By 1967, this film was removed from all libraries…

Citizen Free Press

Public schools would never show this today.

Here’s another educational gem from yesteryear…

Citizen Free Press

8 thoughts on “By 1967, this film was removed from all libraries…

  1. Wow, Misty. What a find!! How good it is to remember our roots. Shows us who we were and that we can again be strong and independent. Thank you, and I’ve only watched the first one so far.


    1. This is a perspective from the point of a democracy. We are not a democracy. We are supposed to be a republic. And the incidents depicted, though correct in many aspects, are straight up violations of our law.
      We do not have to accept despotism. We can kill it and those who perpetuate it and we can do it in obedience to the highest law of this land.
      We are not citizens. We are individual free sovereign nationals.

        1. Because it did depict the driving of the thin edge of the thick wedge to the thick edge in the democracy that never existed. And that is the slick part of it. While they were telling all of these truths, which were damaging to the overall agenda, they were also slipping that democracy edge right up our individual asses.
          They took it down because the weight of one outweighed the advantage of the other. Orwellian doublespeak should be considered an art. They tried to lay it out as a fate acompli, but too much of the wrong part of the message was seen for what it is and was calculated to build resistance.

    2. Did you notice how they managed to inject a specific “victimized” group into the video? A cohencidence! 😉

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