Call the Cops at your Own Risk

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Would you dial up a known criminal, like a murderer or rapist, to come help you after you’ve been the victim of a crime? No? Then why in the world would you call the police after you’ve been assaulted, robbed or otherwise violated?

The police do not consider their job to protect you. They used to at least pay lip service to “keeping the peace”, but nowadays in the USSA it is clear their job is to enforce the law. In fasco-communist America, the law stopped being about your protection decades ago. The law is about the expansion of state power and control. That’s why there are so many of them, with more coming all the time.  

There are literally thousands upon thousands of reasons in the Federal Code for the police to arrest you. That’s the very essence of a police state. Everything is literally a crime. As Lao Tsu said in the 6th century, BC: “The more artificial taboos and restrictions there are in the world, the more the people are impoverished…The more that laws and regulations are given prominence, the more thieves and robbers there will be…”

In an environment like this, police cannot merely be keepers of the peace. They must be enforcers of the law. And enforcers use force, of course—intimidation and sudden and shocking violence in order to make you obey. And compliance is exactly what the police expect. They long ago stopped being “public servants” and became more akin to plantation overseers. Rapper and philosopher KRS One pointed out the similarities in his track, “Sound of da Police”:

“The overseer rode around the plantation

The officer is off patrolling all the nation

The overseer could stop you what you’re doing

The officer will pull you over just when he’s pursuing

The overseer had the right to get ill

And if you fought back, the overseer had the right to kill

The officer has the right to arrest

And if you fight back they put a hole in your chest!”

The most egregious example of this switch from protection to abuse is the so-called War on Drugs. The heightened prosecution of drug use (which was entirely legal a century ago in the US and in fact widely used in many products) has been right at the heart of the state’s increased monitoring and intrusion into personal life.

Do you want protection from theft and physical aggression? Or do you want “law enforcement”? Law enforcement is what allows the police to bust down your door and arrest you on suspicion that you may be using a plant that the state doesn’t like. Protection from theft and physical aggression is something that could be much better provided by free market transactions. You could simply buy yourself an alarm system or weapon. Or you could pay for bodyguards and remote ’round-the-clock monitoring and dispatch from a firm who will send people to actually help you and not gun you down. These people would also never bust down your door, kill your pets and hold automatic weapons to the heads of your children on suspicion that you might own plants that some politicians and voters don’t like. In every way, the private market protection option seems much better than the public option.


An 83-year-old grandmother recently learned the hard way of the dangers of calling the police. Debra Towler of Altavista, Virginia, called 9-1-1 and hung up without making a report. This triggered an automatic officer dispatch to her home. The police claim to have heard gunshots from inside Mrs. Towler’s home. But even if that’s true – and police regularly lie to cover up their mistakes – odds are that Mrs. Towler fired those shots for the same reason she called the police: she thought her home was being invaded. That would explain why she ran out the back door to her sister’s house when officers tried to get in the front door. It would also explain why this church-going octogenarian wouldn’t drop her gun when the police started barking orders at her from afar. They responded by gunning her down.

This woman would have been alive if she’d simply defended herself instead of calling the publicly funded police. If there really had been intruders, she probably frightened them off by being armed. In any case the police would not have arrived in time to save her from being robbed or assaulted. All the police can do is show up to ask a few questions and interrogate the victim or some witnesses in case the victim is dead. Sometimes, apparently, the police themselves cause the victims death.

If just one private protection company did this one time, the typical statist would be calling for that company to be shut down with the murderers jailed. Yet when the publicly funded police botch things up this badly, the typical person finds a reason to blame the victim. A free market protection company – perhaps provided by the same company that insured Mrs. Towler’s home – would have treated Mrs. Towler like a customer whose harm they are paid to prevent. The publicly funded police force is under no such pressure to provide customer service. Their priorities are to enforce whatever nonsense laws are on the books and to use whatever lethal violence they deem necessary to keep themselves out of harm’s way.

Why do people put up with a monopolistic police force? Think about it. You are forced to pay (with taxes) for police who aggress against you for personal behavior that’s not anybody else’s business.

