CDC investigating ‘fast-moving’ E. coli outbreak in Michigan and Ohio that has infected nearly 30 people

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A “fast-moving” E. coli breakout has infected dozens of people and hospitalized nine others in Ohio and Michigan, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC announced via a press release on Wednesday that 29 individuals are ill due to the outbreak from an unknown source. No deaths have been reported at this time, as the first infection was recorded in July. The number of infected could increase over time due to the uncertainty behind the source of the outbreak.

The people infected with the bacteria have age ranges from 6 to 91 years old. The CDC says it will use its PulseNet system to track down the cause of the outbreak during its investigation. The agency stated the true number of infected may be higher and present in other states.

“Some of the illnesses reported in Michigan and Ohio have not yet been reported to the PulseNet system, but investigators are working quickly to add them to PulseNet to determine if they may be part of this outbreak.,” the CDC said in a statement on Wednesday.

If an individual believes they are infected with E. coli, the CDC recommends they make a record of what they ate in the week before they were infected, report the illness to a local or state health department, and answer any further questions about the illness from public health officials.

Symptoms of E. Coli infection often vary depending on the person but usually include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. The CDC states that most patients recover after five to seven days some infections are mild, while other severe cases may cause death.

The illness can occur from one to ten days after exposure by either eating or drinking something containing the bacteria.

So far, the CDC has recorded that 15 people in Michigan and 14 in Ohio have been infected.

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