none will actually DO anything about it. TIME is the key to their success. WE, are the key to their success. If you listen to Henry hard enough , you will hear, that its TIME to get off our dead asses and make sure something gets done, even if what WE do, is a small thing….

    1. I appreciate that you are going to spread the word, Norm
      The USS Liberty event was a war crime against America and the aftermath, an insult every American veteran. To see Trump act the fool in Israel, just plain sickening. Another disgusting insult to America.

    1. You are welcome Mary.
      We as Americans cannot allow this memorial to be forgotten and the doors shut to the public.
      As it is now, those doors are closed. When one enters the library, to the left, two closed doors.
      Behind those doors, This great memorial to the USS Liberty and the story of its crew.
      There is no good reason for those doors to be closed. It appears to be an effort to, like I said in the comments,
      an effort to lose the memorial to the sands of time, to be erased from memory, then, eventually, from existence.

      I went in to the Directors office and intentionally walked through his office through an open door to the adjoining room all
      while asking “is this the room where the Book discussion will be held” Now I know why he hesitated with his answer.

      Not only in the room were tables and chairs for a meeting, but low and behold! The memorial to the USS liberty.
      I had no clue from the library’s website or by walking through the library that this memorial was there.
      This, has to change. This will change, if attention is brought and something is done.

  2. You are welcome guys. I’ll be there. I hope I’m not alone but if so, let it be.
    The modus operandi of these freaks is to pick us off one by one,
    We will see what happens.
    With Trump kissing the wall wearing a Yamika , who knows what else he’s kissing on his trip to nuttin the yahoo. No doubt they really don’t want to talk about the Liberty at this time, or in a couple weeks for that matter.
    Too bad, we are going to talk, loud and clear, come June 8.

  3. No mention of Zionist Israel attacking them or the perpetrators who attacked them. Just a bunch of memories, pictures of ships and plaques of the veterans who suffered from the incident. Imagine that.

    1. Right NC. I plan to remedy that with or without the libraries help.
      I am being sent by the mail, much printed information regarding the truth about the Liberty Incident and its aftermath. No sugar coating.
      The library Director promised a table to offer this information freely to those who want it. I’ll believe that when I see it. The good folks at are participating in this cause, by providing the information that people need to know. We are going to win either way.

    1. You are absolutely right Frank.
      I think there is an effort to do that. I live 30 miles to the South and it was news to me.When I heard about the library in an interview on a Rense show a week ago, I drove up to see for myself. When one enters the library there are two large doors to the left that were CLOSED at that time.
      This is the passageway to the USS Liberty Memorial room seen in the above article and the doors are seen closed in the short video.

      I’m going back to the library today, June 2, to verify what the director promised me. That I could have a table to distribute current Liberty information in that room on June 8th.
      (I’ll insist, with the doors open all day)

      1. I wasn’t able to distribute the free materials I had
        because the library director decided, contrary to his earlier agreement, that I could have a table, that
        he “didn’t want to open old wounds”
        But, I did keep the doors open all day.
        Some came to take a look.

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