Again, the police cannot stop a criminal from harming you or from stealing your property. They can only show up to “investigate” the crime after it’s been committed. The only way police can be truly proactive is when it comes to enforcing intrusive laws about personal behavior that doesn’t harm anyone else, like driving faster than the ridiculously low posted speed limits, or not wearing a seat belt or bicycle helmet, or using plants that politicians and your neighbors don’t like.


In my 41 years I have never once called the government (9-1-1) for any type of emergency. I’ve always instinctively known it was immoral and, in most cases, useless. Here in Mexico no one would ever consider calling the cops for anything—they know what the Americans are now learning. Here, the police are far more like tipsy Barney Fifes than they are like robocops.

A month ago my wife called. She was with our $10-a-day bodyguard, but he didn’t have his pistol on him that day and she said three very large men were following her in Walmart. I told her to go to the very back of the store and tell some staff what was happening and wait for me.

I arrived in less than 5 minutes on my scooter with my gun and sprinted to the back of the store. I saw my wife and bodyguard safely standing there and was relieved. We then went to the kitchen area of the store and got both my wife and my bodyguard some sharp butcher knives. We then went through the checkout and cautiously exited the store, with everyone well-armed (not to mention my bodyguard is a professional boxer and my wife takes kickboxing and Kung Fu lessons each week and is a powerlifter —and I’m a former amateur boxer).

By that point the three men had left. Whether it was a real threat or not is anyone’s guess. But this form of self-protection beats government protection any day. Not only was my response time certainly faster, and my “skin in the game” meant I’d fight anyone to the death to protect my wife, whereas government police will almost always choose their own safety over yours. But a really interesting thing happens when you stand up for yourself and don’t depend on others for your protection. It feels great.

Plus, there is the fact that the government police who we could have called likely would have tried to beat, rob or kill us. This happens all the time, worldwide—not just in the USSA. In Tunisia, for example, women are charged with indecency for being raped by cops. In the US, beatings and shootings by cops are the issue, not rapes (usually). Look at this recent thug scrum in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. After watching police pile on and abuse this young man, even the guy who called the police wishes he hadn’t called to report the young man sleeping in the community center.


“I regret making the call,” says the caller, “I should have let him sleep.” I believe a lot more Americans are going to be expressing similar sentiments in coming years. They will learn the hard way that calling the cops is most likely to make a bad situation worse. Your average person in the USSA still probably labors under the illusion that the police are actually there to help them, and that the public police option actually is superior to the customer-service based private options. That’s a very dangerous illusion. In fact, it could easily cost you your life. Just ask Mrs. Towler. If you’re stuck in the dangerous USSA police state, then TDV Homegrown can help you understand how to survive unscathed.

Rule #1: Never call the cops. Just like with health, prevention is a far best treatment for criminal acts. Check out TDV Homegrown for more details. (If you have the option of getting free of the USSA police state entirely, then try out a TDV Weekly Basic subscription for some great insights on expatriating.)


The police cannot help one bit once the crime is committed. They are unlikely to figure out who committed the crime. And they care more about somebody getting convicted for the crime than they are about the right person getting convicted for the crime. Police will lie in court. They don’t care about finding the culprit. They just want a conviction. And any patsy will do. So don’t talk to them. Ever. They will happily see innocents carted off to jail as long as they get to look like they’re doing their jobs.

Their own safety is far more important to them than your safety. After all, they are the sacred praetorian class, defenders of the law and the lawmakers, while you’re just a subject who is forced at gunpoint to pay for their salaries. You’d be far better off being a voluntarily paying customer.

12 thoughts on “Call the Cops at your Own Risk

  1. Back in the 50s & 60s, police were always referred to as “peace officers”. Almost overnight, it changed to “law enforcement officers”. Progressives are unable or unwilling to realize that police protect themselves first, and are not even obligated to protect us. Progs see government as good and protectors of the people.

  2. Because your wife was supposedly being followed by three large men in a Wal-Mart doesn’t make your actions appropriate. Running through a Wal-Mart with large butcher knives makes you look like an out of control nut job and if I was carrying a concealed handgun it would have been pointing straight at your head.

