Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward: Mass Human Extinction

Sons of Liberty – by Bradlee Dean

As many of you know, just this last week, we covered the Chemtrail piece that was broadcasted by the mainstream media and because of the response that we received by the radio listeners, as well as the social media platform viewers, I wanted to bring more information on this matter, which many of you requested.

How couldn’t I, when waking up to massive spray trails, which continued throughout the day and that in my own backyard?

On Saturday, I received this link from one of our listeners that works in the airline business and wanted to share with you.

In conclusion: Americans, and for that matter people on a global scale, you can ignore this all that you want. However, in the end, it will be to your own demise. After all, you are breathing these chemtrails into your own lungs.

Sons of Liberty

6 thoughts on “Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward: Mass Human Extinction

    1. Yeppers. Part and parcel to genocide and crimes against humanity and nature. Spraying the f outta us here in NE PA today. Something wicked this way comes. Usually a severe weather change or a severe storm. Take yer pick but definitely a dose of poison.

  1. Just had this heavy on my mind past week or so
    Wondered when a whistleblower would open up
    Those tanker terminators are So stupid as they are also killing their own gene pool

    Wonder if they would fear the business end of a 44 in their face
    It’s not much different than what they are doing daily to us

  2. It amazes me how they say the chemtrails are to protect countries from space based weapons.

    So if true, you’re telling me every country in the world (even the poor ones) has this exact same weaponry to use against each other? Bullshit!

    And what is this kind of weaponry? If all countries supposedly have this technology then how come not one single person or spy in any country has revealed or leaked any of it yet?

    This the whole protection from space weaponry excuse is bullshit.

    It’s obvious this has nothing to do with National Security and everything to do with poisoning us.

  3. If they were bombing you with explosive ordinance you would be out shooting these bastards down, wheather the government liked it or not …. Well this may not be explosive ordinance folks, but it is just as deadly …. When the shot down wreckage of one or two of these chemtrail BOMBERS is gone through you will have the evidence to hang them ALL …..

    1. Exactly !

      Same game they are playing with us on this Jab shit

      How many of us are they going to kill before we wake TF up?
      Evidently millions / upon millions

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