Timothy Japhet From Texas Arrested Over Illegal Entry Of Immigrants

Mixed Article – by Gaurab Pokharel

A licensed attorney and federally appointed immigration magistrate, Timothy Daniel Japhet has been recently arrested by Kinney County officials over the immigration and smuggling charges. 

Timothy Japhet is a lawyer from Texas who has 19 years of experience practicing family law, real estate law, business law, environmental law, divorce, employment law, and consumer law. 

Timothy attended South Texas College of Law in 1998 and graduated with a law degree in 2003. He became a Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2003. Texas attorney has been associated with Texas State Bar since 2003 and is still a member.

Japhet to face multiple charges for resisting the arrest and smuggling of four illegal immigrants. Deputy Gonzalez and Troopers arrested federally appointed immigration magistrate Timothy Daniel Japhet. However, the identities of these immigrants are yet to be confirmed by the Kinney County Courthouse.

Mixed Article

One thought on “Timothy Japhet From Texas Arrested Over Illegal Entry Of Immigrants

  1. No article anywhere will disclose what year he was appointed. Nor will it say the president who appointed him. Why?

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