CDC to Spend Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Gun ‘Health Threat’

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

President Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is gearing up to spend millions of taxpayer dollars fighting the “serious public health threat” posed by gun violence.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky referenced gun crime in various cities and said, “Something has to be done about this. Now is the time — it’s pedal to the metal time,” CNN reported.

“The scope of the problem is just bigger than we’re even hearing about, and when your heart wrenches every day you turn on the news, you’re only hearing the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t spent the time, energy and frankly the resources to understand this problem because it’s been so divided,” she added.

“I swore to the President and to this country that I would protect your health. This is clearly one of those moments, one of those issues that is harming America’s health,” Walensky said.

The CDC is spending $2,224,482 to track the number of patients entering hospitals with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

The agency is also spending $8,085,935 on research projects “to prevent gun violence and injuries,” CNN said.

Walensky said her push is not “about gun control,” even as she oversees an agency spending millions on tracking gun-related incidents and gun violence, Insider noted.

3 thoughts on “CDC to Spend Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Gun ‘Health Threat’

  1. Cars kill more people each year than guns. How come the CDC doesn’t track that? I’m sure when you turn on the news, it’s also only “the tip of the iceberg”, Rachelle. How come you’re not spending millions on tracking car-related incidents and car violence?

    Gotta keep that narrative going, you Commie bitch!

    1. Looks like the *shots* have killed more people in the US than long firearms. Perhaps that 3-letter agency should look inward.

  2. Yet the food ( if you wanna call it that ) they are feeding us is killing us faster than any guns , and now the poison prick

    They are just worried that eventually people will wake up and the barrel will finally get pointed at them

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