    Everytime I’ve ever called 9-1-1 for an emergency the dispatcher gaffs me off and says to me “your life is not in danger”. It’s like they have a code that lights up on their computer that shows where your calling from and if you don’t live in the “rich” section of town (doctor, lawyer or mayor) then you get no service. They must screen the calls because this always happens to me, everytime. Now I don’t even bother calling them, they are useless.

    1. “your life is not in danger”? How do THEY know that? They’re dismissing the emergency before even bothering to learn the details.

      personally, I’d turn it around if I heard them say that: “Oh no Ma’am, my life is not in danger, but the life of the INTRUDER is becasue I’m going to kill him. Just thought you might want to know. So may I get a G.D. cop down here please or do you need a check to clear first???”

  3. Heh, it’s funny when you consider minorities have been saying all these things all along about the cops being nothing more than useless, brutal, protectors of the ruling classes assets. Only now when the ruling class is in danger and is lashing out in all directions does the other side of the ethnic spectrum of America gain true enlightenment. Alas, such an outcome could not have been prevented even if they had listened, but I still felt like it bared mentioning.

  4. Americans have the freedom to obey the Corporation known as American inc…
    They are free to go off to fight, and to die for the Corporation in a fervor of Corporate patriotism. When they return suffering from PTSD and a host of other ailments, they are free to suffer in silence. If they refuse to suffer in silence they are severely dealt with, and treated as an enemy of the State (Corporation).
    Ain’t life grand in the ol’ USA ? Things need to change. The money changers have taken over the whole world.

  5. Before the return of Hong Kong to Mainland China in July 1997, a lot of law enforcers are fighting each other as if fighting criminals on the street because of drug money. When I started writing about the proliferation of illegal drugs in this country in 1994, nobody inquires. Others even laughed at my works. Now they do after illegal drugs has become our national problem.

  6. “In fasco-communist America, …”

    The term you’re looking for there is ‘communofascist.’

    Boris Yeltsin (former president of Russia) was the first (I believe) to have employed that term to describe the political essence of what had been the USSR.

  7. how’s that CRIMINAL JUSTICE thingy working…?

    “We the people of the united states, in order to form a more perfect Union, do establish Justice.”

    when the private corporation DBA as ZOG US declared bankruptcy to the Talmudic Terrorist A**HOLES [Economic Terrorists] in 1933 the Synagogue of satan stool sculpture deity cult “Legal system” manifested from the Talmud became the so-called “Law” to be enforced….

    which is why the JEWTOPIA so-called “Jewish” state is all that matters in the JEWSA

    Jesus admonished to KNOW THE TRUTH !!!

  8. “Here in Mexico no one would ever consider calling the cops for anything—they know what the Americans are now learning.”

    The Mexicans have a saying that translates to: “If you have a problem and you call the police, now you have two problems”, and I always thought there was a simple wisdom behind that.

  9. And another thing: The ‘USSA’ should be more properly referred to as the ‘UCSSA,’ which means the ‘United Communofascist Slave States of America.’

  10. I tried to get help when all else failed, specifically stating I needed to get my mentally ill S.O. to a mental facility. Total “nervous breakdown”. They lied to me, and instead of helping, sent out the entire SWAT team, 2 helicopters, blocked 3 roads, I had several guns pointed in my face, the neighbors house was illegally searched and the cops shot holes in his wall to make it look like my husband did it……. It is a miracle he is alive at all. Then to top it off, they filed a report stating I was a victim. Well, I WAS, but I was victimized by the police, not hubby. 2 weeks later a similar thing happened to a woman whose son had gone over the deep end, ran up into the woods and was wet, hungry, and cold. Yes he had a shot gun, but was in communication with the sheriff by cell phone. But the State police again called in a SWAT Team, and rather than simply wait the guy out (he was drunk and would not have lasted much longer) one of them snuck up on him and killed him…..

  11. Any problems you can’t handle yourself, the cops will be more than happy to deal with – after the fact.

    They’re nothing more than an overpaid janitorial service. They’ll come clean up the mess after the dust settles.

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