Chaos Erupts As “Caravan” Of Illegals Scales US Border Fence, Cheering “Gracias Mexico”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Scores of migrants gathered at the U.S. border began scaling the San Diego “wall” while shouting “Gracias, México!” presumably to thank the Mexican government for allowing them to travel from Central America to the U.S. border in the hopes of obtaining asylum from the Trump administration.

Some 200 migrants, many traveling with children, attempted to apply for asylum at San Diego’s San Ysidro border crossing – approximately six miles inland from where the fence is being scaled – only to be told that they port of entry is at capacity.

“At this time, we have reached capacity at the San Ysidro port of entry for CBP officers to be able to bring additional persons traveling without appropriate entry documentation into the port of entry for processing,” Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said in a statement. “Those individuals may need to wait in Mexico as CBP officers work to process those already within our facilities.”

Or they can just go six miles West and hop the fence.

Despite being told that the San Ysidro port was at capacity, around 200 migrants began walking towards it.

Rodulfo Figueroa, the top Mexican immigration official in Baja California state, told caravan organizers to send in an initial group of 20 migrants to see if U.S. border inspectors would entertain their request for asylum.

Figueroa said he doesn’t know if they would be allowed in and had not received word from U.S. immigration officials.

Nicole Ramos, an attorney working on behalf of caravan members, expressed disbelief that U.S. authorities cannot process more asylum seekers until its backlog eases. –AP

They have been well aware that a caravan is going to arrive at the border,” she said at a news conference. “The failure to prepare and failure to get sufficient agents and resources is not the fault of the most vulnerable among us. We can build a base in Iraq in under a week. We can’t process 200 refugees. I don’t believe it.”

As we reported yesterday, the approximately 400 migrants about to cross into San Diego have been refusing the advice of immigration attorneys, who say the asylum-seekers risk a lengthy detention, or being separated from their families, before eventual deportation back to Central America.

Kenia Elizabeth Avila, 35, appeared shaken after the volunteer attorneys told her Friday that temperatures may be cold in temporary holding cells and that she could be separated from her three children, ages 10, 9 and 4.

But she in said an interview that returning to her native El Salvador would be worse. She fled for reasons she declined to discuss. –AP

After crossing through Mexicali earlier last week, the migrants been gathering in Tijuana on Tuesday. So many reportedly showed up that the shelter they were occupying was overflowing by Wednesday. Most members of the group are from Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras, and are fleeing their homes, they say, because of death threats from local gangs, or political persecution.

That, according to many, is worth dealing with US authorities and deportation for the small chance they might be granted asylum.

If they’re going to separate us for a few days, that’s better than getting myself killed in my country,” said Avila.

As Reuters pointed out on Thursday, the timing of their arrival could sabotage NAFTA talks after President Trump repeatedly threatened to scrap the deal if Mexico doesn’t do more to stop Central American migrants from traveling through its territory.

10 thoughts on “Chaos Erupts As “Caravan” Of Illegals Scales US Border Fence, Cheering “Gracias Mexico”

  1. Not so much as ONE even tased or given commands to the point of a rigged “you’re gonna die no matter what you do” game of Simon says?

    Oh, I forgot. That’s reserved for US American Nationals. chump/mic/pig bootlickers rejoice. This is YOUR doing. Own it, too, because this is what you will be judged for. You’re as guilty as those doing it.

  2. “If they’re going to separate us for a few days, that’s better than getting myself killed in my country,” said Avila.”

    You can be fertilizer here then, SCUMBAG INVADER!!!

  3. Where the f*** are the National Guard soldiers?!? Light them foreign bastards up with a machine gun! So f*****g tired of this shit!!!

  4. I hate to say it, but if I were a Mexican I’d probably be a wetback, too. The real problem lies within our own “government” who pays them to come here when they don’t have a pot to piss in at home.

    This could be stopped in a heartbeat if the traitors wanted it stopped.

    1. Yep. x100. And the traitors that support their favorite “flavor” of “government” continue to do so because their stoopit little minds just won’t seem to let them break free from their own chains. 235gr is liberating enough for that bunch.

  5. Where is the gun totin lawdawgs when you need them. Plenty of unarmed aholes to practice on and this time you would be doing the right thing and have American citizens support. Shoot them taze them beat them back over the boarder, that is your paid job.

  6. I’m curious about something: I just heard on the radio only yesterday, that there are LOTS of “conservatives” in Commiefornia…they’re just silent because of being a minority. Where are THOSE people when they’re so desperately needed at this border area to do their CIVIC DUTY and take pot-shots at these foreign invader criminals?!? Even if they don’t shoot the people or even shoot at the people, the sound of gunfire and the “plink-plink” noises of bullets hitting the metal wall would keep these criminals on the Mexican side. Obviously, our state and federal forces are NOT interested in keeping America safe and secure. It is therefore up to each of us to do it. If you live within an hour or two from this place, grab your weapons and get down there and uphold the law.

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